Top 10 Best Scorers In Premier League 2020

The current Best Scorers in Premier League 2020 – Every football fan loves goals. Goals win games and earn points for teams, and perhaps more importantly goals give spectators something to scream about. When a goal is scored the fans are sent into a realm of excitement in which for that brief moment all problems are forgotten. They are crowning moments that reward a team’s effort on the pitch for the 90 minutes of a game.

Goals are the primary responsibility of strikers, but sometimes we find that forwards, wingers and even midfielders participate in a team’s goal haul, not to shame the strikers but to help the team. In this article, we want to know those players that have grabbed the games by the scruff of the neck and produced the goals that have helped their teams win the games. Without any further ado let us now present the Top 10 Best Scorers in the English Premier League for 2020. 

If this is your first time learning about the English Premier League then we bid you welcome to the toughest League in the Whole Wide World. The League where there is no Champion forever, and where no player reigns supreme. The League where the defending champions can be beaten by an already relegated team, and where a team favored for relegation at the beginning of the season goes home with the Trophy.

Top 10 Best Scorers in Premier League 

Jamie Vardy Among The Premier League Best Scorers

1. Jamie Vardy

    • Club: Leicester City

Jamie Vardy of Leicester City is the chief goal scorer in the English Premier League he is also the hottest and most dangerous man in front of goal. Goalkeepers across the league must be close to having heart attacks every time he approaches their goals.

Jamie Vardy is complete; he delivers from corners, he drives in headers, he finishes solo efforts, tidies up tap-ins, and is proficient at penalties. Well, if a team is not under immense pressure they do not concede penalties and Jamie Vardy is the chief tormentor of any opponent that Leicester City faces, therefore it is quite natural to get upended a few times; resulting in penalties which he coolly slots home among which make him the current best goal scorer in the premier league. 

Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

2. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang

    • Club: Arsenal

Arsenal’s charismatic leader has also been deadly in front of goal, one of the best goal scorer in the premier league. Most of his goals have come from open play, not penalties. He has grabbed Arsenal by the neck, and dragged it forward, even when the club looked like it was about to implode.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang has proven himself beyond any reasonable doubt as a world-class goal scorer who can top the charts in any league. Pierre Emerick Aubameyang would probably have won the golden shoe if Arsenal Football Club had played better, instead of shooting themselves in the foot with terrible defensive performances. The Arsenal captain is the man of the moment right now, and that is because of a lot more than goals: he has been a source of inspiration to the boys. He rallies the troops in a similar fashion as the Legendary Thiery Henry once did. 

Sergio Aguero

3. Sergio Aguero

    • Club: Manchester City

Sergio Aguero representing Manchester City is still the man in front of the goal for the noisy neighbors of the city of Manchester. We continue to find it hard to see players that have the combination of dribbling ability, strength, and goal mouth confidence on a comparable scale to that of Sergio Aguero. On his day, the man is simply phenomenal. Sergio Aguero will probably be remembered; he has now broken the record of the highest-scoring foreign striker, and also the record for the highest number of hat-tricks in the English Premier League.

Expected top scorer in EPL!!, When you are so good that you no longer worry about doing well, but concern yourself with creating records that put you in the history books. That is the story of Sergio Aguero. Sergio Aguero has spearheaded one of the most potent, dominant, and fearful attacking force in the English Premier League in a long time, maybe in history.

More records for Aguero come in the form of recording 11 career hat tricks in the English Premier League, putting him level with Newcastle Legend Alan Shearer. We could expect nothing less from Diego Maradona’s son-in-law.

Mohamed Salah

4. Mohammed Salah

    • Club: Liverpool

Mohammed Salah remains the aggregate top scorer in the English Premier League in the last three years. He has the golden boots to show for his efforts, and missing out on the prize once or twice should not faze him. His combination with Robert Firminho and Sadio Mane remains the most fearsome in the English League, and the successful stacking of silverware proves that they are the most consistent in Europe. Mohammed Salah remains prolific, and his style remains unchanged. He runs forward with the ball at his feet, sights the goal, and then shoots. Mohammed Salah’s presence on the field is enough to strike fear into the hearts of the opponent; they dare not leave their backline unmanned for even a second. 

5. Danny Ings

    • Club: Southampton

Danny Ings has put the bitter experience of Liverpool behind him and is committed to putting smiles on the faces of fans and followers of the saints. Not the most skillful player in the world, but Danny Ings has the accurate shooting to find the back of the net consistently. He has proven himself a class act goal scorer; showing that while form may come and go, class remains forever.  Danny Ings seems to score goals without even doing any stress at all. Some cite goalkeeping errors as the reason he has so many goals, but it takes an impressive goal scorer to force a goalkeeper into errors.

Sadio Mane

6. Sadio Mane

    • Club: Liverpool

Sadio Mane can be described as a fighter- a rather successful one at that! He is always seen putting up a real fight for the interest of the team; running into the box, bringing the fight to the opponents, and taking the shot, even when it looks like the angle is impossible. He may not take home a golden shoe this term, but we are quite sure he will appreciate the winner’s medal and the fact that he has cemented his name in Liverpool’s history. Sadio Mane has contributed his lot towards making Liverpool great again.

Among the best scorers in Premier League, Sadio Mane, an embodiment of mental strength. He is living proof of the fact that you have to fight hard to get what you want in life. Having lived under the shadow of Mohammed Salah for too long, Sadio Mane is beginning to show the world what he can do.

This is a complete player; he has the pace, power, and shooting accuracy which would embolden any coach, giving him cause to dream of UEFA Champions League glory.

7. Marcus Rashford

    • Club: Manchester United

Marcus Rashford of Manchester United also gets his name on the top scorer’s list. At Manchester United, he has been an Attacking Wing Forward and has also been played through the middle, even though the number 9 shirt rests with Anthony Martial who is nowhere near the top scorer’s list. Striker or forward, Marcus Rashford remains a skillful, and purposeful forward who has the mentality to take on defenders in search of the winning goal. Hopefully, as Manchester United regains her balance, we will see Marcus Rashford more fully show his potential as a goal-scorer, a creator of chances, and a player of all-round quality. 

  • 8. Tammy Abraham

    • Club: Chelsea

Tammy Abraham has shown that he has the potential to be Chelsea’s go-to man for goals. We cannot say yet that he is going to be in the mold of the great Didier Drogba, but he certainly has some of the physical attributes. He is tall and good with his head. Tammy Abraham also has good positioning to receive the ball in advantageous positions in the box, and the finishing to put the ball in the back of the net.

Tammy Abraham still needs his confidence to be boosted; perhaps the coach should give him more encouragement, and perhaps assign spot-kicking responsibilities to the young Englishman in order to boost his confidence under pressure. Under the right supervision in the right circumstances, he can develop to become a worthy wearer of the number 9 shirt at Chelsea.

9. Raul Jimenez

    • Club: Wolverhampton Wanders

Raul Jimenez of Wolverhampton Wanders is one of the most dangerous forwards in the English League and one of the best goal scorers in the premier league presently. Running forward with the ball at his feet he seems impossible to stop. He surges forward moving into unmarked spaces only with the mind of placing the ball on the net.

Raul Jimenez makes counter-attacking football look easy, and there is no doubt that he is thriving at Wolverhampton Wanders that have developed this counter-attacking style of football in which they get the ball in their area, and just surge forward, exchanging passes as they go, and hit their shots before the opponents are able to recover. In order to play this type of football you need speed, strength, skill, and accurate shooting- all attributes that Raul Jimenez has in abundance. Raul Jimenez can receive the ball on the turn in the box, control, and shoot before the opposition is able to do anything about it. Although it took time, Wolverhampton Wanderers have established themselves as a team that belongs in the upper half of the table; a place in Europe always on the cards. 

10. Calvert Lewin

    • Club: Everton

Calvert Lewin of Everton is another modest wonder kid in England right now. With his contributions to goals Everton can once again dream of achieving something in Europe. The man is tall, skillful, and has the finishing of a quality striker: he is able to score from both feet, as well as from his head. Everton has great team spirit and looks like a team for the future because most of the lads are quite young. It will be interesting to see how Dominic Calvert Lewin develops, and what part he plays for the team.

That’s all about the Best Scorers In Premier League 2020.

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