Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Savannah, GA (2023)

Savannah, Georgia is a beautiful and historic city. The safest neighborhoods in Savannah, GA are those cities that have become the residences of the cities upper echelon- professionals, businessmen, and the likes. Some of these neighborhoods are a stark contrast with the rest of the city – most of which is a hotbed of drugs, murders, and other vices.

As businesses and families turn their attention to this city; the result is that real estate prices go up. This is further reason why these neighborhoods are so attractive for families and people looking to invest in real estate. Savannah offers safety, easy commute, and a chance to secure the future with real estate.

Top 10 Safest Neighborhoods In Savannah, GA

1. Ardsley Park

Ardsley Park is a beautiful, historic neighborhood; it is located to the east of the Savannah. This is a popular neighborhood; most of the buildings are large, wood framed houses with huge lawns and plenty of trees. The neighborhood is alternatively known as Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent or Ardsley Park-Chatham Crescent-Ardmore. It is just a short drive from downtown Savannah.

Ardsley Park is an ideal spot for professionals, families, and wealthy retirees. The neighborhood appeals to people of high net-worth; real estate prices can be quite expensive in this neighborhood.

The neighborhood is very safe; it is very exclusive, and out of reach of the poor. The neighborhood is well patrolled by police, and instances of violent crime are quite rare.

2. Dutch Island

Dutch Island is a small neighborhood located in the water ways near Savannah, GA. It is a housing development that was made with luxury and beauty in mind. The neighborhood has superb views of the water on almost all sides. The neighborhood also has beautiful water front homes; a top pick for wealthy people and established professionals who have established themselves well enough to pursue luxury.

Dutch Island is among the safest neighborhoods in Savannah GA by design. This is a private, gated community with restricted access. Residents have enough to keep them happy and occupied. There is a communal pool, and plenty other leisure activities.

3. Sandfly & Isle Of Hope

Sandfly & Isle of Hope are two nearby areas making up one neighborhood. Sandfly and Isle of Hope is a place of luxury and fun. The homes are large and artfully designed, and come with lawns and trees. The neighborhood also has exclusive restaurants, as well as hip diners, cafes and shops.

Sandfly & Isle of Hope is a good option for established professionals and their families. It is also good for those who enjoy fishing, boating, and other aquatic activities.

This neighborhood has very little records of criminal activities; it is an exclusive area- the cost of housing makes it out of the reach of most unsavory characters.

4. Midtown

Midtown Savannah is a very active neighborhood. It is located in the heart of Savannah; and is home to some of the city’s oldest and best established families. The neighborhood has big buildings of all designs including Victorian, Modern and Craftsman styled houses. The neighborhood also has plenty of restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues.

This is a neighborhood for some of the wealthiest in the city; they patronize the fine restaurants, shopping centers, cafes, and cinemas.

Midtown is one of the most patrolled neighborhoods in the whole of Savannah; it is therefore quite secure and attractive for families.

5. Southside

Southside is a mostly commercial neighborhood, although there are also some fine residential buildings including apartment buildings and condominiums. This is the city’s main commercial district; it is only 15- to 20-minutes away from downtown Savannah.

This neighborhood also has easy access to Truman Parkway; and there are also two major shopping malls, as well as plenty of diners, cafes, and designer shops in the neighborhood.

6. Starland District

Starland District is a trendy neighborhood in the south of Savannah. It has beautiful residences; most of them with lawns and trees. The neighborhood also has some of the trendiest shopping centers, restaurants, shops, cafes, and others. The nightlife in this neighborhood is also exciting; most of the population in this neighborhood is young and hip; the people make the neighborhood tick.

There is plenty of creativity in this neighborhood; including the artistic designs found on the buildings. Safety is assured in this neighborhood. Please note that safety is not the same as an area being secluded; there is much foot traffic in the neighborhood, but the rate of crime is quite low.

7. South Historic District

The South Historic District is one of the most luxurious parts of the city; it is sprinkled with elegant buildings; most of which are covered with trees in spacious lawns.

This neighborhood is also home to some of the city’s most prestigious hotels and restaurants. This is a historic neighborhood; one that ranks among the earliest planned cities in America. It has the nation’s oldest public art museum and a railway museum.

There are also many fine restaurants and diners, as well as cafes, designer shops, and other such things. It is also within reach of the Forsyth Park, which is great for hiking and biking.

8. Hutchinson Island

Hutchinson Island is described as an up-and-coming neighborhood because it is just starting to catch the eye of real estate investors. Nevertheless this beautiful neighborhood has much to offer, such as a community feeling in which middle class families get to enjoy social contacts. One major attraction is the Savannah Harbor golf course.

The safety of this neighborhood may be heavily connected to the neighborhood’s exclusivity; the buildings can be quite expensive; houses reaching up to $5.6 million. This is a safe area; it is out of reach of most of unsavory characters in the city.

9. Skidaway Island

The Landings at Skidaway Island is a gated community just downtown. Some of the residents of this neighborhood have beautiful waterfront properties from where they enjoy aquatic activities.

Skidaway Island is a wealthy enclave; one look at the buildings in this neighborhood is enough to confirm this fact. There are golf courses, and other social amenities to make life enjoyable in this enclave.

Skidaway Island is a quiet community; it is easy to spot unusual activity, and so crime is low.

10. Whitemarsh Island

Whitemarsh Island is a rich enclave; on the east of Georgia. It is located in Chatham County, Georgia, United States. It has very beautifully designed buildings, reminiscent of different eras. The community is quite diverse in ethnicity; although it is exclusive to those who can afford it.

Whitemarsh Island is quite inaccessible; and so the rate of crime is quite low.


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The safest neighborhoods in Savannah GA all have robust real estate markets and commercial centers that make the city viable for investment. Families and young professionals will no doubt find Savannah, as well as other parts of Georgia attractive because of the many advantages already highlighted above.