Aeronautical Engineering Salaries In Kenya 2021

Aeronautical Engineering Salary In Kenya – Due to various factors, just very few universities in Kenya are offering Aeronautical engineering as a course, and they admit only a few students each year. Nevertheless, this isn’t a strange occurrence as far as Africa is concerned, as many countries in the continent have few universities taking this particular course. 

However, the course is majorly meant to prepare students to work in the aviation industry, and it is very marketable. The reason for this can simply be attached to the principle of demand and supply. There will always be the need for trained aeronautical engineers in this modern world of ours, but then, just few engineers get into the market every year. So, unlike certain careers that have a lot of graduates still without a job (because they are just too much trying to fill just a few positions), this discipline is pretty unique. 

Aeronautical Engineering Salaries In Kenya 

  • Average Starting Salary for Aeronautical Engineers In Kenya is Ksh 110,000

How much are those in this field earning as salaries each month, or per annum? This is one of the questions young people that aspires getting into this line are usually interested in knowing, and it is justifiable. After all, every one of us wants the best in life, and in addition to passion (what we are passionate about), we also need money to take good care of ourselves and our loved ones. 

So, how much do they earn? Although the salary isn’t uniform and static, the average is placed at Ksh 110,000 (starting salary of an Aeronautical Engineer in Kenya.)

From research, it was discovered that the highest paying firm for aeronautical engineers is Kenya Airways. It was made known that they actually pay their engineers in this field something in the region of Ksh233, 000 (that doesn’t mean some people are not earning more than this). 

Another company that pays well is the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. According to research, the average salary an aeronautical engineer can take home is Ksh 230,000 each month.

Therefore, it is obvious that the field is quite lucrative, and students who have interest in it should be encouraged, as the course is pretty marketable. Obviously, due to various factors, just a few Kenyans pursue this field, and it means there are a lot of job opportunities therein. 

However, don’t forget that one of the major factors that can help anyone in this industry to become one of the highest-paid is their level of knowledge {Experience} and skills. Organizations keep seeking for engineers that are very passionate about the industry, as they know this will propel them to do all it takes to achieve more. Therefore, as you are planning your career development and aiming for the zenith in the field, prioritize learning, and you will be fine. 

Aeronautical Engineering Salaries In Kenya

It is not wrong to publicly state that Aeronautical Engineering degree is one of the rare courses in the country, and we can not overemphasize the fact that a career in this field has attractive profit and plenty job opportunities.

In case you don’t know what aeronautical engineering is all about, it is simply the primary field of engineering that has to do with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. 

Actually, aeronautical engineering has two main branches that are known as:

  1. – aeronautical engineering, and 
  2. – astronautical engineering.

Note that Avionics engineering is close by, but it is however concerned with the electrical side of aerospace engineering.

For knowledge sake, it is also necessary to add that although Aeronautical engineering was the original term for this field, due to the fact that flight technology has experienced impressive upgrading which now includes explorations in outer space (astronautics), “aerospace engineering” has taken over. 

It should also be noted that Aerospace engineering, especially the astronautics aspect, is commonly synonymous with rocket science. 

Also, flight vehicles are at the mercy of various conditions and so, must be maintained and serviced and repaired. For instance, changes in atmospheric pressure and temperature do have an effect on them. And then, they are commonly the products of several technological and engineering disciplines like avionics, structural analysis, etc. The intercourse between these innovative technologies is called aerospace engineering. 

Therefore, as a result of the complexity and number of disciplines, it contains, aerospace engineering is actually carried out by teams of engineers, and they usually work in groups to achieve a common aim.

As known already, the unemployment rate in Kenya (as well as various other African countries) is at the high side. However, the level of unemployment for Aeronautical engineering graduates in Kenya, as of 2016, is less than 30 %. Therefore, if you attend the University to study the discipline, the chances of getting employed after you are done are very high. 

Some 13 years before now, there were less than ten aviation companies in the whole of Kenya. However, currently, the number has increased, and they are now over 30. In fact, there are various organizations owned by the government that employs engineers, including the likes of Ministry of Environment (are you surprised?), KWS, Kenya Power, DRSRS, and so on and so forth. Therefore, it is not too difficult to secure employment as an aeronautical engineer. 

Degree In Aeronautical Engineering 

 Many students usually make the decision to study aeronautical engineering at diploma level, as there are various colleges that offer the course. 

Here are some of the institutions that offer the program:

  1. – Kenya Aeronautical College
  2. – Technical University of Kenya

It should be noted that both Kenya Aeronautical College and the Technical University of Kenya offer the course at degree level. 

To get admitted into these institutions to study aeronautical engineering, there are some minimum entry requirements you must meet. So, before taking any step, ensure you find them out before anything else. 

Although the learning process will be taskful and demanding, don’t forget that nothing good comes too easily, so, always remember that you must pay an adequate price for tomorrow’s pleasure. 

Job Vacancies For Aeronautical Engineers 

Immediately you successfully complete your education, the next thing is to simply move ahead applying for jobs in aviation firms, without wasting time at all. 

You can apply for jobs in companies like:

  • – Kenya Airways, 
  • – Wilson Airport
  • – Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  • – Kenya Airports Authority
  • – Kenya Airforce, etc. 

If it seems as if the job is not coming as quick as you imagined, don’t worry, and don’t stop trying. There are many private airlines in Kenya ready to work with you, and it is advisable that you pursue aviation firms in the country’s capital, majorly located at JKIA and Wilson airports

Aerospace Engineering Salaries Outside Kenya 

Actually, the average annual aerospace engineering salary varies from country to country, and at times, a Kenyan aeronautical engineer might decide to practice the trade outside Kenya. There is nothing wrong with traveling to another country to do legitimate work, as far as it is for you. 

So, will you earn more elsewhere? It actually depends on the country you travel to. Some countries offer more lucrative opportunities than the ones in Kenya, while for others, Kenya is actually better. 

However, here is the average salary aeronautical engineers earns in these selected developed countries:

  1. – Sweden – 603.072kr SEK (or $65,237 USD)
  2. – Switzerland – 117’175 CHF (or $115,972 USD)
  3. – Turkey – 101.581 TRY (or $17,693 USD)
  4. – United Arab Emirates – 335,095 AED (or $91,228 USD)
  5. – United Kingdom – £65,740 GBP (or $85,731 USD)
  6. – United States – $122,043 USD


In conclusion, you should know already that a career in aerospace engineering is quite rewarding, fruitful and lucrative. You can choose to either practice the trade in Kenya or move to other countries (either in Africa or other continents). However, if you are leaving for somewhere else, it is advisable to compare salaries and know what you are getting yourself into. 

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