Update on the FUTO Cut Off Mark 2020/2021 For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME} – The Federal University of Technology, Owerri is one of the Federal-owned institutions in the country, known for delivering superb education to its students. There are various reasons to explain why the institution attracts tons of aspirants each year, and even right now, candidates are already searching for such things as FUTO Cut Off Mark For JAMB & Post UTME.

If you are an aspirant of FUTO, you are actually in the right place, as this article will explore various important things that will help get you closer to securing admission this year.

You must realize that securing an admission to a popular university such as FUTO is a big job, and you must face various hurdles to get in.  Certain important criteria must be met, and some important requirements must be satisfied. One of these (which is the first thing after seeing your Jamb score) is to meet up with the institution’s Jamb and Post UTME cut off point.

FUTO Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

Federal University Of Technology Owerri Jamb Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2020 is 200

This is the cut-off set by the board of Jamb, which candidates must meet up with before they will be deemed eligible to progress to the next stage (which is to participate in the institution’s post UTME screening exercise)

Last session, The Federal University of Technology, Owerri Cut Off Mark For Jamb was 200, although some courses demand something higher (just as you will get to see below).

Here is the full list of courses offered and complete FUTO departmental cut off mark attached to each of them:

FUTO Departmental Cut Off Mark 2020/2021

  1. – Agricultural economics – 220 and above
  2. – Agricultural extension – 220 and above
  3. – Animal Science – 220 and above
  4. – Crop science and technology – 220 and above
  5. – Fisheries and aquaculture technology – 220 and above
  6. – Forestry and wildlife technology – 220 and above
  7. – Soil science and technology – 220 and above
  8. – Anatomy – 250 and above
  9. – Physiology – 250 and above
  10. – Biochemistry – 250 and above
  11. – Biological sciences – 230 and above
  12. – Biotechnology – 220 and above
  13. – Geosciences – 220 and above
  14. – Microbiology – 220 and above
  15. – Agricultural engineering – 230 and above
  16. – Chemical engineering – 250 and above
  17. – Civil engineering – 250 and above
  18. – Electrical and electronics engineering – 250 and above
  19. – Food science technology – 200 and above
  20. – Materials and metallurgical engineering – 230 and above
  21. – Mechanical engineering – 250 and above
  22. – Mechatronics engineering – 250 and above
  23. – Petroleum engineering – 260 and above
  24. – Polymer and textile engineering – 220 and above
  25. – Building technology – 240 and above
  26. – Environmental technology – 220 and above
  27. – Quantity surveying – 230 and above
  28. – Surveying and geoinformatics – 180 and above
  29. – Urban and regional planning – 180 and above
  30. – Biomedical technology – 240 and above
  31. – Dental technology – 260 and above
  32. – Optometry – 250 and above
  33. – Prosthetics and orthotics – 250 and above
  34. – Public health technology – 230 and above
  35. – Financial management technology – 200 and above
  36. – Information management technology – 200 and above
  37. – Maritime management technology – 180 and above
  38. – Project management technology – 180 and above
  39. – Transport management technology – 180 and above
  40. – Biology – 200 and above
  41. – Chemistry – 200 and above
  42. – Computer science – 240 and above
  43. – Mathematics – 200 and above
  44. – Physics – 200 and above
  45. – Science laboratory technology – 230 and above
  46. – Statistics – 200 and above


Still On FUTO Cut Off Mark and Departmental Cut Off Point 2020

When the right time comes (a few months from now), the management of the Federal University of Technology, Owerri will announce the commencement of the sales of their post UTME form. They will sure give relevant guidelines that concern how to purchase the form, the price to pay, the method of registration, the deadline, and so on. Note that only candidates who beat the Jamb cut off will be eligible to register for the post UTME screening exercise.

Afterward, the management will decide if the post UTME screening exercise would be in the form of a written exam or a simply O Level result and Jamb score. Then, when the grade of each participant had been fathomed, the departmental cut off mark will be released.

After the completion of the post UTME exercise, each department in FUTO will bring out the score they expect aspirants to meet up with before they can come in to study their course of choice. So, therefore, FUTO departmental cut off point for 2020 is not yet known because the school is yet to conduct their post UTME screening exercise. 


Things To Know About The Federal University of Technology Owerri

  1. The institution was founded in 1980 when Alhaji Shehu Shagari was still the President of the country. Before its establishment, there have been the no other University of Technology in the country.
  2. The first set of students that passed through the institution were taught in the location of the old Government Technical College (GTC), Owerri.
  3. Two years after the establishment of the University, the Imo State government approved a permanent site for the institution in its capital. Till this moment, the School remains there.
  4. Students from different parts of the country are given the chance to come over to FUTO and earn a degree there. Students are trained by qualified lecturers to become professionals after leaving school.
  5. It should be noted that the choice of the institution’s site was guided by recommendations from the National Universities Commission (NUC).


In Nigeria, considering the state of the economy, one of the factors that guide or determines the choice of institution for many people is the amount to be spent during their stay in the school. Although many people know the value of quality education and they desire it, the fact remains that they can’t afford to spend a very huge amount of money on it.

Luckily, being a Federal University, FUTO demands reasonable fees when compared with various other institutions in the country. Please note that the fees are not stagnant, and so, this is a comprehensive gross total of the fees payable at the institution for the previous session.


  • Department of Architecture
    • First Year (I.e 100 level) =  N61,340 only.
    • 200 to 400 level =  N45,340 only
    • Final Year = N47,840 only
  • Department of Geology
    • First Year (I.e 100 level) = N57,800 only
    • 200 to 400 level = N41,800 only
    • Final Year = N44,300 Only
  • Every Other Department
    • First Year (I.e 100 level) = N55,300 only
    • 200 to 400 level = N39,300 only
    • Final Year = N41,800 only

In case you are coming from a far distance and you don’t know your way around the State (and you can’t secure accommodation around), you can simply book a spot in the school’s hostel. Unlike some others that charge high accommodation fees, with just 12,000 Naira, you can secure a space there.


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