Aeronautical engineering salaries in Kenya reflect the important work that they perform in Kenya. Aeronautical engineers are professionals who apply engineering principles to the business of flight. They, therefore, make the business of flying more efficient, safer, and more cost-effective.

The Aeronautical industry in Kenya is growing at a rapid pace; especially as Kenya has become the economic center of East Africa. The industry, therefore, receives plenty of air traffic serving military and civilian purposes, especially for tourism, business, politics, and other reasons.

It is, therefore, necessary that adequate measures be put in place to ensure that the industry is able to cope with the rate of development.  One important way of ensuring that the industry develops as it should is to optimize aeronautic engineer salaries in the country, so as to keep them motivated.

Aeronautical Engineering Salaries In Kenya 

Aeronautical Engineers in Kenya earn an average monthly salary of 157,000 KES, which amounts to 1,890,000 KES yearly. The lowest Aeronautical engineer salary on record in the country is 77,100 KES, while the highest on record is 245,000 KES. These figures typically include such allowances such as housing, transport, and other benefits.

As a fresh graduate who is new to the field, it is not strange to find yourself receiving as little as 77,100 KES, although one may be able to negotiate a salary as high as 100,000 KES, or better.

Aeronautical Engineer salaries vary drastically in Kenya; the main difference originates from the level of experience and the skills that a person has. To much reduced extents; other factors that can determine a person’s salary include gender, as well as location.

The vast majority of Aeronautical Engineers in Kenya are males. About 25% of them currently earn less than 107,000 KES per month, while 75% of them are currently earn more than 107,000 KES per month. Furthermore, only 25% of Aeronautical Engineers earn more than 207,000 KES per month, while 75% of them presently make less than 207,000 KES every month.

Breakdown Of Aeronautical Engineer Salaries In Kenya By Years Of Experience  

As mentioned above; the level of experience an engineer brings to the job is the most important factor that determines how much money he takes home at the end of the month. That means with more years of experience comes a higher pay check. So how many years does an engineer have to work before he can start raking in big money?

While the initial salary may be around 77,100 KES per month, that figure may climb to as high as 91,400 KES per month which is what Engineers with less than two years of experience usually make.

Between two and five years of experience will earn a person about 117,000 KES per month, which represents about 29% increase above the last quoted figure.

An Aeronautical Engineer who has between five and ten years of experience will usually find himself earning a salary of around 162,000 KES per month; which represents an increase of 38% over the last quoted figure.

With ten years of experience a person may find himself earning double his first salary as an Aeronautical Engineer.

After about ten to fifteen years of experience, an Aeronautical engineer may find himself earning around 201,000 KES per month, representing a 24% increase over the last quoted figure.

After more than 15 years of experience (between fifteen and twenty years), a person should be earning around 215,000 KES per month, representing a further 7% increase over the last quoted figure.

After 20 years of experience one should find himself earning about 229,000 KES per month, representing 7% more than colleagues in the younger category.

Kenyan Aeronautical Engineer Salaries By Qualification

All over the world, there is usually some difference between the earnings of workers and professionals depending on the level of academic qualifications they have. The situation is no different with aeronautical engineers in Kenya.

Aeronautical engineers in Kenya find their salaries affected by the qualifications they work with. Those working with Bachelors’ degrees earn about 114,000 KES per month, while those working with Master’s Degrees earn around 183,000 KES per month on the average.

The calculations represent a 60% increase in the earnings of aeronautical engineers in Kenya who have Masters Degrees, over those who have Bachelor’s Degrees.

It is quite an investment to upgrade one’s qualifications because a masters degree program in Kenya costs anywhere from 700,000 KES to 2,000,000 KES. That could represent 2 years salary if a person is able to make the sacrifices needed to save up such an amount.

Kenyan Aeronautical Engineer Salaries By Gender

While gender should not be a factor affecting a person’s earning potential, the reality is that it does. Men in this field earn an average of 168,000 KES per month, while women earn about 149,000 KES per month.

That computes to men receiving more than 9% over the average salaries of their female counterparts.

Demand For Aeronautic Engineers In Kenya

Technology in general is a field that is of very high value in Kenya, and the whole of Africa. Aeronautical Engineers are professionals with scarce skills, meaning that there is a very high demand for professionals in this field of work. This means that young people may be able to find employment quite quickly in this field.

However, because there are not many schools able to arm students with this kind of knowledge, it also follows that there are not many students in Kenya at the moment who have access to this course, and can therefore aspire to become Aeronautical Engineers.

With such scarcity it means that qualified, and equally talented individuals who wish to make careers as Aeronautical engineers in Kenya can negotiate better salaries than the average figures that have been quoted in this article. It may interest you to check out pilot salary in South Africa.



Aeronautical engineering salaries in Kenya are influenced by several factors; including experience, qualification, and gender. On the average; Aeronautical Engineers in Kenya earn around 157,000 KES per month; below which a worker should be worried, and make investigations as to whether the proper value is placed on his services.