The English league is widely accepted to be the best league in the world; it is certainly the most-watched. The biggest clubs in England, therefore, have more visibility than most other clubs. In fact, it is no surprise to see that mid-table clubs in England easily have more followers than table-topping teams in other countries. This visibility brings in more profits, and also means that the clubs can afford to spend more on talent.

Recently the English league has attracted Billionaire investors who purchase clubs, and make further investments to turn the clubs around by making them more competitive, and more attractive to fans. The immediate effect is that the clubs attract fresh talent, and then push to win laurels.

While the goal of any team in a competitive sport should be to win laurels; in fact, laurels are the major determinants of a successful club. As for the term ‘big,’ it should first be associated with fans because fans are what make any team big or small. However, fans love successful clubs; in order to become big and stay big, it is necessary to win some laurels.

Top 10 Biggest Clubs In England

1. Manchester United

Manchester United Football Club is the most iconic football club in England, and one of the most recognized football clubs all over the world. Passionately called “The Red Devils” by its teeming supporters, the club is one of the oldest, and most established in England. Manchester United was established in 1878 and moved to its current stadium, Old Trafford, in 1910.

Old Trafford has since become one of the most iconic football grounds in the world; it is called the Theatre Of Dreams. The stadium is a 75,000-capacity ground; and has hosted many games that have gone on to be part of history. The ground has also been the birthplace of some amazing talent in football.

Manchester United is still the most successful club in England; the club has 20 League titles, 12 FA Cups, 5 League Cups, and a record 21 Community Shields. On the international level; United has won the UEFA Champions Leagues 3 times, UEFA Europa League 1 time, UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup 1, UEFA Super Cup 1 time, Intercontinental Cup 1 time, and the FIFA Club World Cup 1 time.

Manchester United has the highest value; the club is now worth $4.6 Billion. It made $640 Million in revenue from ticket sales, club merchandise, and other avenues in the last year under review. Manchester United is still the best club in England.

2.  Manchester City

Manchester City Football Club, also known as “The Sky Blues,” is a fast-rising football club that has risen from the dust, to become a proper competitor in the football world. The club was founded in 1880, and for a long time was unsuccessful, giving it the unpleasant nickname “Noisy Neighbors.”  However, the Cityzens, are no longer noisy; the club has become almost completely dominant in the English league.

The club emerged from a long period of obscurity after being purchased by Arabian investors: Abu Dhabi United Group for £210 million, in 2008. The club was immediately revitalized; the club has since won six domestic league titles. The team also has 6 FA cups and many other titles.

The team has also developed a winning mentality; without any mind to the quality of opponents are Manchester City plays a very dominant style of football; the club regularly wins its games by margins of up to 5 goals, and the possession statistics are also overwhelming. Manchester City has therefore managed to attract fans who love quality attacking football to their stadium, and to the team.

Manchester City plays its home games at the Etihad Stadium, which has a normal capacity is 55,097 people. The club has over 20 million followers on Facebook, making it one of the biggest in the world.

3.  Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football Club is one of the biggest football clubs in England by any stature; the club was established in 1892, and has grown to become one of the most recognized football clubs in England. The club has produced club legends, won laurels, and generally become one of England’s most successful clubs.

Liverpool has won the English League 19 times, the FA Cup 7 times, the League Cup a record 9 times, and the Community Shield 15 times. The club has also won the UEFA Champions League 6 times, and 3 UEFA Cups, 4 UEFA Super Cups, and 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Liverpool plays its home games at the Anfield stadium which is a 54,074 capacity ground; the stadium is notoriously difficult for opponents to come and play. The club’s loyal supporters are called “The Kop.” Anfield is a very loud stadium; it is not for the faint of heart. The club has more than 100 million followers on social media; proving that the club is one of the most supported in the world.

Liverpool is now valued at $4.6 Billion, outranking every other club in this regard except Barcelona. The club made $619 Million in revenue; making it one of the highest earning clubs in the world.

4. Chelsea Football Club

Chelsea Football Club was founded in 1905, and has become one of the most well known clubs in the world. The club was for a long time unsuccessful, but it has now become a major force to reckon with as far as English football is concerned.

The club was revitalized in 2003, when it was purchased by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, who went on to inject fresh funds in the club, and who directed the club to success, thereby turning the fortunes of the club around. However, he was forced to sell the club in 2022.

The club is one of the English football’s most successful; it has won 6 league titles, 8 FA Cups, and the League Cup 5 times. The club also has 4 FA Community Shields. The club has also been successful internationally; it has won the Champions League 2 times, the UEFA Cup Winners’ Cups 2 times, the UEFA Cup 2 times, and the UEFA Super Cups 2 times. Chelsea also has 1 FIFA Club World Cup.

Chelsea plays its home games at Stamford Bridge, which is a 41,841 capacity ground. The club’s games are well attended; and fans love to show their support for the club. Chelsea is one of the most supported clubs in the world; the club has about 72.5 million followers globally, and ranks 4th in shirt sales in the whole world.

The club is now worth about $3.2 Billion, and made 520 million in revenue. Chelsea is one of the most profitable clubs in the world.

5.  Arsenal Football Club

Arsenal is gradually making a revival; “The Gunners,” as the club is known, is starting to catch the interest of fans all over the world again. The club was founded in October 1886, and has been quite successful throughout its history. Arsenal came into the First Division in 1904, and has been relegated only once, in 1913. The club has won the second-highest number of top-flight matches in English football history.

Arsenal has won 13 league titles, a record 14 FA Cups, 2 League Cups, 16 Community Shields, the League Centenary Trophy, 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup, and 1 Inter-Cities Fairs Cup.  Arsenal enjoyed the highest point of its success during the Arsene Wenger era. The club is known for its Tiki Taka style of play; which is all about quick short passes.

The club plays at the 60,260 capacity Emirates Stadium. The club is worth $2.8 Billion, and made revenue of $430 million. Arsenal has a fan base of more than 37 million supporters, although it is estimated to be much more than that.

6.  Tottenham Hotspurs

Tottenham Hotspur Football Club was established as far back as 1882, and now has become one of the most recognized football clubs in the country. The club has consistently finished among the top part of the English League consistently for the better part of 20 years.

Tottenham has won the English League 2 times, the FA Cup 8 times, the League Cup 4 times, the Community Shield 7 times, and the European Cup Winners’ Cup 1 time. The club has also won the UEFA Cup 2 times.

Tottenham has been revitalized in recent years, the club has recently moved to the Tottenham Hotspurs stadium which is a 62,062 capacity stadium.

7. West Ham United

West Ham United Football Club is another football club that is making a resurgence in recent years; making a spectacular string of performances. However, this is not a new club; the club was founded in 1895.

What younger fans do not know is that this was once a mighty club; it has won the FA Cup 3 times, the European Cup Winners’ Cup 1 time, and the Intertoto Cup. The club has reached several finals, and done very well in competitions globally.

The club plays at the London Stadium, which is a 54,000 capacity stadium.

8. Leicester City Football Club

Leicester City Football Club was established in 1884, and has grown in popularity; since then. The club is still talked about after winning the 2015/2016 Premier League title- a win which has been described as the biggest sporting shock in history.

The club is having the most successful decade of its history; it has one the Premier League 1 time, the FA Cup 1 time, the League Cup 3 times. Leicester has played in the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, and the UEFA Europa Conference League; reaching different levels of the said competitions.

The club plays its home games at the 32,312 capacity King Power Stadium. The club is surprisingly popular across the world; Leicester City has somewhere around 8 million fans.

9.  Newcastle United

Newcastle United Football Club (The Toon ) is an English football club dating back to 1892. The club is located in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Newcastle is famous as one of the most supported clubs in England; its supporters are called the “Toon Army.” The club has always been one of the most significant in England; and is now poised to make a resurgence; it was purchased by The Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund in 2022.

The club plays its home matches at the St James Park stadium, which is a 52,354 capacity ground. The stadium is usually full of loyal club supporters wearing the club’s White and Black stripe colors.

Newcastle is an elite club in England; it has been in the top tier for 88 seasons, and has never dropped below English football’s second level since joining the Football League in 1893.

Newcastle United has won the League 4 times, FA Cup 6 times, the Charity Shield 1 time. Internationally; it has won the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup 1 time, the UEFA Intertoto Cup 1 time.

10.  Southampton Football Club

Southampton Football Club was established in 1885. The club is located in Southampton, Hampshire, England. Within the last 15 years the club has become known as the breeding ground of some of the finest players in the Premier League. The club has an excellent recruitment system which brings in young talents, and helps them shine. This is one of the foundation members of the Premier League, and has spent most of its history playing in the top tier.

The club plays its home games at the St Mary’s Stadium, which is a 32,384 capacity ground. The club’s anthem “When The Saints Are Marching” is a favorite song among school children all over the world.

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The biggest football clubs in England are mostly ancient football clubs with rich history and massive support. This history and support has also now attracted investors who put in money so as to boost the clubs; making them more competitive.

The English League is the biggest league in the world in terms of viewership, support, and monetary value. This is why you would find most of the world’s biggest clubs in England.

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  1. You rate City as the second biggest club in England?
    That is both Outrageous and Absurd. Based on form and players, they can be rated as the best but not among bigger clubs. They have become widely recognized within the past 10 years, that makes you “better”, not “bigger”. They can be called the “BEST” English club in England, not the biggest. For a club to be called ‘BIG’, it following criteria should be met:

    European Dominance/Recognition
    League Dominance/Recognition
    Current Form

    With the above listed, the biggest clubs in England are as follows:

    Man City
    Aston Villa
    West Ham
    Nottingham Forest

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