The University Of Abuja Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 JAMB & Post UTME – The University of Abuja is one of the most popular institutions in the whole of Nigeria. It is owned by the federal government and is located at the country’s place of power. Being a federal university, many candidates are always interested in furthering their education there.

After Jamb has been written, many aspirants are searching for UniAbuja’s cut off Mark for 2020. This is what we will be exploring in this article. So, kindly read on.

If you are the one seeking for admission into the University of Abuja, or you are related to someone who is, you need to know that the Institution’s management has made known their cut off mark for the 2020/2021 academic session.

Of course, before you can get close, you must have written Jamb examination, and you are expected to have chosen the institution as your 1st choice of the institution while registering for the exam. Just like many others, the University of Abuja won’t embrace the idea of making them your second choice – it just won’t work that way.

So, those that did their application right are qualified to participate in UniAbuja’s Post UTME screening.

UNIABUJA Cut Off Mark 2020

Approved JAMB cut off mark for UNIABUJA – 180 

Therefore, it should be noted that candidates who chose the school as their first choice during the UTME registration and who were able to have a minimum of 180, can proceed to the next step in their quest for admission to the University of Abuja.

University Of Abuja Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020

  1. Accounting – above 240
  2. Agricultural Science and Education – above 230  
  3. Agriculture – above 240
  4. Arabic Studies – above 200
  5. Banking and Finance – above 230
  6. Biology – above 230
  7. Business Administration – above 230
  8. Business Management – above 230
  9. Chemical Engineering – above 250
  10. Chemistry – above 230
  11. Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies
  12. Civil Engineering – above 250
  13. Computer Science – above 240
  14. Drama / Dramatic / Performing A rts – above 220
  15. Economics – above 230
  16. Education and Arabic – above 220
  17. Education and Biology – above 220  
  18. Education and Chemistry – above 220
  19. Education and Christian Religious Studies – above 220
  20. Education and Economics – above 220
  21. Education and Geography – above 220
  22. Education and Integrated Science – above 220
  23. Education and Islamic Studies – above 220
  24. Education and Mathematics – above 220
  25. Education and Physics – above 220
  26. Education and Social Studies – above 220
  27. Electrical Engineering – above 240
  28. English and Literary Studies – above 220
  29. Environmental Education – above 220
  30. Geography – above 230
  31. Guidance and Counseling – above 220
  32. History – above 220
  33. Islamic Studies – above 200
  34. Linguistics – above 220
  35. Mathematics – above 230
  36. Mechanical Engineering – above 240
  37. Medicine and Surgery – above 250
  38. Microbiology – above 230
  39. Philosophy – above 220
  40. Political Science and International Relations – above 230
  41. Primary Education Studies – above 210
  42. Public Administration – above 220
  43. Statistics – above 230
  44. Veterinary Medicine – above 240

The School management is going to announce the sale of their Post UTME Screening registration form, and you should proceed to pay for it as soon as it is ready. Without that, you won’t be considered for admission, even if you scored 350 in Jamb.

But if you are part of those who couldn’t beat the cut off mark that was agreed on by the institution, the simple thing to do is to obtain the change of institution form from Jamb and choose another school that can accommodate your performance in the exam. This can be done in the nearest JAMB accredited CBT centres close to you. Simply visit them and make the necessary changes – I’m sure this shouldn’t be new to you.

But if you know you won’t mind waiting till next year to try again, then no problem. Just make sure you prepare well and try to have big scores when next you will write the exam.

So, don’t forget that students who were able to meet the Jamb cut off mark and made the University of Abuja their first choice during registration are the ones qualified to proceed to the next stage – which is to write the school’s Post UTME examination. Note that since there is usually a lot of people ‘fighting’ to get into the school, they devised necessary strategies to disqualify as many as possible. So, candidates who are successful in the school’s post Jamb stands a chance of getting into the institution this year.

If you are part of the numerous students who want to know the approved JAMB cut off mark for UniAbuja, you are in the right place. There are a lot of aspirants who are seeking necessary information about the admission process of the University of Abuja. It is alright, that is how it should be. Knowledge is power, so it is wise to try accumulating as much info as possible.

Let us state it again that the JAMB approved cut off mark for the University of Abuja is 180. If you are however familiar with the way things are being done in this country, you should then know that each institution also has the power to peg there cut off mark at 200 and above.

Therefore, candidates are to do all it takes to get up to UNIABUJA cut off mark as approved by JAMB. Those that beat the cut off mark set by the board of the school can move forward with the race – buy the institution’s Post Jamb screening form as well as register in anticipation of the next step.

Once a candidate was able to beat the minimum cut off mark set by his or her department of choice, the person can begin to pack their bags and wait for resumption. Once admission has been settled, the person should accept the Admission on JAMB Caps.

Also take note that as you accept the admission offer, then you should get your registration completed when due. Candidates who scaled through are to participate in the physical screening of documents to be conducted by the institution.

A candidate’s enablement to get above the school’s cut off mark for JAMB and even above the Post UTME departmental cut off is not just enough (though once you got to this level, you are very close to your goal). However, don’t begin to celebrate yet, as admission is not yet guaranteed by the management of UniAbuja.

However, after a candidate is done with the internal screening exercise and such was given the green light, then that is all. At that stage, you should begin to rejoice because you are now a student of the University of Abuja. The next thing is to start packing your bags, then pay for acceptance, and you are into the system.

Make sure you don’t get confused with all of these. Before you can get admitted by the institution, you must beat the cut-off point. Don’t forget that the higher a candidate’s JAMB score as well as their post UTME score, the higher their chances of becoming a student of the institution.

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In conclusion, you should know that it is the course you were given during this process that you will end up studying in the school – just as it is being done in various other universities. As stated earlier, as you accept the admission on the necessary portal, be getting set to pay your acceptance fee. Any candidate who won’t pay the fee won’t be able to proceed to the stage of becoming a full student at the University of Abuja. Yes, the message you pass across with your failure to pay the acceptance fee is that you are not interested in the admission. Therefore, you should do the right things when you ought to.

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