Ambrose Alli University Cut Off Mark 2020 {JAMB & Post UTME}

For students seeking and searching for information about the Ambrose Alli University Cut Off Mark For All Courses {JAMB & Post UTME}, we can confidently tell you that you are at the right place.

After the Jamb cut off has been made known, the management of the institution will announce the sales of their post UTME form. They will take time to give relevant information about how to purchase the form, how much it costs, how to register appropriately, the deadline, and so on and so forth. One of the reasons is to ensure that you won’t fall into the wrong hands, and won’t take steps that might hinder your admission this year.

This article will explore the AAU cut off mark that was set for the 2020/2021 session, and it is meant to give you, being an aspirant of Ambrose Alli University, a glimpse into the institution’s admission process.

Ambrose Alli University Cut Off Mark 2020 For All Courses

  • AAU Jamb Cut Off Is – 175

After seeing your Jamb scores, the next thing to determine your progress is the Jamb cut off mark. 

Then, after that, the date of the post UTME screening exercise will be made known, and the school will utilize any model to allocate marks to aspirants. That is to say, they might decide to set another exam (either based on your subject combination in Jamb or perhaps on just English language and current affairs), or they simply ask you to upload your O Level result and Jamb score. Almost immediately after it is done, they will proceed to announce their departmental cut off mark. 

Kindly Note

The departmental cut off mark is different from the Jamb cut off mark. While the latter will be announced first, the former will come much later, and it will be the major determinant that will determine if a student will be admitted or not. Candidates (especially first-timers) should know that even after scoring a high mark in Jamb, there are other requirements that must be met before he or she will be considered for admission into the University.

Since the management of Ambrose Alli University is yet to conduct this session’s post UTME screening exercise and are yet to determine the institution’s departmental cut off mark, here is a list of what was used last year, which should give you an idea of what to expect this time around too.

Ambrose Alli University Departmental Cut Off Point


  1. – Animal Science – 40
  2. – Crop Science – 40
  3. – Agric Econs/Extension – 40
  4. – Soil Science – 40


  1. – English – 50
  2. – History and International Studies – 40
  3. – Modern Languages – 40
  4. – Philosophy – 40
  5. – Religious Studies and Cultural Management – 40
  6. – Theatre And Media Art – 50


  1. – Medicine Lab.Science – 60
  2. – Physiology – 50
  3. – Nursing – 65
  4. – Anatomy – 50
  5. – Medicine And Surgery – 70


  1. – Curriculum and Instruction – 40
  2. – Educational Foundations & Management – 40
  3. – Guidance And Counseling – 40
  4. – Human and Kinetics Health Education – 40
  5. – Voc. and Technical Education – 40
  6. – Library and information science – 40


  1. – Civil Engineering – 50
  2. – Elect/Elec Engineering – 60
  3. – Mech. Engineering – 50
  4. – Industrial and Production Engineering – 50


  1. – Architecture – 50
  2. – Building – 40
  3. – Fine And Applied Arts – 40
  4. – Geography and Environmental Management – 40


  1. – LAW – 70
Ambrose Alli University Cut Off Mark


  1. – Accounting – 50
  2. – Banking And Finance – 50
  3. – Business Administration – 50
  4. – Public Administration – 50


  1. – Biochemistry – 50
  2. – Botany – 40
  3. – Human Nutrition Dieleties – 40
  4. – Microbiology – 50
  5. – Zoology – 40


  1. – Computer Science – 55
  2. – Chemistry – 40
  3. – Industrial Chemistry – 40
  4. – Mathematics – 40
  5. – Geophysics – 40
  6. – Physics – 40
  7. – Statistics – 40


  1. – Economics – 50
  2. – Political Science – 50
  3. – Psychology – 40
  4. – Sociology – 45

Ambrose Alli University Admission Requirements

  1. It should be noted that the minimum age for entry into almost all tertiary institutions in the country is 16 years. However, AAU is one institution that is ready to accept underage students that are truly gifted and exceptional. This is one of the things we can applaud this institution to forgive truly deserving youngsters the chance to begin early.
  2. After a candidate has been admitted into the University, such is to get and submit a letter of recommendation/testimonial from the principal of their Secondary School. Without this, the student won’t be cleared.
  3. Apart from the letter of recommendation from the student’s secondary school principal, such is also required to submit a letter of reference from a reputable individual in society. Such an individual is expected to confidently assure the institution that the student is actually of good behavior. Just as the letter of recommendation from your Principal, without submitting this too, you won’t be cleared. And if you aren’t cleared, you won’t be allowed to become a bonafide student of the University.

Important Things To Know About AAU, Ekpoma

  1. AAU is situated in Edo State and is also a state-owned institution. The School was founded in the year 1981, and it has grown to become a popular institution in the country at large.
  2. The University was renamed after a superb professor who worked so hard in the academic sector.
  3. One of the reasons for the establishment of the institution is to promote growth and development in the country through talented individuals in research and development and giving its students quality education.
  4. Ambrose Alli University is a school for all, and it has no religious affiliation of any kind. The School is one of those in the country that takes Nigerians from various tribes, states, and cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it is no surprise finding different types of students studying in the institution.
  5. The institution offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees in various programs. Anyone can get their certificates in any field they like (Arts, Law, Education, Engineering, Agriculture, Science, Technology and so on)
  6. The School has a large student and staff population. Due to various reasons, a lot of aspirants usually fight for admission into the University and it is very competitive. However, the management can’t admit but only a limited number, while the rest would go elsewhere (or perhaps, try again the following year)
  7. For students coming from faraway states, there is nothing to fear, as the management has ensured the availability of hostels to house their students. So, therefore, you can get a place to stay within campus.

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We wish you the best in your quest for becoming a bonafide student of Ambrose Alli University.