A lot of people have been searching for Nigeria Defence Academy NDA Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 Courses For JAMB & Post UTME} ever since they begin to see their Jamb scores. If you are part of this category, we’ve got good news for you!

The Nigerian Defence Academy has eventually released the cut-off marks for the 2020/2021 academic session admission, and everyone that meets up can begin to get set for the next step.

It has been made known that students who were able to score 180 and above in the just-concluded Jamb exam (for Faculties of Arts and Social Sciences, Military Science & Interdisciplinary Studies and Faculty of Engineering) are eligible for the post utme screening exercise.

The Next Step To Take

NDA Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For JAMB

If you chose the Nigerian Defense Academy as your first choice institution during the utme registration, and you were able to score over 180 {NDA Cut Off Mark for JAMB} when you saw your result, you can visit application portal on the institution’s site to select the examination centre of your choice. The Nigerian Defense Academy tries to make things flexible and easy for aspirants, and so, you have the liberty to choose where you want to go to for your post utme examination. After that is done, you can now proceed to print out your examination card.

It should be noted that the NDA Entrance Examination for 71 Regular Course is meant to take place on Saturday 8 June 2019. The management of the institution has announced that after the initial postponement of the Screening Test, the board has settled for the 8th day of June 2019, and the examination will be written in different centres located in different States in Nigeria.

NDA Entrance Exam Subjects Combinations

As you should know already, due to different factors, the Nigerian Defense Academy usually has thousands of applicants each year. So, therefore, a lot of aspirants won’t be selected, and one of the things that will disqualify many of them is because they are ignorant to certain important things, and won’t adhere to simple instructions.

Please take note of the subject combinations.

  • Candidates for FASS

If you fall into this category, you are to answer all the questions in any 3 these subjects that are applicable to  your chosen course:

  1. – Mathematics – (this is compulsory for Psychology aspirants).
  2. – Economics.
  3. – Geography.
  4. – History.
  5. – Government.
  6. – French.
  7. – Biology – (please note that this is compulsory for Psychology aspirants).
  • Candidates for Sciences

If you fall into this category, you are to answer the following:

  1. – Mathematics – (Maths and any 2 of Chemistry, Economics and Physics).
  2. – Physics. .- (Physics, and then choose any two from Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics)
  3. – Chemistry – (Chemistry, and then any two from Mathematics, Biology and Physics).
  4. – Biology – (Biology, and then any two of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry).
  • Candidates for Engineering.

If you fall into this category, you are required to answer ALL questions in these 3 subjects:

  1. – Mathematics.
  2. – Physics.
  3. – Chemistry.
  • Candidates for Military Science and Interdisciplinary Studies.

If you are a Candidate of Intelligence & Cyber Security Studies, take note that you are required to answer these subjects:

  1. – Mathematics
  2. – Physics
  3. Any of Economics, Chemistry or Biology.

It is very necessary that you print your Examination Card. If you failed to print your Examination Card, you won’t be allowed to take the test. Only aspirants who have a printed Examination Card will gain access to their centre of choice. Without taking the test, you can’t be admitted into the Nigerian Defense Academy.

NDA Cut Off Mark For JAMB

Important Things To Know About The Nigerian Defense Academy

  1. The academy was established in 1964 and is located in Kaduna State, in the Northern part of Nigeria. It is a Military University with an aim to produce officers with nice training in both military and academic subjects. The essence of it all is to ensure the enhancements of the Nigerian Armed Forces.
  2. According to the mission of the Nigerian Defense Academy, officers are to be given appropriate knowledge and skills that are necessary to meet the requirements of a military officer.
  3. Before it was re-branded, the academy used to be known as the Nigerian Military Training College. However, before independence, it was called the Royal Military Forces Training College
  4. It is an institution that carefully selects its students. Unlike other institutions in the country where anyone that is brilliant can easily get in, the Nigerian Defense Academy is more than that. The management ensures its students are fit able-bodied men and women (who are young). They train them to become well educated, strong and courageous.
  5. Each faculty in NDA are generally well staffed and filled with appropriate personnel and facilities. For instance, FASS has a Faculty Library and Departmental Libraries which anyone can utilize for teaching and learning.

Here are the departments in the faculty:

  1. – Department of Accounting
  2. – Department of Economics
  3. – Department of Geography
  4. – Department of General Studies.
  5. – Department of History and International Studies;
  6. – Department of Languages,
  7. – Department of Political Science and Defence Studies
  8. – Department of Psychology


It should be noted that the requirements for various undergraduate degree programmes offered by the academy have expatiated on their website. Therefore, aspirants can take advantage of the resources there to expand their knowledge. Additionally, all that is necessary to be known (about your course, eligibility and so on) can be accessed from your application portal.

Generally, to be eligible for admission into the NDA, the aspirant must:

  1. Have a minimum of five Credit passes at SSCE (either in WAEC or NECO or even NABTEB), or GCE O/L gotten in not more than two sittings that are relevant to the Faculty he or she is aspiring to be.
  2. Have Credit in English Language and Mathematics, and then at least one supporting relevant credit to the compulsory credits in FASS and Faculty of Science.
  3. Be at least seventeen years old and not more than twenty-one. For Nigerian Airforce aspirants, you must be between 17 and 18years old at entry, hence won’t be allowed in.
  4. Be at least 1.68 metres tall (for candidates who are male) and for females, 1.50 meters.
  5. Be medically and physically fit. Just as stated earlier, intelligence is not enough to get one into the Nigerian Defense Academy due to obvious reasons. Candidates must be physically fit and be sound health-wise. Additionally, the management is interested in the moral character of their students. So, therefore, aspirants must not only be physically fit but also be of good behaviour.
  6. Be single and not yet married. Due to various reasons, the academy doesn’t want individuals who have a legal obligation to support others. Therefore, you must ensure that you are single and without children yet.
  7. Present a Certificate of Origin that was gotten from a Local Government Area and a Certificate of State indigeneship that was obtained from the Office of the State Governor is prioritised.

As we conclude, it is important to stress out certain important things so you won’t be disqualified and waste precious resources. First of all, it should be duly noted that the academy won’t embrace the concept of awaiting results, and even results that are not submitted with the application won’t be taken. Additionally, if your examination result is older than 5 years, don’t try using it for admission into the Nigerian Defense Academy, as it won’t be accepted.

Any Nigerian, irrespective of your tribe or gender, can be admitted into NDA once you passed the necessary requirements that have been put in place by the management of the school.


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