Medical Engineer Salary in Kenya – How much do Biomedical Engineers Earn as Salaries in Kenya? – Medical Engineering is the application of engineering principles and designs to medical services. Medical engineers check medical equipment to make sure they are working properly, however they can also design, create and also modify equipment to serve vital purposes in the provision of medical services. Medical Engineering is an important sub-sector of the Medical field. They help to save lives, and their work will become even more invaluable with time as they improve and innovate fresh solutions for the future.

Medical Engineer Salary in Kenya

 S/N   Profession   Average Salary 
 1.  Medical Engineer  Ksh. 122,000

The average medical engineer in Kenya receives a salary of Ksh122,000 per month. That figure is the basic salary; not inclusive of benefits such as accommodation, transportation allowances, or any other bonuses.

However, there are a few differences across the board; experience plays a huge part in deciding how much a medical engineer in Kenya will take home at the end of the month.

For example, new medical engineers in Kenya earn around Ksh71,000 per month – not counting bonuses. They may continue earning this salary until they have around 2 years of experience.

Medical engineers with around 3 years to 9 years of experience typically earn around Ksh75,000 per month. Bonuses payable usually include accommodation and transportation.

After around 10 years of experience medical engineers earn around Ksh317,000 per month. This compares with some of the highest paying, and most prestigious professionals in Kenya.

Important Information About Medical Engineering In Kenya

Medical Engineers in Kenya usually work in the public sector. The average salary for this profession is Ksh100,000; which translates to Ksh592 per hour.

Medical engineers are not usually eligible for bonuses such as Profit Sharing, Sales Commissions, and Cash Bonuses. However, they may be eligible for other bonuses such as accommodation and transportation allowances.

Especially in the public sector, they work with a broader framework of medical professionals, and they negotiate their pay as part of the much larger union of medical workers.

Chances Of Getting Well Paid As A Medical Engineer In Kenya

Ordinarily, a person has a better chance of earning good money as a Medical Engineer in Kenya if he gets a job within the public healthcare system.

While about 25% of the Medical Engineers recorded in Kenya earn less than Ksh85,000 per month, about 75% of them earn more than Ksh85,000.

If you are a Medical Engineer working in Kenya; you should earn around Ksh100,000 per month, or at least within Ksh75,000 to Ksh85,000 per month. If you are earning below that figure then it shows that there is something wrong. Many workers indicate that Work fulfillment comes from working with establishments that appreciate the effort they put into the company.

Therefore, they try to find work with establishments that pay them enough to show that they are well appreciated.

Medical Engineers In Kenya Terms Of Employment

Medical Engineers are not very many in Kenya, but they enjoy very good salaries as medical professionals. Medical Engineers also enjoy very good job security; their employment cannot be so easily terminated because they perform essential services and because they are part of the larger public healthcare delivery system in Kenya.

Medical Engineers are not to be confused with Medical Technicians who earn around Ksh30,000 per month in Kenya. While it may be possible to start working as a Medical Technician and then gain the qualifications to work as a medical engineer, most workers do not follow that route.

They usually gain employment directly as Medical Engineers and enjoy the financial benefits that come with the job title.



Medical Engineering salaries in Kenya typically range from Ksh71,000 to Ksh317,000.  On average; they earn around Ksh100,000 per month, which translates to about 1.2 million per year. However, even though the job is quite a well-paid one, it is not a job that offers much by way of bonuses and other forms of compensation outside the basic salary.

One must therefore decide whether he needs bonuses and other such compensation packages to feel motivated at his job, because the work of the Medical Engineer does not offer such motivation.

However, Medical Engineers in Kenya receive their salaries on time, because the medical profession is usually given special attention in Kenya- as with most countries.