Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Brick NJ 2023

The worst neighborhoods in Brick NJ are some of the city’s neighborhoods that have managed to achieve some manner of notoriety, which is generally not easy to achieve in New Jersey. This is because New Jersey is rated as one of the best cities in America when it comes to safety, and the presence of a friendly, neighborly population.

Most people from Colorado, New York and Washington would love to move to New Jersey, and after they do, most of them immediately fall in love with the place because of the educated appeal it gives, as well as the well laid out neighborhoods with parks, shopping centers, and coffee houses.

However, if one has chose to move to Brick NJ, here are some of the neighborhoods to avoid, especially because you care about the safety of your family.

Top 10 Worst Neighborhoods In Brick NJ 2022

1. Sawmill Rd.

The area Sawmill Rd. is often cited as one of the worst neighborhoods in Brick, NJ because of its crime rate. Unfortunately there are quite some old buildings in the area which have some of the more unsavory characters living there. Although there are some interesting pieces of real estate also available in the area, it is not uncommon to find many of these buildings empty and listed by realtors for sale or lease.

The problem is finding people who are willing to move into this neighborhood because even though Brick is high on the up and coming neighborhoods in Brick list, very few would even consider moving into this neighborhood.

2. Lanes Mill Rd.

Lanes Mill Rd. is actually a well laid out area; there are many single family homes of different sizes around the neighborhood, as well as many of essential services like a drive through, a liquor store with the towns’ name branded on it, and of course the Bricktown Elementary School, all in the same environment.

Lanes Mill Rd. has quite a bit of crime recorded in the neighborhood, so it is often considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Brick, NJ.

Thankfully, many of the crimes are non violent; they are probably committed by delinquents who have lost their way, and who can be helped to become better citizens.

3. Adamston

Adamson is a community in Bricktown, it is described as an unincorporated community, however, it is one with some potential. County Route 528 travels through Adamston, heading towards the Jersey Shore. Adamston is mostly made up of single family bungalows, and the area is often scouted by real estate investors.

Adamston is not one of the highbrow areas in Brick, which means some of the residents can be categorized as poor. Poverty is often associated with crime, which is why it is not surprising to find that Adamston has quite a bit of criminal activity, although the majority of them are non violent crimes.

4. Breton Woods

Breton Woods is a neighborhood in the Brick Township of New Jersey. This community sprang up in the 1930s when bungalows were built mainly to serve as summer homes. There are still many bungalows in the area, although the face of the neighborhood has changed with families moving out, and selling their homes.

Developers have been building bigger houses in the neighborhood, but now the neighborhood has lost most of its community appeal. Most of the crime reported in Breton Woods are non violent crimes, and with appropriate safety precautions the area is quite nice.

5. Park Ave.

Park Avenue is located in the east of Bricktown. This neighborhood is one with some potential for real estate investors, but there is quite some crime in the area.

Park Ave receives a lot of traffic, especially as people come in to use the recreational facilities in the neighborhood, and this foot traffic is probably where the crime comes from because unsavory characters are usually attracted to large crowds.

6. Lakewood Avenue

Lakewood Avenue is just a few hours away from Bay Head and the Metedekonk River, which means it is a potentially great spot if one wants to live in a dry but beautiful environment, and still enjoy water sports, fishing or other aquatic activities.

Lakewood is mainly residential; there are all kinds of houses, including condos and single family homes in the area. However, there are established reports of crime in the area, suggesting that this neighborhood is rather unsafe.

7. Lake Riviera

Lake Riviera is a neighborhood in Brick NJ that gets its name from the lake around which it is built. Local attractions include the lake itself, Lake Riviera Park, and Brenton Woods Fire Company.

The neighborhood has plenty of restaurants, so there is plenty to do in the area, especially for a young couple, or a new family. However, it is important to exercise caution because there are reports of crimes, especially of the non violent kind.

8. Herbertsville

Herbertsville is a neighborhood in the northern part of Brick, NJ. The neighborhood is suburban and has quite a lot of people living and working in the area. Herbertsville has all kinds of buildings including apartment blocks, town houses, and bungalows. The outlook of this neighborhood is largely that it will attract more apartment blocks in the future.

The neighborhood has plenty of restaurants, café, and shops; so families are not very likely to soon run out of supplies. The only problem is that this is not listed among the crime free neighborhoods of Brick, NJ.

Other Neighborhoods In Brick NJ Include

9. Cedarwood Park

Cedarwood Park is located near Cedar Bridge and West Osbornsville. Not far away also are the Brick town post office and the river. There are at least one shopping plaza and restaurant in the neighborhood, and the location is not far off from both the river and the lake.

10. Lakefront Estates

Lakefront Estates is a new housing development in Brick, New Jersey. It is located right in front of the lake, and is made up of apartment blocks that would be very good for the single young professional, or the couple starting a life together.



Despite the compilation of the worst neighborhoods in Brick, NJ, the city, and in fact, the state remains one of the safest places within the United States. This is because Brick is one of the traditional American towns; with stable families living together and bringing up their children aright.