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The president of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta is one of the best-paid presidents in the world. It is no surprise that his deputy, William Ruto is also well paid. Their salaries were calculated by Salaries and Remuneration Commission. It was learned that the way the salary system is fixed, it is done in such a way that no government official in Kenya has more salary payment than the two leaders.

Salary Of Kenyan President And Deputy

Without the inclusion of allowances,

The SRC has made it finding to a fact that the monthly salary of Uhuru Kenyatta is fixed at Ksh 1,650,000 per month. With this kind of calculation, it shows that Per year, the president earns more than Ksh 20 million without allowances. The Deputy President, William Ruto, is also very comfortable with his salary as according to SRC, his monthly salary is Ksh 1,487,500. This also excludes allowances.

Salary of Kenyan Deputy President

In 2014, the two leaders proposed that there should be a 10 % salary pay cut. It was realized that government officials consume more than 62 % of the country’s budget. Only a fraction of senior civil servants honored this proposal.

Till now, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Deputy President William Ruto have not yet confirmed you the 20 percent pay cut that they promised the people of Kenyan in March 2014. It was reported that the President and Mr. Ruto pronounced in March that they would lead in taking the salary cuts. Also, the Head of State had in a further public interview said the Cabinet secretaries and parastatal chiefs would rise to take a 10 percent pay cut.

Let’s take a look at this. Meanwhile, President Uhuru Kenyatta’s salary and that of his deputy, William Ruto will have their salary increase by 10 percent in the year starting July. This decision is about to be accomplished despite the fact that the government is pushing to reduce the ballooning public wage bill.

The Treasury documents released in February has shown that the if the annual pay of President Kenyatta and his deputy, Mr. Ruto will increase to Ksh40.2 million in the 2017/18. This increase is from the current Ksh36.6 million. Though their allowances reasons not changed from its present Ksh14.6 million.

Reduction In Their Salary

Despite their announcement in 2014 that they would take a 20 percent pay cut so they can be able to contain the bloated wage bill, both leaders still gave themselves 9.1 percent pay rise last year. Though the increase in the pay will apply, only if the two are re-elected in their next election.

But in case they fail to get re-elected, the new office bearers of the two positions will start on a lesser pay which has been set by the salaries commission. As such, the combined starting basic salary of the president and his deputy will be estimated at Ksh2.7 million.

President Uhuru Kenyatta salary entitlement ranges between Ksh1.23 million and Ksh1.65 million every monthly. This means that his highest annual pay is Ksh19.8 million. This report was put together by the Salary and Remuneration Commission. Also, Mr. Ruto is entitled to payment, every month. This ranges between Ksh1.05 million and Ksh1.4 million. Thus, putting his annual pay at Ksh16.8 million.

As part of the austerity measures, the Treasury last year froze the Presidents rise in his salary and that of his deputy. This was said to be for two years, that is running to 2018.

Kenya as a whole is set to cut the salaries and allowances of ever every top state officials in the country. This is supposed to be in a bid to ensure there is a reduction in the country’s wage bill; at least to sustainable levels. Also, they hope to improve the government service delivery. This decision is being made just weeks to their tightly fought election. Also, with a backdrop and patches of protests and strikes over the poor salary payments by, nurses, doctors, and teachers. Also, this strike extended to other public workers over the last year.

Policies Update On Salaries

The reduction policy was to make sure all government officials, ranging from the president to the lawmakers, down to members of county assemblies. All these officials will have their salaries slashed. This slash is according to the new salary structure released by the independent Salaries and Remuneration Commission. This salary structure will also include that the government will no longer pay or reimburse special benefits that were attainable before. like car grants and allowances for attending parliament.

The commission had restructured the salary payments system to the extent that the president’s salary will have to be cut by 13%, thus reducing the president salary to 17.3 million Kenyan shillings ($166,000) per year. The salaries of the legislators will also be cut by 12.5% thus resulting in a reduction to around 7.5 million shillings ($72,400).

President Uhuru Kenyatta has been noted for calling for cuts to the public sector wage bill. According to him, the present wage bills are said to be threatening to “our development agenda as a nation.”

It has been discovered that Kenya could save up to 8.853 billion shillings if they could bring the public sector wage bill to a certain level of below 35% of the domestic revenue. Its current level is at 52%. According to the commission, The cuts will also affect electoral commissioners, governors, parliament and Senate speakers.

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Before the Salary and Remuneration Commission came into effect in 2013, legislators had tried to typically increase their own pay. This move led to protests all around the nation as members of parliament were being called “MPigs” and parliament were branded as “a piggy bank.”

As said earlier, this recommended remuneration structure will have to take effect after the nation’s August elections. This structure is expected to last until the next elections that will be held in 2022. The salary commission said in making all their decisions, it considered the performance of the economy and the country’s cost of living. Also, the taxes collected. It also had an intention to reduce or abolish some of the generous allowances and to prescribe fixed-term salaries. Thus, Cabinet members, navy, defense, police, and intelligence chiefs will also have their salaries reduced.

For Kenyan lawmakers, these new cuts present an interesting turn for them; As they are among the best paid in the world relative to the country’s economic output.

The legislators have been reported to earn 76 times the nation’s per capita gross domestic product. This report is according to a 2013 study made by the UK’ Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority and IMF.

Really outrageous we will say, but Kenya is not alone in an African country that has their elected officials highly-paid. If you take a look at one of their fellow African country Nigeria, the lawmakers in Nigeria have been reported to earn as high as $160,000(depending on exchange rates). Apart from these high salaries, they are also paid extremely generous perks such as a wardrobe allowance.


Conclusion on Salary Of Kenyan President And Deputy

These countries with this high salary given to their government officials have been seen to have an issue in making proper development in their countries. This shouldn’t be a surprise as the revenue that should be used to develop the country are used to cater to the few that were elected in by the masses.

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