Check the best cars in Kenya presently. In truth there is no best car in the global market. There are only best and worst cars depending on a particular region, and this is caused by a number of factors including general sentiments towards or against a particular brand, availability of spare parts, effect of weather and climate on some vehicles, conditions of the roads, as well as overall maintenance culture.

In this post we want to look at Kenya, and study what cars have gained a positive reputation in that country. These are the cars that your family, friends and professional colleagues will encourage you to purchase, because they have had good experience with similar brands, or because they know that such vehicles could easily become liabilities, regularly taking money out of your pocket.

Without further ado, let us now examine what cars are the top 10 best cars in Kenya. Enjoy!

Top 10 Best Cars In Kenya 2020

  • Honda Fit:

As the name implies the car is quite rugged and fit. It is a good choice for Kenyan people who like subcompact car class. The car is a small hatchback with 5 doors, enough space to put the necessary stuff if you happen to be travelling, with your family, and it’s a Honda! The engine ranges between 1.2 litres to 1.5 litres, therefore, this car is built to save fuel. The Honda fit is famous for its reliability, high safety scores, excellent cabin space and a wide range of available features. Although the car is not the absolute cheapest on this list in terms of purchasing cost, but it will save you money with fewer trips to the mechanic. Honda has produced 6 versions of this particular car, and all versions are always highly praised and appreciated by customers all over the world.

  • Toyota Vitz:

We are still talking of the family cars when we mention the Toyota Vitz which has been in the European market since 1999. The car comes as a three or five-door hatchback subcompact car, which means that it is similar in size and build to the car we just mentioned earlier. For those who already know the Toyota brand we may not need to talk too much. The car is guaranteed to overwhelm you with sheer durability and power. Furthermore, the Vitz is designed with a wide range of engine and transmission choices. Just be sure to consult your specialist before making the purchse because you don’t want to buy a 1.8 liter engine when you actually need a 1.5 liter engine. It is usually front-wheel drive, so keep that at the back of your mind, but the best two things about Toyota Vitz is its fuel economy and reliability. 

Best Cars In Kenya
  • Volkswagen Golf:

Volkwagen golf is made of iron. Yes, real iron. It is one of the best cars to buy in Kenya. Volkswagen Golf is a small personal car, which can also serve if you have a small family. The Volkswagen Golf is also one of the most fuel efficient cars you can find in its category, and is also highly spacious car. The car is also tough and sturdy, not likely to be blown away with the wind. The driving experience with the golf is pleasant, and the car makes turns with precision. The car comes in many models: Golf 1, Golf2, Golf 3, and Golf 4. They are basically upgrades of the same vehicle, and come with different transmission and specification choices.  The car has a consumption of up to 15 km/Litre, and thye spare parts are all over the place. This car will last. If you are looking for cars at cheap cost in Kenya, with good engine and fuel efficiency then the Volkswagen Golf is a good option.

  • Toyota Camry

This is one of the most dependable vehicles in the whole of Africa at the moment. The car can serve as a small family car, or drive around for the busy business professional. The car comes in various models and those models have differences in their transmission and general specifications, but one thing stays the same- the car is durable. Furthermore, there is fuel efficiency, and the spacious interior to encourage you to make the purchase. If you want something bigger than a Volkswagen Golf, but smaller than a hatchback, then the Toyota camry is the car for you. 

  •  Nissan March:

The Nissan March is a small car, but still a little bigger than most golfs. The car is known to save fuel, and is quite spacious for a car of such a small build. This car looks quite small but its interior is very spacious, making it very appealing to a person with a small family. If you need to do a bit of haulage you can just  easily fold down the rear seat to create more space for accommodating cargo. The car is strong and rugged.

  • Honda Civic:

The Honda Civic is another fine car. The car has very good reputation in Kenya automobile market. This is a car that appeals to the professional. It is often used by companies to carry mid level management personnel around. The car is durable, fuel economical, and the cabin is spacious. Of course it will do well as a small family car, and the driving experience is also good. It comes in a 1.5L 4- cylinder engine and there is an electric version of the car which comes with a 17 KW electric motor. 

  • Subaru Impreza:

The Subaru Impreza is one of the top best cheap cars in Kenya. If you are a fan of Subaru then you should check this out. This is a family vehicle, especially when the kids are teenagers or adults. The car is especially designed for compact families. It mostly comes in variants between ranging from 1.5L to 2.5Liters and some of them are 4 wheel drives.

  • Honda Accord 

The Honda accord is one of the most famous cars in Kenya and other countries too because of its affordability, practicality, and comfort. The car is one of the most accomplished names, having [paid its dues on the Kenyan roads. It is fun to drive, with such great handling. This car is best for the city professional, or the urban family. It is built to last, and with proper maintenance is guaranteed to give you good value for your money, and fewer visits to the mechanic.

  • Toyota Corolla

This is a small, durable, and fuel efficient car. The vehicle is well accomplished in the Kenyan market, because it has proven its self on these roads to be one of the best fits for the urban professional, or the small family. The car is small in build, and ideal for crowded parking spaces, especially of big companies where everybody owns a car. You can often see this as a company car, used to drive the company management around.

  • Toyota Auris:

Toyota Auris is a compact hatchback comes in three or five doors and a variation between 1.3 L to 1.8 L engines. The Auris is a relatively new name on the Kenyan automobile scene; it should inspire some wows wherever you drive it. This car should appeal to the guy who has some good money in his pocket, the professional who has somewhat made it, and is looking to stand out. 

That’s all about the best cars in Kenya 2020


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