Top 10 Biggest Stadiums in England [2020]

Check out the list of the biggest stadiums in England currently – Why is Old Trafford called the Theater of Dreams? Because of the memories that have been created therein. Football Stadiums are more than just giant edifices, they are hallowed grounds where great things are done. Historic feats that will never be forgotten.
Stadiums are grounds were ordinary men become immortal with the deeds they perform, and where fans and supporters come to witness greatness.
Here is a compilation of the 10 Biggest Stadiums In England, and we also generously throw in a history lesson or two, where possible. Enjoy!

Top 10 Biggest Stadiums in England 2020

 Rank No.   Stadium   Location   Spectator’s Capacity
 1.  Wembley Stadium  London  90,000
 2.  Old Trafford  Manchester  75,700
 3.  London Stadium  West Ham  66,000
 4.  Tottenham Hotspur Stadium  Tottenham  62,062
 5.  Emirates Stadium  London  60,400
 6.  Etihad Stadium  Manchester  55,097
 7.  Anfield Stadium  Liverpool  54,074
 8.  St. James’ Park  Newcastle  52,400
 9.  Stadium Of Light  Sunderland  49,000
 10.  Villa Park  Aston Villa  42,573

Top 10 Largest Stadiums in England 2020

Wembley Stadium
  • 1. Wembley Stadium

    • London
    • Capacity: 90,000

Wembley Stadium in London stands apart from all others as a non-partisan ground for settling important sporting competitions. It Succeeds the Empire Stadium as the neutral ground in which Cup finals, relegation battles are played. It is also the home ground of the England National Team.

The stadium can accommodate 90,000 spectators and is currently the Biggest in England. This stadium is also used for other sporting activities such as Rugby Union, Rugby League, Horse Racing, Cricket and such.

Old Trafford
  • 2. Old Trafford

    • Club: Manchester United
    • Capacity: 75,000

Even though Old Trafford comes in at the second position, it is first in many regards. This stadium, passionately called the Theater of Dreams, is currently the biggest club owned stadium, and home to the biggest, and the most successful club of the New Millenium in English Football.

Old Trafford has the capacity to accommodate 75,000 fans, and the stadium is usually filled to its full capacity, as many faithful Manchester United fans turn up week in week out to watch their team play. Many even visit from far away countries to do a kind of pilgrimage at Old Trafford, as they see it as a priviledge to walk its hallowed grounds.

London Stadium – Among The Biggest Stadiums In The World
  • 3. London Stadium

    • Club: West Ham United
    • Capacity: 80,000

Contrary to popular belief, The London Stadium, home of West Ham United Football Club is not owned by the Club. The stadium was formerly called the Olympic Stadium and was constructed by the London Legacy Development Corporation. It is leased to West Ham United for a 99-year tenure.

Its normal capacity is 54,000 spectators, but with retractable seats and other features, the stadium can be adjusted to make room for a total of 66,000 people. The London Stadium has become notorious as the scene of some of the most inglorious scenes of crowd violence in the whole of England.

The stadium was initially built for the London Olympics held in 2012 and had a maximum capacity of 80,000.

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium
  • 4. Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

    • Club: Tottenham Hotspurs
    • Capacity: 62,062

Tottenham Hotspurs have announced themselves as a serious football club with the opening of their brand new ultra-modern stadium, in Tottenham, London. The stadium has a standard capacity of 62,062.

Some Modern features of the Stadium include the World’s first retractable pitch, which opens up to reveal a synthetic pitch that is perfect for NFL London Games, as well as musical concerts.

It boasts acoustics that is very good for musical concerts as well. The record attendance for this stadium is 60,024 people and this was recorded on 30th of April 2019, in a UEFA Champions League match between Tottenham Hotspurs and Ajax Amsterdam.

Emirates Stadium
  • 5. Emirates Stadium

    • Club: Arsenal
    • Capacity: 60,260

This was formerly known as Ashburton Grove, and it is sometimes referred to as Arsenal Stadium, especially during UEFA games. Arsenal Football Club. It is in London and has the capacity to take 60,260 people.

Arsenal Football Club became a success in the ’90s and decided that its former home Highbury, with a capacity of 38,419 was too small. They tried to expand it but were denied permission to do so by the town council. They were then forced to find a new home, and so with help from Emirates, they constructed the Emirates Stadium on what was then a waste dumping site.

  • 6. Etihad Stadium

    • Club: Manchester City
    • Capacity: 55,097

The City of Manchester Stadium with a capacity to accommodate 55,097 people comes in next. It is located in Manchester City and is presently known as Etihad Stadium for Sponsorship reasons. It is the 5th largest stadium in the Premier League and the 10th largest in England.

While Manchester City is the main occupants of this ground, it has been used for many other purposes including 2002 Commonwealth Games, 2005 UEFA Women’s Championship, 2008 UEFA Cup Final, 2015 Rugby Union World Cup, Ricky Hatton versus Juan Lazcano IBO World Title, as well as many musical concerts.

While its normal capacity is 55,097 people, the stadium only has an attendance of 54,693 during the Manchester City versus Leicester City game, on the 6th of February 2016.

  • 7. Anfield Stadium

    • Club: Liverpool FC
    • Capacity: 54,074

This has been described as one of the Oldest and proudest Stages in all of England. It is Liverpool and is home to Liverpool Football Club. This stadium has a standard capacity of 54,074 people. It is one of the most intimidating arenas to play, with a section of the stands, called the Kop, featuring up to 30,00 devoted fans called ‘The Kop.’ This has been one of the most successful Arenas in Europe, an interesting contrast with the local scene, where Liverpool Football Club have not won the English Premier League in over 20 years.

  • 8. Saint James Park

    • Club: Newcastle United
    • Capacity: 52,400

Saint James Park in Newcastle Upon Tyne, is home to Newcastle United which was once one of the most successful clubs in England. It boasts a capacity of 52,400 and is often filled to full capacity by loyal fans of the club, despite the not too glorious showing by the club recently. This is the biggest stadium in the North-East of England and is situated right in the middle of te city of Liverpool. It has a round roof, which quite effectively protects the spectators from the elements of the weather while giving them the chance to watch the players perform under different weather conditions.

  • 9. Stadium of Light

    • Club: Sunderland AFC
    • Capacity: 49,000

The Stadium of Light comes in next with a capacity of 49,000 people. It is in the city of Sunderland, This used to be one of England’s Top Five Stadiums, and still carries a 5 star UEFA rating.

It is home to Sunderland AFC who are the primary tenants of the ground, although it has also hosted the England National Team, as well as England’s under 20 football team.

The record attendance for the Stadium of Light is 48,345 and was recorded when Sunderland Liverpool on the 13th of April 2002. Unfortunately, Sunderland lost that match by a single goal.

The arena has hosted performers such as Beyonce, Rihanna, Oasis, Kings o Leon, and Coldplay.

  • 10. Villa Park

    • Club: Aston Villa
    • Capacity: 42,573

Next on the list is Villa Park, in the city of Birmingham, with a capacity of 42,573 spectators. Make no mistake about it, this is an ancient arena compared to many in this list, and it is still in use. It still boasts a 5 star UEFA ranking and has hosted numerous international matches, both exhibition and competitive.

Villa Park has been home to Aston Villa Football Club since 1897 and continues to be so today. Aston Villa is expected to increase its capacity to 50,000 within the next 10 years.

  • 11. Stamford Bridge

    • Club: Chelsea
    • Capacity: 41,841

Stamford Bridge, in the southwest district of London, was once an unknown stadium in England. However, that has changed because as Chelsea Football Club has risen to prominence, so has the ground risen in fame. With a 41,841 capacity, this is one of the modest stadiums in England, but it certainly is one of the loudest.

The Stadium was built in 1887 and was used by London Athletic Club, until 1905, when the new owner of the ground, Gus Mears founded Chelsea Football Club to occupy the ground. Chelsea has played their home game there ever since.

Stamford Bridge has hosted the England National Team, FA Cup semi-finals, and Charity Shield games. It also hosts numerous other sports including Cricket, Rugby Union, Speedway, Greyhound Racing, Baseball, and American Football.

The highest official attendance at Stamford Bridge is 82,905, for a League match between Chelsea and Arsenal on October 12, 1935

  • 12. Goodison Park

    • Club: Everton FC
    • Capacity: 40,394

Home to Everton Football Club, Goodison Park, in Liverpool, has been home to Everton since it was opened in 1892. It is fully owned by the Club and can take 40,394 people at once. This stadium was once called Mere Green Field and has hosted more top-flight football than any other stadium in England because Everton Football Club has never been relegated since 1954. However, for lovers of history let it be known that Everton has stent four years in the lower division having been relegated in 1930 and 1951.

This stadium has hosted an FA cup final, and numerous international games, including many in the 1966 World Cup hosted by England.

There is a long and interesting history surrounding the founding of this Stadium, but a short summary is this: Everton were once (rent-free)tenants at Anfield, but when the club turned professional and started to make money, the Landowner wanted them to pay. There were unable to agree on a rate, and Everton was forced to look for a new ground.


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