Federal University Otuoke Cut Off Mark For All Courses – JAMB and Post UTME – The FUOTUOKE is one of the federal owned institutions in the country and has a lot of aspirants each year due to various reasons. Apart from the fact that their fee is cheap when compared with some others in the country, certificates from Federal universities are given more attention out there.

If you are an aspirant of this institution, who, having seen your Jamb score, is searching for relevant information that can help in your ambition of becoming a bonafide student of the school (including their departmental cut off mark), then this article is actually meant for you.

Considering how competitive the University is, aspirants must pass through a handful of hurdles before they can be allowed in. There are certain important criteria that must be met, as well as necessary requirements that must be satisfied (one of which is to beat the institution’s cut off mark).

Federal University Otuoke Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2020/2021

FUOTUOKE Cut Off mark for JAMB is 160

Last year, FUOTUOKE made use of 150 and above, which means any candidate that failed to reach up to that score when they were sent their scores, won’t be able to proceed to the next stage – which is participating in the Institution’s post utme examination.

After all, that concerns Jamb has been done and dusted, the School will conduct their post utme screening, after which the departmental cut off mark will be made known. But before this time, the management will announce the sales of the form and will also give clear directions in regards to how to register (including the price of the form, the procedure needed to get it registered, the deadline, and so on and so forth)

Federal University Of Otuoke Cut Off Mark

After the exercise have been done and dusted, each department will make known what they desire from candidates, and they will admit those that were able to beat their cut off. Therefore, since the management are yet to conduct this year’s post utme screening exercise, then the cut off mark can’t be fathomed yet. Nevertheless, we will explore last session’s, with the hope that it would give you an idea of what to expect this year.

Take note of the fact that when it comes to Post UTME, different schools have different ways to conduct theirs. Some will set a written examination, and some will make use of just your O Level result and your Jamb score. The Federal University Otuoke fell into the former category.


Here is a list of courses offered by the institution as well as the cut off mark that was attached to each of them, last session.

  1. – Department of Business Education (B.Ed. Business Education) ……….. 181
  2. – Department of Education Chemistry (B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Chemistry) …. 166
  3. – Department of Education History (B.A. (Ed.) Education/History) ……. 167
  4. – Department Of Education Mathematics (B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Mathematics) .. 188
  5. – Department of Education Physics (B.Sc. (Ed.) Education/Physics) …… 168
  6. – Department of Chemical Engineering (B.Eng. Chemical Engineering) …….. 214
  7. – Department of Civil Engineering (B.Eng. Civil Engineering) ……….. 223
  8. – Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering (B.Eng. Electrical/Electronics Engineering) …….. 228
  9. – Department of Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng. Mechatronic Engineering) ….. 227
  10. – Department of Mechanical Engineering (B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering) ……. 208
  11. – Department of Petroleum and Gas Engineering (B.Eng. Petroleum and Gas Engineering) …… 227
  12. – Department of Economics and Development Studies (B.Sc. Economics and Development Studies) …….. 222
  13. – Department of English and Communication Studies (B.A. English and Communication Studies) ……… 229
  14. – Department of History and International Studies (B.A. History and International Studies) ……. 228
  15. – Department of Sociology and Anthropology (B.Sc. Sociology and Anthropology) … 222
  16. – Department of Political Science (B.Sc. Political Science) ………… 235
  17. – Department of Accounting (B.Sc. Accounting)  …………….. 229
  18. – Department of Banking and Finance (B.Sc. Banking and Finance) ……….. 189
  19. – Department of Business Administration (B.Sc. Business Administration) ……… » 221
  20. – Department of Entrepreneurship (B.Sc. Entrepreneurship) ………….. 178
  21. – Department of Market (B.Sc. Marketing) ………………… 183
  22. – Department of Biochemistry (B.Sc. Biochemistry) ……………. 225
  23. – Department of Biology (B.Sc. Biology) ………………… 166
  24. – Department of Chemistry (B.Sc. Chemistry)  ………………. 157
  25. -Department of Computer Science and Information (B.Sc. Computer Science and Informatics) …….. 223
  26. – Department of Mathematics (B.Sc. Mathematics) …………….. 167
  27. – Department of Microbiology (B.Sc. Microbiology) ……………. 226
  28. – Department of Physics (B.Sc. Physics) ………………… 161
  29. – B.Sc. Statistics ………………… 161

Still On the Federal University Of Otuoke Cut Off Mark 2019 For All Courses

Important Things To Know About The FUOTUOKE 2020

As an aspirant of this institution, it is a nice thing to accumulate certain important knowledge about the school even now. No knowledge is wasted, and yes, you might need one or two of the information one day.

Here are they:

  • The Federal University, Otuoke is one of the federal government-owned institutions in the country. The federal government established it to give more Nigerians access to tertiary education that can enable them to bring positive changes to society.
  • The institution is located in Otuoke which is a town in Ogbia local government area of Bayelsa.
  • The Federal University, Otuoke was founded in the year 2011 (which means it is actually very young when compared with some old universities in the country – like the University of Ibadan, the University of Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University, the University of Benin, and so on)
  • The institution started with 282 pioneer students after former Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan endorsed its creation, and the first set of graduates left about four years later.
  • The School offers degree courses at undergraduate levels and has actually awarded different certificates to different students since it was created to this day.
  • Anyone with whatever talent can proceed to the University to sharpen themselves. Irrespective of your field (except in Medicine for the main time), you can move for admission into the Federal University, Otuoke, and learn more. The institution offers undergraduate programs in the faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Management Science, Engineering and Technology, and so on.
  • Currently, there are six Faculties in the University, which are:
    • – Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences
    • – Faculty of Science
    • – Faculty of Engineering and Technology
    • – Faculty of Business Administration and Management Sciences
    • – Faculty of Education
    • – Faculty of Health Sciences
  • The Motto of the institution is “Knowledge, Excellence, Service” and it has Affiliation with NUC. While Seth Accra Jaja is the VC of the School, Gbemisola Ruqayyah Saraki remains the chairperson, and it keeps growing.
  • The School has 650 academic staff and over 200 persons working in Administrative capacity. As of 2014, there are over 1000 students in the School, and they have a website (www.fuotuoke.edu.ng) where more information can be accessed.


In conclusion, it should be noted that the Federal University Otuoke is an institution that strictly frowns against examination malpractice, and is already ready to expel anyone caught in the act. The School has been known for sending away students who involved in examination malpractice, just like they did a few months back when they sent 12 students away. Therefore, when you get in, ensure you don’t go against the rules of the School.

We wish you the best in your quest to become a bonafide student of the Federal University Otuoke.

It should be duly noted that the management of the Federal University Otuoke is yet to announce the institution’s Jamb cut off mark as far as this year admission is concerned. The reason for this is quite diverse, but we actually expect an update very soon. Therefore, this article will explore what was used last year. With this, candidates can easily know what they should expect this session also.

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