List Of Cars Under 700k In Kenya

List Of Cars Under 700k In Kenya. Buying a car can relieve you from a lot of stress and limitation. Furthermore, buying a car can open doors for you, and give you an edge over your peers who are still going on foot, or through public transportation. You can become more efficient due to showing up early for appointments and even become more available to sit at more meetings with more people. Truth be told, having a car of your own can help you in more ways than we want to talk about in this post. 

But you are not here, viewing this post because you want to know the benefits of owning a car; you are here because you want to find out about the best cars that cost less than 700k, here in Kenya. That is a budget car for the ambitious young person who wants to be mobile without spending his future on today’s comfort.

Without any further ado, let us now go to the list of cars that will cost you less than 700k to acquire. 

List Of Cars Under 700k In Kenya

  • 1. Toyota Belta 

The Toyota Belta is a very good buy at 700k Kenyan shillings. This is a sedan car, identical to the Toyota Vitz. The car is estimated to 19.6 KM per liter of petrol, making it very fuel economical. The car comes in variations of 1.0 liter, 1.3 liters, 1.5 liters, and 1.5 liters engine specifications. The car is beautiful, compact and durable. If you are a young city professional this car could be a good fit for you. It could work perfectly for your daily routine; going to and from work, your work appointments, and your business errands. The car looks like a good fit for a small family as well; something that can move your family around safely, stylishly, and efficiently. Let us not forget that the car is a Toyota; it is built solid, and designed to last.

Cars Under 700k In Kenya
  • 2. Volkswagen Golf TDI

Volkswagen Golf is a tested and trusted name in the small and compact car category. It is ruggedly built and tough on the road. That car is a steal for 700k Kenyan shillings. This car first offers the wow factor because it has not yet flooded the markets like other older models of the golf. The car’s specifications say 1.6 liters, and the car can go 20 km on a single liter of fuel and is cheap to maintain. Furthermore, the car can serve as a dependable mobility partner for the young business professional, young family, and even for the person living or working in rural areas. This car, above all else, has that ruggedness to boast.

  • 3. Mazda Demio

At 600k Kenyan shillings, the Mazda Demio is a good buy among cars under 700k in Kenya. The car is a small, compact car, with a good spacious interior. Efficient at fuel economy, and good looking as well. This is a Japanese car if you are a fan of Japanese vehicles, and the car has gained a good reputation for itself over the years as a dependable car brand. This car is estimated to go 15KM on a single liter of petrol and is a good fit for a young, ambitious professional, just starting out on his way. It is also cheap to maintain, and the spare-parts for this brand are available all over the place.

  • 4. Honda Fit 

Another car under 700k in Kenya, the Honda fit goes home with you for around 650k Kenyan shillings. This is the hatchback version, somewhat identical to the Honda civic. It is estimated to go 18km on a single liter of petrol, and that makes it quite good as a long term fuel and money saver. Being a hatchback, this car is good for a businessman, who needs a vehicle to move about on a daily basis, especially if he needs to move small goods and materials without necessarily needing to buy another vehicle solely for that purpose. If you have a small family and need a car to serve as your family car, then this is probably what you need.     

  • 5. Nissan Wingroad 

In the 1980s and early 90s Nissan were very popular. These days we are breaking away from the crowd mentality of only Toyotas, Hondas and Volkswagens. Nissans are back in reckoning, and the Nissan Wingroad is a prime example. For 400k Kenyan shillings this is a very good buy. The car is a station wagon, so more attractive to the family guy. Your family will find ample room in this car, and your wife can fill up the boot/trunk with her shopping or baggage without any trouble. The car can go 13 km on a liter of petrol, which is probably average. Spare parts are cheap, and the car is quite easy to maintain.

  • 6. Honda Accord 

The Honda Accord is a very solid sedan car, very popular not just in Kenya, but across Africa. What is more; this car can be yours for 400k Kenyan shillings. The car is good for the professional who needs the added advantage of mobility and has this appeal of accomplishment, not because it is outlandish in design, but because it is old-school. It is a favorite for the professionals who have been on the scene for a while, and know what they are talking about. Just arriving at a meeting with this car makes you look solid, dependable and trustworthy. You look like you have been in business for some time. If you want something to drive to appointments and meeting with clients, you may want to look at it.  

  • 7. Toyota Camry

One of the most rugged cars under 700k in Kenya, Toyota Camry is another solid car you can get for around 500k Kenyan shillings. There are many models of this particular car, but they all have one thing in common: Camrys are solid vehicles. They are good for the private businessman who needs something to help him mobilize. This car, with good maintenance culture, can last for the better part of ten years, and the spare parts are all over the place.

  • 8. Volkswagen Polo

At just 400k this car is a steal. It offers the solid ruggedness of a real Volkswagen product, coming straight out of Germany. This is a compact car, that makes a good fit for the professional who is just starting out, or the small businessman who needs to move about to meet up with customer demands. The car is easy and cheap to maintain, with cheap parts all over the place.

  • 9. Nissan March 

The Nissan March rides on the good reputation of previous Nissans. It is a small car, but still a little bigger than most Volkswagen Golfs. The car is known to save fuel and is quite surprisingly spacious for a car of such a small build. It would make a good fit for the small business owner, who needs to run around in order to meet up with business demands. If you need to haul some goods around you can just easily fold down the rear seat to allow more storage space. This car can go home with you for just 500k Kenyan shillings.

  • 10. Honda Civic 

The Honda Civic also rides on the reputation of the previous Hondas such as the accord. Already popular among corporate organizations, the car is a good fit for the young professional or the businessman who is on the road quite frequently. Most of all, it should be noted that this car is best for use in the city centers, not the rural areas where the roads are not usually in pristine condition. If you have a small family and live in the city, this car is also a good buy. It can be yours for 700k Kenyan shillings.


Buying a cheap car does not end when you pay for the vehicle. The vehicle has to be fuel-efficient and easy to maintain if you are not going to be penny-wise, pound foolish. So therefore it is important to put these factors into consideration before paying for any car. That’s all on the list of cars under 700k in Kenya.


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