Kogi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 {JAMB & Post UTME}

This article is about Kogi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME}, and it is meant to help students (particularly those interested in attending Kogi State University) to understand certain important things that concern the school. A lot of students who made KSU their first choice institution during Jamb registration are already searching for relevant information that will get them closer to becoming an undergraduate. After seeing what they got in Jamb, the next thing is to know the cut off mark set for the institution.

To become a bonafide student of Kogi State University, there are actually various things involved in it. Those currently in the school have also passed through certain necessary hurdles before they got there – and it is necessary to tow that path too. One of these things is the necessity of beating the required KSU Jamb cut off mark for one’s course of choice.

Kogi State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

JAMB Cut Off – 160

Candidates who chose the institution during UTME registration must meet up with the “cut off” to proceed to the next stage. Only those who successfully beat the mark will be invited by the school to participate in their post UTME exercise.

Nevertheless, we won’t leave you in the dark but will make do with the cut off marks that were used last year. With this, Kogi State University aspirants will have an appropriate idea of what to expect this time around.

Kogi State University Cut Off Mark For Jamb is 160, although some courses demand higher scores. Although we will encourage you to patiently wait for what this years will be, you can still determine how things will likely go with last year’s. Below, we will take the time to list the courses being offered at Kogi State University. You should simply check yours and try to see what was attached to it – and it will give you an idea of what to expect this time around too.

Here is the list of courses offered in Kogi State University, and what aspirants should expect their cut off marks to be:

Kogi Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses

  1. – Agriculture – 160
  2. – Fisheries & Aquaculture – 160
  3. – Food Science & Technology – 160
  4. – Home Sciencess – 160
  5. – Arabic studies – 160
  6. – Christian Rel. Knowledge – 160
  7. – Theatre Arts – 160
  8. – English Language/Lit. Studies – 160
  9. – History & International Studies – 160
  10. – Philosophy & Religion Studies – 160
  11. – Chemistry – 160
  12. – Mathematics – 160
  13. – Biology – 160

14 – Islamic Studies – 160

  1. – Geography – 160
  2. – Physics – 160
  3. – Physical & Health – 160
  4. – Human Kinetics – 160
  5. – Science – 160
  6. – English Language – 160
  7. – Religion Studies – 160
  8. – Library Science – 160
  9. – Social Science – 160
  10. – History & International Studies – 160
  11. – Social Studies – 160
  12. – Economics – 160
  13. – Common Law and Islamic Law – 160
  14. – Banking & Finance – 160
  15. – Accounting – 170
  16. – Business Admin. – 170
  17. – Public Admin. – 165
  18. – Medicine – 190
  19. – Biochemistry – 185
  20. – Botany – 160
  21. – Computer – 175
  22. – Statistics – 160
  23. – Zoology – 160
  24. – Microbiology – 190
  25. – Physics – 160
  26. – Mathematics – 160
  27. – Chemistry – 160
  28. – Industrial Chemistry – 160
  29. – Geology – 160
  30. – Mathematics – 160
  31. – Economics – 160
  32. – Mass Communication – 185
  33. – Political Science – 170
  34. – Sociology – 160
  35. – Geography and Planning
Kogi state university – KSU

Just as stated earlier, there are different hurdles to cross before you can become a student of Kogi State University. Successfully beating the Institution’s cut off mark is not a guarantee that you will be admitted eventually, but it only means you have crossed over to another sphere. Indeed, there are various other requirements that an aspirant of Kogi State University must meet before the person will be considered for admission into the institution.

Therefore, while it is something nice to be excited about scoring very high marks in Jamb, take note that you must also beat the cut-off mark that will be released by your department of choice after the post UTME screening exercise is completed. This is known as the departmental cut off point, and every aspirant that will be admitted are those who could successfully beat the cutoff for their departments of choice.

Although we can’t say with authority that Kogi State University is like some state-owned institutions in the country that gives more attention to indigenes of the State, we will admonish aspirants not from Kogi State to work very hard to score very high grades that will place them on the merit list. With certain types of marks, the institution can’t but admit you, irrespective of where you are from.

Kogi State University Post UTME Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 Cut Off Point

The management of Kogi State University is yet to conduct a post UTME screening exercise for this year, that is why there can’t be any departmental cut off mark as of now. It should be noted that this departmental cut off mark will determine if or not one’s department will admit the person into the school, and it quite different from the initial cut off mark that has to do with Jamb. A candidate that scored a very high score in Jamb is still expected to beat his or her departmental cut off mark, hence, such is not going anywhere.

The departmental cut off point won’t be the same for all departments. For instance, the department of History might have a higher cut off Mark compared to the department of European studies. That is how it is being done – so you won’t be expecting a single grade.

Additionally, you might have a high post UTME score and you still won’t be admitted. Just as stated earlier, there are different things attached to it. If candidate A was able to score very high in his post UTME screening exercise but couldn’t meet up with the departmental cut off mark set by his department of choice, he won’t be admitted into the University. On the other hand, if Candidate B was able to score just a little, but he could beat his own departmental cut off mark with his score, he is coming in. In such a case, what has likely happened is that Candidate A’s course is a very competitive one, or perhaps, those vying for the course scored very high marks in the post UTME screening exercise (and the management have no choice but to keep the cut off mark high)


In conclusion, we are using this medium to tell Kogi State University aspirants that the post UTME form is not yet out for sale, but the manager will publicly make it known when it commences. Therefore, we always advise young aspirants to be very careful and should beware of scammers around. Don’t allow them to use craftiness to steal your money. We wish you the best as you get admitted to study the course of your choice at Kogi State University. 

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