Top 10 Cars to avoid in Kenya. You can design and build a car in Europe, and then ship it down to Africa, only for it to become a disaster. Yes, the same car can be a success in the country from where it comes (or it could also be a disaster there as well) and then it could frustrate the owner, driving him to the point of suicide.

The weather alone can be a determining factor, some electrical components of a car’s engine can burn off, and the road conditions in the new environment can kill the car’s transmission, wheels, and even the bodywork. Then the mechanics can battle in vain to maintain the vehicles, especially when the parts are not readily available. The owner can only manage to struggle with these vehicles a few times before he realizes that he has made a grave mistake. By that time the car must have burnt a permanent hole in his pocket, and he cannot recover from the considerable financial loses anytime soon. 

You don’t want to be in such a position. If you are in Kenya and thinking about buying a car, then you better read this post on cars to avoid in Kenya and read it again and again so that you do not end up crying.  We present to you the top 10 cars you must absolutely avoid if you value your mental health. Let us highlight them one by one.

Top 10 Cars To Avoid In Kenya 2020 

Toyota Caldina
  • 1. Toyota Caldina

This car has a strong build, and a powerful engine and the car can even thrive in poor road conditions, but it has a fatal flaw; a poorly designed electrical system.  Many young people with money in their pockets have looked at the car’s beautiful design and the fact that it is not very common all over the place. They want that wow factor (which the car definitely has), and for that wow factor they fall into a pit. The car has electrical and mechanical flaws that make it a driving time bomb.  The worst side of this car is that it has a negligible resale value. That means you will be practically begging people to buy this vehicle because you are eager to get it off your hands. A really bad choice of cars. 

Land Rover Freelander
  • 2. Land Rover Freelander

This car is not a cheap car. It is built to intimidate others with the big name, and the beautiful look. This is probably why you do not hear people complaining about the car. Most owners of this vehicle have the money to spend, and so they spend it in silence. For the person on a budget, this car is nothing short of a catastrophe. When asking around from owners and mechanics, a list of problems with the car include badly constructed fuel pumps, constant overheating due to poor cooling design, and even a malfunctioning handbrake. These issues are fixable, of course, if you have money to spend.

  • 3. Mitsubishi lancer GDI

The Mitsubishi lancer is one of the most successful rally cars. But the GDI is not one of the more fortunate members of this model.  Unless the car is in tip-top condition, you will soon find that its idling problem, will get you irritated with constant trips to the mechanic. Prepare for constant engine replacements which is the main reason for being on our list of cars not to buy in Kenya, and constant spending of your hard-earned cash if this is your dream car.

  • 4. Ford Focus

This is not the car you buy if you want to save money. The car has a history of recurrent transmission problems. Add that to the other factors like the higher repair costs, and also the unavailability of spare parts, and the problems of the ignition system. You will see why it is not one of the most popular cars in Kenya and on our list of cars to avoid in Kenya.

  • 5. Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is a very forward-thinking vehicle design. It has received plaudits for fuel-efficiency thanks to its ability to run on its electric motor if you run out of fuel. Hybrid cars are one of the best innovations of the past decade. However, despite the best intentions of its designers, the car has acquired a reputation for transmission problems that have seen some owners sell it off after only driving them for a few months after purchase.

  • 6. Nissan B15

What shall it profit a man to buy a beautiful car, only for it to trouble him with a constant overheating problem? The Nissan B15 is the car we are talking about with that bible proverb. The car is regarded as one of the cars to avoid in Kenya because the engine tends to overheat. It’s not one of the most expensive cars, but it will milk you dry if you are not careful. The car’s wiring system is also extremely frustrating.

  • 7. Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara is a great 4 wheel drive pickup to drive and feels good on or off the road. Unfortunately, despite the feel-good factor, the car doesn’t last due to prominent flaws in its construction which makes it perform dismally on Kenyan roads. The body is just not as solid as you would expect from a car of such specifications. You would have a better experience buying a Toyota Hilux, or other vehicles of a similar nature.

  • 8. Nissan Murano

The Nissan Murano makes it into this infamous list of the cars to avoid in Kenya despite its cute looks, and robust appearance. Yes, the car called Murano is a car for the big boys with deep pockets but is a terrible choice courtesy of its annoying engine. You see, its engine somehow refuses to restart after you switch it off especially in the midst of long travels. It must be something about the sensors in the engine.

  • 9. Volkswagen Touareg

The Volkswagen Touareg is a big solid-looking SUV. But the major complaint against this vehicle is that it has weak center support bearings. That is unbearably disappointing for such a promising vehicle. The Electrical system is also unreliable as it is prone to fail, especially after a few years of use.

  • 10. Mercedes Benz GL

This is a luxury car on our list of cars not to buy in Kenya, build to impress with its exquisite design, top quality interior, and general class. But this SUV has a few issues with its shifting design. It has problems when going from one gear to the next and occasionally, suffers failures of the ABS (anti-lock brake system). Generally speaking, this car is a maintenance time bomb, and another of the cars to avoid in Kenya.

That’s all about the top 10 cars to avoid in Kenya 2020.


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