Top 20 Best Education Systems In The World 2020

The best public schooling from kindergarten to high school with the tertiary institutions has a lot to do with the development of a nation, we list the countries with the best education system in the world. In the world today, one of the systems that still keep everything in shape is the Educational system. No developed countries can boast of the achievements and cutting-edge discovery made without making reference to the educational system that was used in such a country. One of the things that are indispensable to any society or nation is the Best Education system because without this no nation can beat their chest and point fingers to say we have achieved all the fit they ranked to without the help of the educational system.

Today we will be writing on the Best Education System In The World and the countries that practice such and with the score of such a system in the system.

Top 20 Best Education System In The World 2020

  • 1. Finland 

This country even though it is yet to be official was known to be the country with The Best Education System In The World, this has been the trend starting from the year 200 and up to recent times.  In the previous years after there were an additional 5 new indicators key to the Educational ranking system. This country performs better than other countries like the likes of Japan and South Korea which also has taken the position 3 consecutive times. In other of the three indicators, Finland also ranked higher which includes teachers to student ratio and Secondary children in school for the duo of secondary schools and primary schools. The power ranking of this country was put at 114 as at the last time of reviewing the ranking.

  • 2. Japan 

On the second place in this list is Japan, this country also for 3 consecutive times in the ranking has maintained the second position without a treat from any countries to contend with this country. This country was able to maintain this status quo because of the ability of the country to develop students who are between the age of 5 to 14 years. The ranking power of this country was put at 104 this sited the country conveniently in the second position.

  • 3. South Korea 

Also, South Korea was like Japan who has taken the 3rd position for the last 3 consecutive times in the ranking of this system. This country was able to perform excellently in the 5 to 14 completion rate which is also one of the factors that made the country maintained this position in the five new indicators, nevertheless, it is of great importance to put into consideration that this country has always been forecasted to finish as the 2nd or 3rd position but the fall in the annual test scores of graduation rates and high college students and high school students made the country ranked 3rd in the ranking. The ranking power of this country is 101.

  • 4. Denmark 

This country even though much appreciation and credence was not given to this country among the countries of the world but happened to be one of the elites in the development of education. This country took the 8th position in the last year ranking in the top 20 Best Education System In The World poll but as a result of the rating she got in the inclusion of the 5 new indicators, she ranked 5th in the secondary age students in school and 7th and 9th position respectively in the teachers to students ratios for both secondary and primary school. Her ranking power is 94 on the indicator scale.

  • 5. Russia 

Immediately Russian completed her highest rank ever as the top 5 in the top 20 Best Education System In The World, this country still maintained her fit as the best country in the whole of Europe’s countries that prepare her students well for the workforce. The ratio of teacher to students ratio is 18 to 14 which means 1 teacher to about 9 students. The ranking power of this country is 91.

  • 6. Norway

Earlier before now, Norway has been ranking as the number 16 in the top Best Education System In The World but she gained acceleration to the 10th position in previous years back. In the whole world, the ratio of students to the teacher for primary age students in the world is the second which means one teacher to every student but she maintained the 5th position in the ratio of the secondary school students to teacher ratio which is for every 10 students you have one teacher. The ranking power of Russia in the list of Countries With The Best Education System In The World is 82.

  • 7. The United Kingdom

The ranking of this country was affected by the current challenges the teachers are having with the governments as regards their wages, the teacher is clamoring for better wages and this has started affecting the ranking of the country at the international ranking level. Also, they stated there is a need for more teachers, more classroom support, and many other education helping facilities. The ranking power of this country is 78.

  • 8. Isreal

In the ranking of the educational system in the world, the position of Israel can never be underemphasized because of their technical formula to raise and developed early childhood which in the whole world is ranked the second. Also, there is better development at the rate completion of the primary education and also school enrollment rates which is also among the highest in the whole world, the ranking power of Israel in the is ranking is 77

  • 9. Sweden 

The acceleration Sweden is making in the last 3 years is applauding, with his pace still intact in other Nordic mates like Norway, Finland, and Denmark, the secondary’s student age of enrollment of this country is 15 to 18 which ranked the country 3rd in the world and the rates of completion of primary age students 5 to 13 and make them ranked the 6th in the world. The ranking power score of Sweden to make this number on the list is 75.

  • 10. Hong Kong 

In the entire world, the country with the highest enrollment rate in the primary students’ age in Hong Kong. The ranking power of this country is 70.

  • 11. The Netherlands 

What has kept this country on this list and make them maintained the status quo is the success they made on the primary and secondary school students has kept them relevant. Even though there are pointers that this country can still improve in most of her ratings but currently the ranking power that placed the country on this position on this list is 67.

  • 12. Belgium 

When you write on the world most complex educational system, Belgium comes to mind, the country maintained 3 separate system which includes the German, the Flemish and the French-speaking yet the position they ranked during the analysis of the survey was 9th and 4th for students to teachers ratio for secondary and primary students. They maintained the first position for school student enrollment. The ranking power of this country is 65.

  • 13. Germany

This country even though it is the world power both in social justice and economic justice still facing some bit of challenges to bounce back to the top 10 on the list of the Countries With The Best Education System In The World. The ranking power of this country is 63.

  • 14. China

This country even though is competing for the world power finds it easier to make the list of the top 10 in the ranking in the year but unfortunately falls off the cadre in recent years, the challenges are coming from childhood enrollment. They have the ranking power of 62.

  • 15. Singapore

Talking of the world’s best test-taking country, you mention Singapore on yearly bases the results of their scores in the test of science, Math, and reading is always in the list of the highest scores. The power ranking of Singapore is 57.

  • 16. Portugal

This country has not for once scale the ladder up but has been maintaining a better position and other relative positions to keep the country’s educational system afloat. The ranking power of this country is 54.

Others include the following”

  • HUNGARY: Power Ranking Score of 52
  • ESTONIA.: Power Ranking Score of 50
  • FRANCE: Power Ranking Score of 50
  • UNITES STATE: Power Ranking Score of 47

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Conclusion On Top 20 Countries With The Best Education System In The World

Educational they say is the key to development, we have listed the countries with the best educational system in the world couple with their rankings if you have any feedback or questions you can drop here for a quick response.

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