LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 Departmental courses for JAMB and Post UTME – Lagos State Polytechnic is one of the State-owned institutions in Nigeria that has a lot of aspirants each year due to various factors. Everyone knows that as far as Nigeria is concerned, many polytechnics are of a low standard, and many of them are very expensive too. However, apart from the fact that the LASPOTECH fee is better when compared with some polys in the country, the institution also excels in various ways.

This institution is actually one of the first generation Polytechnics in Nigeria, as it was founded in 1977. Lagos State Polytechnic has maintained a superb academic standard since it was established, and it is not relaxing.

If you are therefore an aspirant of this school and you are looking for more information that can get you closer to getting admitted to study whatever it is that you desire, this article will be of benefit to you. In fact, by now, you will definitely have seen your Jamb score, and you are expected to have left certain levels (including sorting out your results).

This Polytechnic is quite competitive no doubt, and don’t think because it is a polytechnic, you will simply receive your admission on a platter of gold. You and others with the desire of getting admitted into the institution must pass through a handful of hurdles before they can be allowed in. There are some important criteria that must be met, as well as some requirements that you must strive to satisfied (one of which is to make sure that you beat the school’s cut off mark)

LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Lagos State Polytechnic JAMB Cut Off  mark is 120 for 2020/2021 academic session

Last year, LASPOTECH made use of 120, which means any aspirant who won’t be able to reach up to that score when they received their scores, can’t really proceed to the next stage. In other words, they can’t participate and partake in the school’s post UTME screening exercise.

Although Jamb has generally released a public announcement that should guide how institutions should go about with this year’s cut off mark (and admission process in general), we should note that institutions have the liberty to make their decision (even in the area of choosing what they will eventually settle for as this year’s cut off mark – which they are yet to make known). However, since Jamb has already given institutions the deadline which they must round up all that concerns admissions for this year, we are then expecting updates from the management very soon.

Here are the courses you can study in Lagos State Polytechnic, as well as the cut off mark attached to each of the last session:

LASPOTECH Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

  1. – Department of Accountancy – 120
  2. – Department of Agricultural Engineering / Technology – 120
  3. – Department of Agricultural Technology – 120
  4. – Department of Architectural Technology – 120
  5. – Department of Art and Design – 120
  6. – Department of Banking And Finance – 120
  7. – Department of Building Technology – 120
  8. – Department of Business Administration and Management – 120
  9. – Department of Chemical Engineering Technology – 120
  10. – Department of Computer Engineering – 120
  11. – Department of Computer Science – 120
  12. – Department of Electrical / Electronic Engineering – 120
  13. – Department of Estate Management And Valuation – 120
  14. – Department of Fisheries Technology – 120
  15. – Department of Food Technology – 120
  16. – Department of Horticulture – 120
  17. – Department of Hospitality Management – 120
  18. – Department of Insurance – 120
  19. – Department of Leisure And Tourism management – 120
  20. – Department of Marketing – 120
  21. – Department of Mass Communication – 120
  22. – Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology – 120
  23. – Department of Mechatronics Engineering Technology – 120
  24. – Department of Office Technology And Management – 120
  25. – Department of Quantity Surveying – 120
  26. – Department of Science Laboratory Technology – 120
  27. – Department of Statistics – 120
  28. – Department of Urban and Regional Planning – 120


Still on LASPOTECH Cut Off Mark 2019/2020

After the whole Jamb saga, the management of the institution will bring up their post utme screening before the departmental cut off mark will be made known. However, they will first announce the sales of the form as well as help with the necessary information to register (such as the amount of the form, the deadline, etc).


When it is settled, each department will then publish what they want from candidates, and they will proceed to admit students who were able to beat their cut off after the whole exercise. 

We should also add here that there are different ways to conduct a post UTME screening exercise, and institutions have a sort of liberty to do things the way they prefer. An institution can choose to set a written examination or simply use your O Level result and your Jamb score.

Important Things To Know About The Lagos State Polytechnic School Fee

As an aspirant of this school, it is a nice idea to strive for getting certain important knowledge about the institution, as no knowledge is wasted.

Here are they:

  1. The institution runs one of the most flexible educational systems in the country at large as far as school fees are concerned. If you are interested in the full time one, it is pretty flexible, and so is it with part-time too.

As a new intake, you will pay twice (online application fees and acceptance fees). Last time we check, the online application fees were pegged at N7,500 while the acceptance fees is N15,500. Below is the list of fees (please note that there might be little changes) :

  • – Result Screening fee: – N2, 500
  • – Clearance Exercise Fees: – N2, 700
  • – LASPOTECH mobile fee: – N1, 500
  • – Matriculation Fee: – N2, 500
  • – Annex Due fee: – N5, 000
  • – Examination Fee: – N5, 000
  1. For returning students, you are expected to pay the same charges as the fresh students. However, you won’t pay kinds of stuff like acceptance fees (as this is just for fresh students)
  2. For those doing the part-time program (National Diploma degrees and Higher National Diploma Weekend programs), it is also flexible. One of the things that can’t be ignored is how cheap it is compared to some other polytechnics in the country. Here are basic fees students of the school are expected to pay:
  •  For ND1 Students
  • – School fees is just ₦27, 950
  • – Result Screening is just ₦2, 000

iii. – Acceptance is just ₦10, 000

  • – Clearance Exercise is just ₦2, 700
  • – Exam fees are just ₦500
  • – Annex Due is just ₦5, 000

vii. – Matriculation is just ₦1, 500

viii – Laspo mobile is just ₦500

  1. For ND2 students
  2. – School fees is just ₦25, 810
  3. – Exam fees is just ₦5, 000

iii. – Laspo mobile is just ₦500

  • For ND3 students
  • – School fees is just ₦27, 110
  • – Exam fees is just ₦5, 000

iii. – Laspo mobile is just ₦500

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In conclusion, Lagos State Polytechnic, unlike some other in the country, runs a standard academic calendar. Everyone knows how annoying our institutions can be in the country, in terms of extending the stay of students in school. However, for Laspotech, they don’t experience much delay in their academic session. Therefore, you have made the right decision for deciding to further your education in this school. We wish you the best in your quest to become a bonafide student of Lagos State Polytechnic.

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