Top 10 Largest Armies In The World 2021

Update on the list of the largest armies in the world. There are a lot of armies that have an enormous number of soldiers, most of them are referred to as Battalions when they are in a group. Every country has its own army, and every country no doubt has a large number of armies, but there are ranks given to these countries according to how large their armies are, as soldiers die every now and then, and some young ones are recruited immediately.

There is no pattern, and neither is there a specific number of soldiers enlisted in an army, but some countries have a larger number of armies than other countries and these countries have been grouped into a majority of 10. It is to be known that most countries focus more on the use of arms and the care of their armies, while some rarely ponder about their armies, as they just have them on the side to be in the line of battle when the need calls for it.

The countries that have been listed in the top 10 largest armies in the world, not only have large numbers of soldiers as an army, these countries take good care and have a way of maintaining their soldiers to the very last. These countries know that the men who stand guard during battle are the ones who should be celebrated every day, and that is why in most countries, there are specific days given as holidays to the general public, to honor the names of heroes, especially those who had fallen in the line of battle, protecting their country and making sure that all goes well no matter what.


1. China 

    • 2,183,000 Soldiers

This country has a very active Military and has the largest number of armies in the world. They are about 2,183,000 able and fit armed men.

CHINA ARMY- The World Largest Army

2. India 

    • 1,444,000 Soldiers

This is known as the second-largest military in the world, and they are known to be very intelligent and skillful in combat. They are about 1,444,000 soldiers


3. The United States

    • 1,400,000 soldiers

This is a very large country with a very large Army capacity which is about 1,400,000 soldiers


4. North Korea 

    • 1,280,000 soldiers

This country is one of the most mind-blowing and very verse country in machinery and gun power. They are also a country that is very obsessed with the Military, and everything that comes with it. They have an army capable of over 1,280,000 soldiers, making them fourth among the largest armies in the world.


5. Russia 

    • 1,013,628 Soldiers

This is known as one of the most sought-after countries in the world, either by enemies or by friends. This country is very large and very notorious for terrorists. The capacity of the Army in Russia is about 1,013,628 soldiers.


6. Pakistan 

    • 654,000 Soldiers

This country is also obsessed with law and order in its country and in its neighboring towns. This is ranked the country with the 6th largest Army in the world, and the Army number is about 654,000 men.

7. South Korea 

    • 580,000 soldiers

This is known as the Southside of Korea, and while the Northern side has about a million Army population, South Korea has a lesser amount which is about 580,000 soldiers.

8. Iran 

    • 523,000 Soldiers

This is known as a country with one of the highest terrorist attacks in the world, and its Army population is about 523,000

9. Vietnam 

    • 482,000 Soldiers

This is known to be a very beautiful country with many beautiful places to visit. It is also ranked on the top 10 largest Army in the world with about 482,000

10. Saudi Arabia

    • 478,000 Soldiers

This is the last but not the least, and though this country is a very powerful country, with backings from the United States of America and other large countries, its Army population is about 478,000 men.

What Is The Largest Army In The World

The armies of a country are to be celebrated every other day and should be made icons for people to emulate and look up to. If every man supports and has a love for his country, then that country is a good place to be in. It is important that we know the capabilities of the army of a country, or armies in different countries, we also have to know what they stand for, and what they represent. Also, knowing the army is not nearly enough, it is important to list out the things in which they do, or the services that they offer or render to their countries.

This article will aim at providing its readers with detailed definitions of what the army stands for, and to give insight to readers who do not see the purpose of armies in a country; help them to understand how and see the relevance that armies provide to a country. This article will also help to make people understand the need for an army in the country, and how they have no doubt showed their capabilities and strength to make sure that they are capable enough to take care and protect the integrity of their country.

No matter how much people want to discredit the armies, they have always been a source of protection and help to their countries, they have proven themselves beyond doubt that they live for their country and their country alone. The love for a country pushes a man to defend his country in the line of battle, not regarding if he would die or survive from it. This same man has sworn to protect his country from infiltrators, and also keep the integrity of his country.

Also, this man leaves whatever he has behind, be it his wife, children, or family, and takes it upon himself to live and die for his country and his country alone. Such a man is known as a soldier, he is also part of a group called an army.

Importance of the Armies In The World

  1. Help to maintain order in the country

Although most countries do not make use of the military kind of rule, the Army helps to restore law and order for their country. They help to put a kind of balance between good and evil in their country, and even outside their country. When the country is on the verge of a terrorist attack, most of the time, the Armies are sought out, to help with strategic operations that would help to put the country in a safer zone and clear all intending attacks on the country.

These men fight to the death and that is exactly how and what they are trained for. It is okay for a country to rely on its Army for help when there is a crisis in the country, most of the time, the Army helps to alleviate crisis from hitting the country. This is one thing that the Army is very good at any one thing that they have done time and time again, which is to restore and maintain peace and order in the country.

  1. Help to protect the country

The Army helps to protect the country against external influences and attacks in every way. The Army usually goes on undercover missions to find out information that would be relevant for the country, they also help to protect the country during a battle, or at the battlefront against enemy countries that have taken it upon themselves to destroy their country. The men in the Army do not eat or sleep most times until they have achieved their goals to protect their country at all costs.

  1. First responders to attack

When a country is under attack, while everyone has become very tensed and is very scared to do anything for themselves. The Army is the first line of response to every attack on a country. While they try to calm the society and put everyone in a comfortable, they are the ones who head on the face of the attack and try to stop it with everything that they have. They have in every way proved with this that they will never stop fighting for their country, and neither will they give up on their country.

  1. Defend the integrity and power of the country

The Army helps to keep the integrity and power of the county intact in every situation. It sees to it that the country does not experience any form of backlash or disgrace, and it keeps the country’s top secrets very safe, and that is why most Army would rather die than give up their countries to other countries.

There is a list of Armies that are very powerful and very large in number, and this article has carefully selected the first 10 Armies that are known to be the largest ever.



We have sought to examine the various ways in which the Army is very important to the growth and sustenance of a country. It is therefore very important to know that the Army has always from time past been a source of encouragement and sustenance for a country. The Army has helped to alleviate dangers that could put the country in a very difficult position or even put the country in a bad place. Some countries make it a point of duty to make the Army in their country a frontier for the country and help to put such a country is a great and protected place.

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