The Federal University Of Dutsin Ma Cut Off Mark For All Courses “JAMB And Post UTME” 2020/2021 – If you are an aspirant of the FUDMA, this article will give you a lot of relevant information that will help increase your knowledge of the University and its admission process.

Currently, FUDMA is not as popular as many other universities in the country. However, despite its unpopularity, you must still pass through various hurdles and meet up with certain important criteria before you can be admitted. Despite it all, aspirants of FUDMA must satisfy certain important requirements before they can be considered for admission – and one of them is to beat the agreed cut off mark for Jamb.

Federal University Of Dutsin Ma Cut Off Mark 2020

The Jamb Cut Off Mark For the Federal University Dustin-Ma was 180, although some departments made use of something higher than 180. 

The management of FUDMA will soon organise and conduct this year’s post utme screening exercise, which explains why there can’t be a departmental cut off mark for the main time. Almost immediately after the Jamb cut off mark has been announced, the institution will also announce the commencement of the sales of its post UTME form and will elaborate on important details such as the price of the form, how to purchase it, how to register appropriately for the exercise, the deadline, and so on.

The management of the institution will also make known their decision in regards to the model to be adopted for the conduct of the exercise (either a written exam or uploading of O Level results and other necessary documents). Whatever they agreed on will be used to allocate grades to candidates, before the departmental cut off mark will come out. This is what will actually determine if or not your department will take you into the school, and it is not the same as Jamb’s.

FUDMA Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses

Here are the courses offered by FUDMA, and the cut off mark that was attached to them:

  2.  – Fisheries and Aquaculture
  3.  – Agricultural Economics and Extension
  4. – Animal Science
  5. – Crop Production and Protection
  6. – Forestry and Wildlife Management
  7. – Food Science and Technology


  1. FACULTY OF ARTS (180)
  2. – Languages and Linguistics
  3. – History and Strategic Studies


  1. FACULTY OF EDUCATION (180 – 190)
  2. – Science Education
  3. – Educational Foundation
FUDMa Cut Off Mark
  2. – Accounting
  3. – Business Management


  1. FACULTY OF SCIENCE (180 – 200)
  2. – Mathematical Science
  3. – Applied Chemistry
  4. – Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  5. – Biological Sciences
  6. – Physics


  2. – Economics and Development Studies
  3. – Geography and Regional Planning
  4. – Political Science
  5. – Sociology

Important Things To Know About Federal University, Dutsin-Ma

  1. Established in the year 2011, the institution is a federal-owned university situated in Katsina State and is one of those founded during the Goodluck Jonathan-led administration.
  2. Being established in 2011, FUDMA is still a young school when compared with some others like the University of Ibadan, the University of Lagos, Obafemi Awolowo University, and so on (which explains why it is yet to be very popular and famous)
  3. FUDMA was approved by NUC to operate as a federal university, and it is one that has no religious or cultural affiliation.
  4. The management of the institution embraces candidates from different places in the country, and they don’t select by tribe or language (just as it is the usual practice).
  5. FUDMA offers cheap and affordable tuition. Generally, in the country, federal institutions try to grant education to everyone by ensuring money won’t be an obstruction to accessing quality education (therefore, the fees of federal institutions are usually affordable when compared with what State and privately owned institutions demand). However, even despite all these, some federal institutions are still cheaper than others. Many Nigerians are usually concerned about how to raise huge money to pay for their children’s tertiary education, considering how dilapidated the economy of the country seems to be. Nevertheless, with the availability of an institution like FUDMA, you don’t have to bother about splashing too much money, as their fees are not too hefty, and anyone can afford their demands.
  6. FUDMA is a school known to have a relatively diverse student body in various regards. Despite being located in the Northern part of the country, the door is always open for anyone, irrespective of their religion, tribe, colour, gender, etc, to come over to become an undergraduate and earn a degree there.
  7. The Federal University, Dutsin-Ma helps to sharpen everyone’s skills and expand their knowledge in their various fields of discipline. So, irrespective of what you chose to do, there is always something for you at FUDMA. The institution offers courses in various areas cutting across sciences, social sciences and so on. 
  8. Admission into  FUDMA is not too competitive – for various reasons. Generally, in the country, federal institutions are hotcakes that usually get thousands of aspirants each year from different walks of life. Apart from the fact that students are seeking cheap universities that offers quality education, they are also aware that the certificate obtained from federal universities are usually respected out there. And that is the reason why institutions like the University of Ibadan, the University of Lagos, the University of Benin, Obafemi Awolowo University, etc, usually get thousands of applicants each year for both very competitive and non-competitive courses. However, the institutions will admit only a small percentage of the applicants (because they have just limited space available), while the rest would be left alone. By trying to get admitted into these universities, many students have wasted a lot of time at home doing nothing. Therefore, it is a wise idea to go for not-too-popular universities such as FUDMA instead of allowing some popular universities to waste your time in the country.
  9. The institution has various hostels which anyone can decide to live and settle in, for an affordable price. Therefore, if you are coming from very far places and you are not even familiar with how things work in the city, you can simply apply for a room in the school’s hostel and stay there throughout your program. FUDMA is well-developed in various regards, and their hostels are better compared with some others in the country. 
  10. The Federal University, Dutsin-Ma is being funded by the federal government of Nigeria and so, has nice infrastructure. The settings try to promote serious academic works for both lecturers and students alike, and the University is working hard to overtake some others that are currently ahead. 

We wish you the best in your quest to become a bonafide student of FUDMA.


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