Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In Africa 2020

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In Africa 2020 – With so many good goal-keepers from Africa playing in the Leagues of Europe, the Champions League, continental competitions, and most importantly the African Cup of Nations, the question often arises as to whom the top goalkeepers on the continent are, and how to rate them. With so many competitions of so many different structures and demands, there will always be points to argue. Furthermore, ratings can be volatile; after one competition a name can suddenly be on top or vanish completely from the list depending on performance.

The question remains; “who are the top goal-keepers on the continent at the moment?” That is what we will consider basing our ratings on the performances within the last 12 months. Please keep in mind that a good goal-keeper should not just make saves; he should also contribute to the positive mentality of the team, and inspire confidence in his teammates. 

Without any further time-wasting, we now present the Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In Africa.

Top 10 Best Goalkeepers In Africa 2020 

1. Rais Mbolhi

    • Country: Algeria
    • Date Of Birth: April 25th, 1986

Well, you cannot win the AFCON without a good goal-keeper; that is a given. But you are going to need a little something extra if you are going to push for a title win after a 26-year jinx. Rais Mbohli towers above his Algerian teammates, bringing much more than the ability to keep the goal. He is absolutely dominant in the air and claims most of the corners and aerial balls that come close to his area.

As Algeria plays quick and purposeful counterattacking football, it is imperative to have a goalie that can serve long balls, and Rais Mbolhi does this immaculately well. He flings in the long balls to unmarked teammates enabling them to advance quickly into enemy territory. Rais Mbolhi contributes much to the positive energy in the Algerian side, and his confidence is supreme; even at the advanced stages of competitions, he remained unshaken, calmly directing his defenders, and spurring his team on to victory. At this very moment, Rais Mbohli is the best goalkeeper in Africa.

Andre Onana

2. Andre Onana

    • Country: Cameroon
    • Date Of Birth: 2nd April 1996

The Young Andre Onana of Cameroon and Ajax Amsterdam of Netherlands continues to be impressive. We cannot so easily forget his impressive showings recently at the European Champions League, and we cap that with his recent showings at the African Cup of Nations where he was impressive. His confidence is supreme, and that is quite remarkable for such a young man with less than 3 years in the top flight of football. Andre Onana gives us hope that Africa will one day produce the best goalkeeper in the world. At such a young age he is already so highly rated, and with so many years ahead of him, we wish him all the best. He has now won his first Dutch Eredivisie Title, with Ajax, and hopefully, that is just the first of many.


3. Alfred Gomis

    • Country: Senegal
    • Date Of Birth: September 5th, 1993

Alfred Gomis of Senegal is another man who stood out between the sticks at the recent AFCON. He was a finalist at the competition, and together with his team, he fought his way into the reckoning. Alfred Gomis may not be the most composed in the competition, but he makes up for his lack of composure with excellent reflexes and a brilliant command of his defensive line. Alfred Gomis is strong and athletic, and he has such a strong will to win. Alfred Gomis and his team are still very young and in their prime so we believe that they still have time to achieve something to show for their abundant talent. Alfred Gomis has a very good team spirit, and his bonding with the team is immaculate.


4. Mouez Hassen

    • Country: Tunisia
    • Date Of Birth: March 5th, 1995

Mouez Hassen the brilliant Tunisian goalkeeper has also now played for Belgian club Cercle Brugge comes in next on our list. He has already acquired a reputation as a team-player who works for the team, and who does anything necessary to help his team move forward- including faking an injury. However, we will not forget about his ‘Kepa reaction’ when he was to be substituted ahead of penalties against Ghana. Regardless, he is still a fine goalkeeper; one who has an unbridled passion for the game. 

Denis Onyango

5. Dennis Onyango

    • Country: Uganda
    • Date Of Birth: 15th May 1995

Not so long ago we called Dennis Onyango the best goalkeeper on the continent. The Ugandan goalkeeper continues to be in fine form, both for country, and in the South African league where he is reputed to be the best. As an individual Dennis Onyango oozes quality; his confidence remains supreme, and his fighting will is unbreakable. Dennis Onyango remains a shot-stopper of the highest quality, and his presence on the field is a rallying point for his teammates. He is the biggest personality for his team, and he continually motivates and encourages his boys to go for the win. He organizes his defense line in excellent fashion, and his influence reaches as far as upfield. 


6. Melvin Adriene

    • Country: Madagascar
    • Date Of Birth: August 30th, 1993

Madagascar’ Melvin Adriene also comes in on our list because of his bravery, tenacity, and calmness on the big stage. Recall that Madagascar was the surprise package in the recent AFCON, and such a feat would not be possible without the assurances that come with having a quality goalkeeper between the sticks. The 26-year-old who has spent all his time playing for unknown teams showed incredible desire to conquer the big stage. His performances against Nigeria, DR Congo, and even Tunisia were nothing short of excellent, and we hope to see more of Melvin Adriene in future competitions. The man (together with his team) has already written his name in gold as far as Madagascar’s fairy tale outing the AFCON is concerned. 

Yassine Bounou

7. Yassine Bounou

    • Country: Morocco
    • Date Of Birth: 5th April 1991

Yassine Bounou of Morocco and Sevilla also comes into our list like a ship making port. Bono is quite experienced; he has played in Wydad Casablanca, Athletico Madrid, Zaragoza, and Girona before being snapped up by Sevilla. He is absolutely dominant in the air and this is helped by the fact that he stands over 6ft 4 inches. He is very good at organizing his defense line, and very calm under pressure. Perhaps if he were playing with a more balanced team he would have a better chance to win something to show for his talent. Yassine Bounou has been criticized for what they call a lack of consistency; especially for the lackluster performance against the Benin Republic recently. 


8. Ibrahim Mounkoro

    • Country: Mali
    • Date Of Birth: February 23rd, 1990

Ibrahim Mounkoro of Mali and TP Mazembe comes in next. Ibrahim Munkoro is quite an experienced and the tall Malian showed his class when they demolished Mauritania. The TP Mazembe shot-stopper may need more opportunities to showcase his quality so as to maintain his ranking among the best on the continent, especially as there is no shortage of quality. He remains good at his primary assignment of keeping the ball out.


9. Sylvain Gbohuo

    • Country: Ivory Coast
    • Date Of Birth: October 29th, 1988

Sylvain Gbohuo of the Ivory Coast comes in next on our list. The experienced goalkeeper comes with excellent ability to read the danger, and very good positioning. His reflexes too are top-notch, and his ability to organize his backline is another reason to speak highly of him. Traditionally, the Ivorienes select talented players, and they usually come with a great team spirit, but they need to win something in order to have bragging rights. Sylvain Gbohuo may have at least one more chance at glory before he calls time on his international career.


10. Richard Ofori

    • Country: Ghana
    • Date Of Birth: November 1st, 1993

Richard Ofori of Ghana is a new entrant to the big boy’s list. The Ghanaian Goalkeeper demonstrated some admirable qualities in Africa’s premier football competition; he has shown himself a composed and capable shot-stopper.  He is very good in the air and his hands have a good grip on the ball. Even the losses cannot be blamed on him- rather on a lack of defensive coordination.


Truly this has been a very difficult list to compile because top performances in this department have not been easy to come by this season. Most of the known names which were hyped to perform well last season have fallen well below the level of contention, and so even FIFA or CAF would have a hard time putting this list together. For respect sake let us mention Vincent Enyeama, Carlos Idris Kameni, Carl Ikeme, and Brilliant Khuzwayo.

Now let us get back to our list, and analyze the performances of the players we have here, and how they earned their rankings on the list.


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