Kaduna State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 for all Courses {JAMB & Post UTME} – KSU is a state-owned institution located in Kaduna State, in the Northern part of Nigeria. For candidates who chose KASU during Jamb registration and are now searching for the institution’s admission cut-off mark, this is to inform about the KASU JAMB cut off mark and departmental cut off points for each course. This article will cover what will be used for the 2020/2021 academic session so as to get a glimpse into what will likely come up for this year. 

Kaduna State University Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Cut Off is 170

After your Jamb exam, the next thing is to ensure you meet up with the Jamb cut off mark set for your institution of choice. Without scoring up to the Jamb cut off mark, the candidate will have to change to another institution, or perhaps, come again the following year (if he or she is adamant about attending that particular institution). 

However, as far as Kaduna State University Jamb cut off mark 2020 is concerned, aspirants should know that the cut off mark is yet to be made known, but we expect something to come up in the following weeks. Therefore, just as stated earlier, let us work with the last session’s so you can have an idea of how things work with the institution. 

Last year, after students have been shown their Jamb results, the announcement was made that candidates who applied for admission into the Kaduna State University (KASU) and were able to score 170 and above in the examination, are the ones eligible to write KASU post UTME screening exercise.

It was also added that the candidates must ensure they possess relevant O’Levels results, as the absence of this will also disqualify them.

That is to say, KASU Jamb cut off mark for the 2020/2021 academic session is 170, although some courses (competitive ones) have higher scores cut off.

Below are the courses offered in Kaduna State University, and what candidates should expect their cut off marks to be: 

KASU Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

  1. – Arabic Studies – 170 and above
  2. – Agriculture – 200 and above
  3. – Architecture – 220 and above
  4. – Accounting – 250 and above
  5. – Biochemistry – 250 and above
  6. – Biological Science(s) – 240 and above
  7. – Biology – 230 and above
  8. – Business Administration – 240 and above
  9. – Chemistry – 250 and above
  10. – Chinese Studies – 170 and above
  11. – Christian Religious Knowledge / Studies – 170 and above
  12. – Computer Science – 220 and above
  13. – Crop Production And Soil Science – 230 and above
  14. – Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts – 240 and above
  15. – Economics – 230 and above
  16. – Environmental Management – 190 and above
  17. – Estate Management – 220 and above
  18. – French – 190 and above
  19. – Geography – 200 and above
  20. – Geology – 240 and above
  21. – Geophysics – 230 and above
  22. – History – 230 and above
  23. – Industrial Chemistry – 220 and above
  24. – Industrial Relations and Personnel Management – 230 and above
  25. – Islamic Studies – 170 and above
  26. – Library and Information Science – 180 and above
  27. – Linguistics – 200 and above
  28. – Mass Communication – 220 and above
  29. – Mathematics – 220 and above
  30. – Medicine and Surgery – 260 and above
  31. – Microbiology – 230 and above
  32. – Pharmacy – 250 and above
  33. – Physics – 230 and above
  34. – Political Science – 190 and above
  35. – Quantity Surveying – 200 and above
  36. – Statistics – 230 and above

Is This A Guarantee Of Admission?

Meeting up with KASU Jamb cut off mark is not a guarantee that one will get admitted to the University, so, don’t start celebrating yet. Many students will actually beat the Jamb cut off mark and will proceed to the next stage. However, certain things will hinder a handful of them from getting their admission this year. There are various other requirements that a student must meet before he or she will be considered for admission by the management of Kaduna State University.

It is necessary to beat KASU departmental cut off Mark if you are to be admitted into the school. Therefore, Jamb is not the sole deciding factor. Each department at Kaduna State University will actually bring out their own individual cut off mark after the completion of the post UTME exercise. Therefore, an aspirant must meet up with the cut off mark set by his or her department of choice before they can be shown the way in.

As an aspirant of Kaduna State University, try to work very hard to prepare for the post UTME screening exercise. The management of the school might decide to make do with an exam this year, and you must perform well in the test if you are to be admitted eventually. In such a situation, even if you are able to score over 300 in Jamb, but your performance was bad in the post jamb examination, then you might not be admitted into the University. Therefore, try to work very hard in your exams and also aim at getting very high marks. In every school in the country, those that we’re able to score very high marks are very likely to be admitted into the school. 

Kaduna State University Cut Off Mark

Important Things To Know About Kaduna State University

  1. The institution was established in 2004 and has two campuses. The main campus is in Kaduna, while the other is located in Kafanchan.
  2. Kaduna State University has 7 faculties with over 38 departments. The institution also boasts of an impressive library that houses tons of books.
  3. The first-ever Vice-Chancellor of the University is Professor Abubakar Sani Sambo before he passed the mantle to Professor Aminu S. Mikailu. The third Vice-Chancellor of the institution is Professor E.M. Abdurrahman, and he also passed therein to Professor W.B Quirix. The current Vice-Chancellor of Kaduna State University is Muhammad Tanko (he was appointed in the year 2017), while Prof S. U. Abdullahi is the current Pro-chancellor of the institution.

Kaduna State University College of Basic and Remedial Studies 

The institution has a College of Basic and Remedial Studies that has two campuses. Kaduna State University is one of the higher institutions in the country that has a pre-degree training programme focused on breeding qualified students from their catchment areas and other places. The College of Basic and Remedial Studies was established for students who could not gain admission into the higher institution due to their inability to beat the cut off mark that is required to get them into the system.

The College of Basic and Remedial Studies has a campus at Maiduguri Road, and another in Kafanchan. The one situated in Maiduguri Road is the main campus (established in the year 2004), while the Kafanchan campus was established about 8 years later (that is, in the year 2012).

Such a program is meant for students who do not want to stay idle at home for another year after their inability to gain admission into the higher institution. They will undergo a nine-month training that will add a lot of value to them.

They will be taught by qualified teachers and will be too prepared to remedy their O Levels deficiencies through WAEC and NECO exams. Additionally, the program is meant to get them ready to pass their UTME examination and to train them adequately to pass their Post UTME examination.

Students who enrolled in the program will be ready for the challenges of academic life in the higher institution when the time comes.

Furthermore on Kaduna State University Cut Off Mark

For students who won’t be able to meet up with their departmental cut off mark, the best thing is to either start searching for other institutions to put up with, or to check if they can do a change, of course, to try their luck with other courses that won’t mind their cut off marks. This should tell you already that every department won’t bring up the same cut off mark. Some competitive departments will set very high cut off marks, while those that aren’t competitive would be on the moderated side.

Therefore, if you are going for a very competitive course, no one should force you to work harder to ensure you are more prepared. Tons of students always fight for professional courses, and the institution can’t but admit only a few persons. Therefore, a large chunk of them won’t get admitted into that particular department, especially if they were not able to meet up with the cut off mark that was set by the management.

Aspirants are to be careful and shouldn’t fall victim to those out there parading themselves as staff of Kaduna State University. Some of them will promise to sort out your admission for you only if you can pay a particular amount of money into a private account number. Please, don’t waste your hard-earned money. Getting admitted to the University is not difficult if we can follow the proper instructions. Many institutions have no choice but to admit exceptional students who scored very high marks in their exams. If you will work extra hard and you find yourself beating the cut off mark, you don’t need to waste your money paying anyone for uncertainties.


In conclusion on KASU Departmental Cut Off Mark For All Courses – Jamb and Post UTME, for those who won’t be admitted this year, we want to encourage you not to feel sad nor allow negative thoughts in your mind. Don’t see nor regard yourself as a failure – because you are actually not a failure. With extra preparation, you will achieve your dreams when next you try. 

We wish you the best in your efforts to become a bonafide student at KASU.

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