Commandos are undoubtedly the best force that a country has to offer in terms of military capability. They are among the world’s best-trained and most fearsome soldiers. They frequently go where other soldiers are afraid to go or lack the necessary abilities to complete the mission.

Commandos scout possible threats, assassinate critical targets and carry out daring rescue missions in some of the world’s most dangerous and hostile situations. 

Although judging and ranking these special forces to one another is difficult because their missions are nearly identical, some units still tend to stand out. 

10 Best Commandos In The World

1. Special Operations Unit (Unidad de Operaciones Especiales)

Spain’s Unidad de Operaciones Especiales (Naval Special Warfare Force) has long been one of Europe’s most recognized Commandos while being largely unknown to the general public. 

Spain’s Unidad de Operaciones Especiales was founded as the volunteer Amphibious Climbing Company unit. Since then, they’ve followed in the footsteps of the British SAS to develop into an elite fighting force capable of completing any mission.

It is very difficult to obtain the green beret to join the UOE (Unidad de Operaciones Especiales) because it appears to be nearly impossible since the failure rate of candidates applying is between 70% and 80%, meaning that just two candidates out of every ten make it through.

2. The Special Service Group (SSG)

Pakistan’s commandos known as the Special Services Group also known as Black Storks because of their distinctive headgear are one of the best Commandos in the world. 

Their selection training involves a 36-mile march in 12 hours and a five-mile run in 50 minutes in full gear, and this is just one part of their complete selection and training.

In October 2009, SSG commandos invaded an office building and rescued 39 persons who had been kidnapped by suspected Taliban insurgents after an attack on the army’s local headquarters.

3. Polish JW GROM

Polish JW GROM is one of Poland’s Armed five special forces units. GROM was established on July 13, 1990, and its name means “Thunder” in Polish. Their main responsibilities include a variety of special operations and unconventional warfare activities, particularly counter-terrorism.

Candidates for JW GROM must pass a series of psychological and endurance examinations, as well as the “truth test,” a physically and psychologically grueling field test aimed to weed out the weaker candidates.

4. The Alpha Group

The Alpha Group of Russia is one of the world’s most recognized and well-trained commandos. This special counter-terrorism organization was created in 1974 as a support unit for the KGB, and it is still under the control of its modern-day counterpart, the FSB.

Russian special forces, particularly the Alpha Group, have been criticized several times in the recent decade. The first time was during the hostage situation at the Moscow Theater in 2002 when 129 hostages died in an attempt to save them. The hostages perished as a result of an unknown gas used to incapacitate terrorists who had taken over a cinema. 

Another occurrence was the Beslan school hostage incident, which resulted in a huge number of hostage deaths, however, this doesn’t make them less than the others in this list as they remain one of the best commandos in the world.

The Alpha Group is a group of people, who form an anti-terrorist group for Russia and the whole of Europe at large. This group came into existence in 1974, after a brutal massacre in Munich in 1972. They are very advanced in nature, very experienced, and very effective too.

They are mostly dealt with in ways that no man wants his child to be, but they do this as a sign of tribute to their country. They are a group of men and women who can withstand any form of torture from any country and from any terrorist group. This set of people would rather die than betray their country even at the last minute of death.

5. Delta Force (1st SFOD-D)

Among the US military’s special operations assets, the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, or 1st SFOD-D, generally known by the public as Delta Force, is covered by the strictest confidence, particularly when it comes to direct action and urban warfare.

There is a known difference between the Seals and the Delta Force, and this is their style of training. While the Seals make use of machinery, the Delta Force also makes use of machinery but is most advanced in technology and high tech for their missions.

The Delta Force disbanded the Taliban in Afghanistan, and unlike the Navy Seals, they are very tactical and are known to go in and out of a place unnoticed. Some terrorist camps today do not even know what hit them.

6. National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (GIGN)

One of the best Commandos in the world is an elite group of Commandos from France. They are sworn to end terrorism and taking of hostages in the country?  Only a few of the world’s counter-terrorism groups that are solely focused on law enforcement tasks can match with France’s commandos. The National Gendarmerie Intervention Organization (GIGN) is a group of law enforcement officials. 

GIGN has a strength of roughly 200 personnel and is specifically trained to deal with hostage situations and besieged suspects. Since their formation in 1973, they claim to have liberated over 600 people in over 40 hostage situations. 

These commandos can’t be identified because their training, equipment, and members are protected by French law, which prohibits the publication of their photographs and identities. They are very powerful and are very good at combat. They are a group of people who are not in any way scared of terrorism, rather they strive to end it once and for all. They are very trained with the use of snipers and rifles and are known to have versed knowledge in the making of bombs too.

In 2020, the French GIGN was listed among the top ten most elite special forces in the world.

The seizure of the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in 1979 was one of the most dramatic occurrences in the GIGN’s history, as well as in the world of special forces and special operations. Because non-Muslims are not permitted to enter the holy city, a group of three GIGN commandos converted to Islam before assisting Saudi armed authorities in planning the recapture of the insurgents’ mosque.

7. Sayeret Matkal

Israeli commandos aka Sayeret Matkal’s main goal is to gather intelligence, and they frequently operate well behind enemy lines. Candidates are put through rigorous training activities while being regularly examined by a special team of doctors and psychiatrists at the selection camp (located in Gibbush). Only the fittest and fiercest are allowed to compete. 

In 2003, Israeli taxi driver Eliyahu Gurel was kidnapped after carrying four Palestinians to Jerusalem in his cab. However, when the case was reported, the Sayeret Matkal team tracked them down and rescued him from a 10-meter-deep ditch in an abandoned factory in a Ramallah suburb.

The Sayeret Matkal is a group of people that are sworn to protect Israel in whatever situation, and they are spearheaded by a Commander. This group was brought into place in 1957, and they have successfully stopped so many suicide missions over the years. They are also very recognized for the way they operate rescue missions, which is very stylish and undetected.

8. Special Air Service (SAS)

The SAS, or Special Air Service, is the infantry’s counterpart to the SBS. The renowned phrase “Who dares win” is usually found on their logo.

They made history following a successful operation called “operation Nimrod,” in which they attacked the Iranian embassy in London, killing all terrorists and rescuing hostages – in an event which was live-streamed on national television.

The people made up of this unit are very practical and very calculative, they are men and women who have been trained with very extensive and intensive firearms to give them an edge over others.

This unit came about during World War II and though they are not visible, they are very experienced and tactical in nature. They regard each other as family, and very few of them have a social life or personal life outside their unit.

9. Special Boat Service (SBS)

The SBS, which stands for Special Boat Service, is the UK’s version of the US Navy SEALS. They usually work underwater, but they are not limited to this area. 

A demanding endurance test, jungle training in Belize’s rainforests, and combat survival training, which includes severe interrogation of candidates, are all part of their rigorous selection process.

10. US Navy SEALs

The best commando on the list is the US Navy SEALS. To join this force, you must be able to complete 42 push-ups in two minutes, 50 sit-ups in two minutes, and run 1.5 miles in 11 minutes. 

In recent years, the majority of US Special Operations have been carried out by US Navy SEALs. In 2011, they carried out Operation Neptune Spear, in which they killed Usama Bin Laden, the world’s most sought terrorist and a legendary Al-Qaeda commander.

A particular group from this Navy is known as Team 6 (DEVGRU) and they are known and said to be the best of the best amongst the Navy Seals. There are other units embedded in this seal, and they are also sworn to protect their country no matter what.

Their training is mostly done on the water as they belong to the Navy. This group came about in 1962, and they have been known and called aggressors, according to happenings and reports from each of their missions.



According to most sources, these are men who are made of flesh and blood and are given the opportunity to prove to their countries how far they would go and what they are willing to do to keep their countries safe from harm’s way. A Commando is usually known as a soldier who is specially trained by professionals to be many things that he himself is unaware of. A Commando can be a savior for his country, and he can also be an executioner for his country.

A Commando can save lives and he can take them, and usually, he is only allowed to take the lives of bad men and women who are bent on destroying his country, the country he has sworn to protect by all means. The sex of a Commando does not matter, which means that you can be part of this special unit whether you are a male or female, but you have to be prepared to undergo a series of training. No one wants to put an amateur on the battlefield to fight for his country when he cannot even fight for himself.


There are a lot of games that portray the adventures of a Commando, and many people love watching and playing these games. 60% of children abroad, especially the male population, prefer to play a Commando game all day than do anything else. Some children are obsessed with the characters and they somehow make them into real-life characters.  Some fictional game characters start off by introducing themselves so that they can be picked by the players, then they talk about how many wars they have been in, and how many friends they have lost. After some time, an associate is introduced and this is the beginning of the game.

These characters infiltrate a drug stakeout or a terrorist camp and kill all the bad people while saving the good people and helping them escape. One mission ends when the character is killed in the line of battle, while a stage is finished when the soldier gets to the last point and heads into the next stage. Usually, each stage is higher than the other and more difficult.

This brings us to the next thing on the agenda, which was the point of the article in the first place. Everyone cannot be in the first place and that is why a list of the best Commandos has been put out to the public and this article will only talk about the best 10. It is advised that anyone reading through this article, makes it possible to relate these words into a character in the mind, and see just how well these Commandos have helped to save a lot of people who had already lost all hope and did not even think that they would ever be saved.

Commandos are the world’s most disciplined, mission-capable, and deadly forces. They go through extensive screening and training to carry out unconventional warfare missions that are beyond the capabilities of traditional armed troops.

When the word Commando comes to mind, what do you think of it? What do you see, and what do you visualize? Commandos have always and will always be a source of protection to the different countries that they represent. Some may say that these Commandos are somewhat brutal and notorious because of the kind of missions that they go on, but really, underground, these Commandos are the ones holding their countries on a balanced scale.

They keep their countries economy and even health intact, they are sent on missions that the ordinary police force would not be able to go, they make it a point of duty to safeguard the lives of citizens of their countries, and even when there are terrorist attacks happening in different countries, these Commandos are given the mandate to go undercover and apprehend bad people that have attacked or terrorized their countries for so long. If you want to make an argument that Commandos are bad for the country, please remember the terrorist attacks that have happened in the country, thousands more would have happened if these men were not trained to undertake difficult missions and execute death troll missions.

Some of these Commandos are unable to keep a family, some are even unable to attach themselves to a loved one, for fear of revenge from a rival in the later years. We would not be able to list the top 10 most powerful Commandos in the world if we do not at least give readers an insight to who these men could really be, and help readers understand the nature of their jobs and even how they execute it if possible. Why they are usually not openly given credit for what they do, and why they have tagged the sinners of the countries, who take all the sins of their countries on themselves.



This group of Commandos have one special thing in common, and that is their fight against terrorism in their countries, and their stand to always in every way protect their countries and their citizens.

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