List of Medical Schools in Ghana and Their Fees [2023]

There is a great chance of studying medicine in Ghana and there are medic

The foundation of a good health sector in any country is education. This list of medical schools in Ghana is therefore important because it serves as a catalogue of the health education system in the country. No doubt, tuition fees play an important role for many people in deciding what schools to attend.

Education is given a very high priority in Ghana; therefore it goes without saying that all the medical schools in this list are of very high quality; explaining why students from other countries prefer to come to Ghana to study medicine.

Other students may be more interested in the history of the schools, and the prestige associated with them. Whatever the case may be, Ghana does disappoint. There are both prestigious medical schools and affordable medical schools in the country- depending on the preferences of each individual student.

List of Medical Schools in Ghana and Their Fees

 Medical School  Fees
 Family Health Medical School  GHC 40,000
 The Medical School at the University of Cape Coast  GHC 15000 and GHC 25000
 Accra College of Medicine  GHC 70,000
 School of Medicine University of Allied Health Sciences  N/A
 KNUST School of Medical Sciences  GHC 12,000
 School of Medicine, University of Development Studies  GHC 2,500
 The University of Health and Allied Sciences, Hohoe  N/A
 The School of Medicine and Dentistry of the University of Ghana  GHC 7000
 C4C Homeopathic Medical College  N/A
 Community Health Nurse’s Training College  N/A
 The Accra School of Hygiene  GHC 69,000
 University of Cape Coast School of Medical Sciences  GHC 14,000

 Contacts Of Medical Schools In Ghana

Family Health Medical School

Tuition Fee:  GHC 40,000

Family Health University College is the first private medical school in Ghana. It was established in 1997 as a Diagnostic Centre. Since then it has added a hospital, and much later a school of nursing and midwifery was added. The institution was given a University Status in 2016, and it now has a spacious area in Teshie.

This institution is equipped with modern facilities, standard lecture halls, and every other thing that makes for a great school, and adds to a great learning experience. There is a lot of prestige attached to this institution; it currently has around 650 students.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Off the Teshie Nungua Road, Opposite the Kofi Annan International Peace Keeping Training Center.

Phone Contact: +233 20 518 0038


The Medical School At The University Of Cape Coast

Tuition Fee: between GHC 15000 and GHC 25000

The Medical School at the University of Cape Coast is a top medical school in Ghana. It is called the School of Medical Sciences, and has over 17 Departments. Aside from this medical school and its departments, other health related schools at this university include; School of Nursing & Midwifery, and School of Allied Health Sciences.

The tuition fees are drastically reduced compared to some other schools; here students pay between GHC 15000 and GHC 25000.

There is a lot of history in this university; it was established in 1962, and has over 70,000 students.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Cape Coast, Central Region, Ghana

Phone Contact:  +233 303965320;


Accra College Of Medicine

Tuition Fee: GHC 70,000

Accra College Of Medicine was founded in 2013. It a private medical college which offers research oriented medical education. What that actually means is the school will not just accept the old beliefs and ways of doing things; it will continually find new ways; chart new courses, and shine new light in medical practice.

This is a great place to study medicine; and also a great place to conduct research on theories one may have established during the course of his career. A further factor to consider is the fact here one would get to mix up with researchers, and so obtain a different perspective on medicine.

For More Information Please Contact:

Physical Address: Magnolia St, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 396 7477


School Of Medicine University Of Allied Health Sciences

Tuition Fee: Not Available

School Of Medicine at the University Of Allied Health Sciences is a very popular medical school in Ghana. This is a public university which was established in September 2012.

UHAS is one of the youngest public universities in Ghana, and was established because the government recognized the need for strengthening of medical education in the country. This is a great place for the training of doctors and their assistants.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: PMB 31, Ho, Volta Region, Ghana.

Phone: +233 36 219 6122


College Of Health Sciences At The Kwame Nkrumah University Of Science and Technology

Tuition Fee: GHC 12,000

The College of Health Sciences of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is a very big one because aside from the School of Medical Sciences it includes other faculties which are sometimes listed separately; such as the Faculties of Allied Health Sciences, Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, School of Dentistry, School of Veterinary Medicine.

Also included is the  Kumasi Centre for Collaborative Research in tropical medicine (KCCR).

For More Information Please Contact:

Physical Address: Kumasi Campus, Ashanti, Ghana

Phone Contact: +233 32 206 0295


School Of Medicine, University Of Development Studies

Tuition Fee: GHC 2,500

The University of development studies was founded in 1992. The purpose of establishing this university was to facilitate the rapid development of the then 3 Northern Regions of Ghana by building human capacity. Medical training is a core part of human capacity; which is why special attention is paid to this school.

The school of Medicine and Health Sciences as it is called, accepted its first batch of students in 1997. Some of the departments under this school include; Department of Physiology & Surgery, Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Medicine, Department of Community Nutrition, Department of Microbiology, Department of Community Health and Family Medicine, Department of Pharmacology.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: P.O. Box TL 1350, Tamale, Ghana

Phone Contact: +233-37-209-3697


The School Of Medicine And Dentistry Of The University Of Ghana

Tuition Fee: Starting GHC 7000+

The School Of Medicine and Dentistry is an important unit of the University Of Ghana. This is one of the oldest medical schools in the country; it was established in 1962. It is located in the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, and is home to about 1000 students.

This old learning institution has produced many notable alumni in Ghana over the course of its existence.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Slater Avenue, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 30 250 0381


C4C Homeopathic Medical College

Tuition Fee: Not Available

C4C is a leading center for Homeopathic Medicine in Ghana. Homeopathic medicine seems to have been neglected in Ghana, as well as many other countries in the region. C4C is trying to change that by promoting this kind of treatment.

C4C offers a three – year program leading to the award of the Diploma in Homeopathic Medicine. The institute also operates a Hospital of Homeopathic Medicine, which means students get to witness first-hand how homeopathic medicine is done, and the key differences between this form of treatment and the more popular one.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Greater Accra, Ghana Adenta SDA Junction, Adenta Municipality, Ghana

Phone: +233 50 004 0328


Community Health Nurse’s Training College

Tuition Fee: Not available

Community Health Nurse’s Training College is public tertiary health education institution located in Tanoso, which is in the Ahafo Region of Ghana. The purpose of this college is to provide the country with quality nurses and midwives so as to improve the quality of healthcare delivery in the country.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Tanoso, Brong Ahafo Region, Ghana

Telephone Contact: +233(0)372-022690

The Accra School Of Hygiene

Tuition Fee: GHC 69,000

The Accra School of Hygiene is an old institution in Ghana; it was established in 1925. The core focus of this institution is to produce highly qualified health professionals who can ensure public health and safety.

For More Information Please Contact:

Address: Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233 57 385 6653

How To Become A Medical Practitioner In Ghana

Becoming a medical professional does not happen overnight. There are steps you need to take. These include getting a four years College Education, take the medical college Admission Test (MCAT), obtain a Medical Degree, complete a residency program, get a license, and get authenticated to advance career.

The duration of studying medicine or surgery in Ghana is six (6) years to complete afterwards you will be awarded Bachelor of Medicine or Bachelor of Surgery. 

Also, regarding admission, fresh intakes occur once in a year and you need to visit their official websites for further information.

This goes to say that by following the step above you are on your way to becoming a medical professional in Ghana. 

What You Need To Do To Study Medicine In Ghana

Medicine is a science course, that’s why in your secondary education, you need to be in a science class. More so, you need to have the right subject combination in the West African Examination Council (WAEC) examination or its equivalent before you can be considered for admission in any medical school in Ghana. 

The subject combination needed includes Mathematics and English (compulsory), Biology, chemistry, physics, with a minimum of credit pass.

In addition, you also need to pass the medical school entrance examination and or interview conducted by the school. You need to put all your efforts to ensure you are among the successful candidates because the medical schools in Ghana is highly sought after with thousands of students applying each year. 

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The medical schools in Ghana together have several thousands of students in training. Those are rather good prospects for the Ghanaian health sector because it means there will be no shortage of manpower anytime in the future.

Medicine in Ghana is practiced to a very high standard, which is why it is the shining example of medical excellence in the region. Praise must go to these medical schools, and also to the supervisory bodies in Ghana.