Top 10 Most Successful Clubs in England 2020

Most Successful Clubs in England – To be a football club you have to play in competitions, but to be successful you have to win competitions. In this piece, we journey to the birthplace of football for the purpose of analyzing their progress and look for those clubs that have been doing what they were supposed to do- winning the trophies which their founders founded them to win.

We also believe that a successful club should be self-sustaining, which means that they should be able to attract enough fans to the stadium, and so make enough money through ticket sales, and branding deals to cover its major expenses. Seems like a simple thing to do if the club is in the habit of winning trophies as everything else should follow quite naturally.

Without further ado, we present the Most Successful Clubs in England.

Top 10 Most Successful Clubs in England 2020

Manchester United
  • 1. Manchester United

Manchester United have the biggest trophy cabinet With 66 trophies in total. The Red Devils as they are called by their numerous fans are England’s most successful Football Club. United have won the English Top Flight League 20 times, they first won 7 English Titles before it was rebranded as the English Premier League in 1992. The remaining 13 won in recent memory. Man United has also won the English FA cup 12 times, and 5 league cups in their cabinet, as well as 21 Charity/Community Shields to their name which is a record.

On the Continent, they have won everything. Manchester United have won the European Cup/Champions Leagues three times, as well as the European Cup Winners Cup and UEFA Super Cup. In 1999 they won the Intercontinental Cup and in 2008 they won the Club World Cup. then they added the UEFA Europa Cup in 2017.

They are the most popular club in England, and according to Forbes Magazine, Manchester United is the world’s most valuable football club with a valuation in excess of £3.1 billion.

Liverpool FC
  • 2. Liverpool

Liverpool claims the number 2 spot with 59 trophies in total. They have won 18 Top Flight titles although all their League wins came before the English Premier League Era. They have seven FA Cups, as well as 8 League Cups and 15 Charity/Community Shields.

Liverpool has won more Continental titles than any other English club, however. They have won six European Cups, thus outranking Manchester United and drawing level with Spanish giants Barcelona and German giants Bayern Munich. Liverpool has also won one Champions League, three UEFA Super Cups, and they have been a finalist in the Intercontinental Cup and the Club World Cup.

They are a very financially stable club, with a value of $1.944 billion. The club is one of the most followed clubs in the whole world.

Arsenal Fans
  • 3. Arsenal

Arsenal Football Club of London has 45 trophies to boast of. They have They also have 13 English Top Flight titles, and also have 13 FA Cups (which is a record) in their trophy cabinet. Arsenal Football Club has won the League Cup two times, and they also have 15 Charity/Community shields.

In Europe, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup once, and one Inter-Cities Fairs Cup. Arsenal first achieved European success in 1970, while they also won their last Cup Winners Cup in 1994. They have been finalists in the UEFA Champions League and were also beaten in the final of the 2018/2019 UEFA Europa Cup by fellow English side Chelsea Football Club.

They are one of the most loved football clubs in the World: Based on social media activity from 2014 to 2015, Arsenal has the reputation of the number 5 largest following in the world.

In terms of money, Forbes estimated that Arsenal was the number 3 most valuable club in England, with the club being worth $2.24 billion. They are financially stable they made €487.6m in 2016–17 season.

Chelsea Fans
  • 4. Chelsea Football Club

All hail the Europa Cup Winners 2018/2019! Chelsea Football Club (The Blues) comes in next with 29 trophies in their trophy cabinet. The club has won six top-level titles, along with 8 FA Cups, five League Cups, and 4 FA Community Shields,

On the Continental level, they have the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 2 times, one UEFA Champions League trophy, 2 UEFA Europa Cup trophies (they are 2018/2019 winners), and one UEFA Super Cup trophy.

Chelsea has been relatively unknown since the turn of the Century but since they were purchased by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, Chelsea’s popularity has grown. Now, the club has the 6th largest fan-following in England based on attendance figures.
In terms of money, Chelsea is the number 8 highest-earning football club in the world, with revenue of over €428 million in the 2017–18 season. They have a total value of £1.54 billion ($2.06 billion), according to Forbes.

  • 5. Everton 

Everton Football Club based in Liverpool, England comes in next on our list with 24 major trophies in the trophy cabinet. They have been in the English Top Flight for 116 years, which is an English Record. But not only have they participated, but they have also won.
They have won the League nine times, they also have the FA Cup 5 times, and the FA Charity/Community Shield 9 times.
On the Continental Level, they have won the UEFA Cup Winners Cup one time.

  • 6. Tottenham Hotspurs

With 22 major trophies in their trophy cabinet, Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club, based in Tottenham, come in next on our list. ‘The Lily-whites’ as they are fondly called by their fans are a resurgent force in England, and they have finished within the top 4 for four seasons consecutively.
Tottenham Hotspurs have won In two English League titles, as well as 8 FA Cups, and 4 League Cups, with 7 FA Community Shields to go with it.

On the continental level, they have 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup trophy, and two UEFA Cups. They are the first English club to win 2 major European Titles, they first won European Cup Winners Cup in 1963, then won the UEFA Cup in 1972.

  • 7. Aston Villa

Aston Villa Football Club of England comes next on our list of the most successful football clubs in England with 21 major trophies in the trophy cabinet. Although Aston Villa has just been promoted to the English Premier League, following championship playoff win against Derby County in the 2018/2019 season, they were quite a successful club before the English Premier League era.
They have won the English First Division 7 times, they also have 7 FA Cup trophies in their trophy cabinet, with 5 League Cups to complement them. They also have one FA Charity/Community Shield.

On the Continental level, they have won the European Cup one time, as well as the European Super Cup once, and then the Intertoto Cup once as well.

  • 8. Manchester City

Manchester City Football Club also known as ” The Sky Blues,” or “The Cityzens” come in next on our list with 15 major titles in their trophy cabinet.

City has won six domestic league titles, 5 FA Cups, 3 League Cups.

On the continental level, they have tasted glory with one Europa Cup win to their name.

Manchester City has also set a few records in recent years: In 2018 they became the only Premier League team to garner 100 points in one season. They followed this up with another record when they won their last 14 league matches of the season to retain the league title.

They make considerable money: in the 2017/2018 season, they made €527.7 million. In 2018 the club was the number 5 most valuable in the world at $2.47 billion (according to Forbes).

  • 9. Nottingham Forest Football Club

Nottingham Forest, although they have not been very popular since the Premier League era, is a relatively successful club compared to their size. They come in last on our top 10 list with 11 major trophies in their trophy cabinet.
Forest have won the English Top League title once, and they also have 2 FA Cups, along with four League Cup, they have an FA Charity/Community Shield to boast of.
On the continental level, they have won the European Cup twice, and the UEFA Super Cup one time.

  • 10. Newcastle United Football Club

Newcastle United, ( also The Toon ) the professional football club based in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, that plays in the English Premier League comes in next on our list with 7 major titles in their trophy cabinet.
The club has won the English top-flight league 4 times, as well as the FA Cup 6 times in total, as well FA Charity/Community Shield 1 time.

On the continental level, they have tasted glory once: they have won the European Cup once.
As far as stadium attendance goes, Newcastle United boasts the third highest in England. ‘The Toon army’, as Newcastle Supporters are called, provide the moral and financial strength upon which Newcastle United relies.

That’s all about the Most Successful Clubs in England 2020 so far.


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