Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe 2020

Having fun is great but Having fun in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe is much greater fun, today, we on Naijaquest update the list of most beautiful cities in Europe considered in the top 10 rankings, Europe at large is a Continent endowed with great beauty in its towns, more also; there are cities present in Europe that are considered the most beautiful cities in Europe. Even though Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, it houses some of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Right here, we are going to list out the cities encamped in Europe termed as the top 10 most beautiful cities in Europe and also discuss some of the things that make up the city as beautiful.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe 2020

  • 1. Paris

Popping up first on this list is the topmost beautiful city in Europe. Paris is known as the capital city of France and also the city with the highest population in France. This city is a city as large as 105 km2 which is equivalent to 41 square miles. Paris, ever since the 17th century has been Europe’s primary source of finance, commerce, science, fashion, and arts.

Moving down to what makes up the beauty of this city, Paris, or let’s instead say what makes it one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Paris serves as a significant rail (Highway and air-transport hub) served by two international airports which are the Paris-Charles de Gaulle which is the second busiest airport in the whole of Europe, and Paris-Orly, of which gives you a great view engulfed with beauty, more also, this city is marked for its excellent museums and architectural landmarks, which of course is a place you can visit to have great as it is the custodian of the Paris history and lots more to be discovered, Paris houses the most visited art museum in the world, come to think of it, there might be something extraordinary in the Museum to have attracted such a number of visitors, you can as well check it out.

  • 2. Venice

Venice is another city termed as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe; this city is located in Northeastern Italy in the Veneto region, Venice is known as the capital city of the Veneto region. The exciting aspect of this city is that the city is situated across 118 small islands group which are separated from each other by Canals and linked to each other by over 40 bridges, imagine the beauty of this city being located amongst islands, it is an amazing view you wouldn’t want to miss.

Furthermore, these islands are situated in the shallow Venetian lagoon and an enclosed bay which lies in between the opening of the Piave Rivers and the Po. Right again, it is noted that the parts of Venice are famous and celebrated for the beauty of their city settings, their artworks, and their architecture as the Lagoon and some parts of the city are enlisted as a UNESCO World Heritage site. If you are interested in visiting a city of water, a city of the mask, a floating city, a city of bridges, and a city of canals, then Venice is the right place to be.

  • 3. Copenhagen

Copenhagen located in Denmark is known as the capital city of the country and also the city with the highest population in the country. This great city is situated on the eastern coast of Zealand Island, and another portion of Copenhagen is sited on Amager separated from Malmo in Sweden by the channel of Oresund. Meanwhile, the Oresund bridge unites the two cities by road and rail. Following developments from the 21st Century, this city now stands tall as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as it has witnessed great Urban and cultural infrastructural development which is aided by the investment made in its institutions.

The economy of this great city has encountered great development in the service sector of this city, most especially through empowered innovations in information technology, and as such has led to the great beautification of the city.

  • 4. Brussels

The city named Brussels is known to have grown from a small rural settlement on the Senne River to become a famous city in entire Europe and also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. This great city ever since the very end of the second World war, Brussels has stood tall as the primary center for international politics and has also become the home for lots of international organizations, civil servants, diplomats, and politicians.

This great city of named Brussels is a city known for cuisine and gastronomy, more also its beautiful historical architectural landmarks of which some of them are noted as the UNESCO World Heritage sites, aside these factors, Brussels’ main attractions are as follows; Manneken, historic grand place, and cultural institutions which includes the Museums of Arts and History and La Monnaie.

  • 5. Prague

Prague tends to be the largest city and the capital city of the Czech Republic, more also; this city is the 14th largest city in the historical capital of Bohemia and the European Union. Prague is located in the northwestern region of the Czech Republic on the Vltava River. The great city of Prague serves as a home for about 1, 300, 000 people. Speaking of where to catch great fun accompanied by cool and beautiful weather, Prague is the place to be as it has a temperate climate alongside warm summers and chilly winters.

The city of Prague serves as a home to numerous famous cultural attractions, of which many of them scaled through the violence and demolition of 20th century Europe. This city has its main attraction centers to include the Prague Castle, Old town square with the astronomical clock of Prague, Charles Bridge, Petrin Hill, the Jewish quarters, and Vysehrad. Following this significant development in the beautification and attractions centers of this city, the great historical centers of the city have been enlisted as one of the UNESCO World Heritage sites in the year 1992.

  • 6. Budapest

Budapest happens to be the Capital city of Hungary and also the city with the highest population in the country (Hungary). Budapest City tends to be the 10th largest city in the European Union with references to the population within city limits. Budapest is noted as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as it is named the City of Design following its involvement in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in December 2015. Discovered in Budapest are forty theatres, an opera house, and seven concert halls to give visitors great entertainment alongside the beautiful views of the city.

  • 7. San Marino

This city is officially known as the Republic of San Marino and also known and called the most serene republic of Marino. This city happens to be an enclaved microstate bounded by Italy. San Marino.

  • 8. Bern

Bern also knows as or called Berne is the Capital city of Switzerland which is referred to as the “Federal City” by the Swiss. This city (Bern) is noted as the 5th city with the highest population in Switzerland with a population of 142, 656 inhabitants as of the March of the year 2018. The Historic old town “Altstadt” German in the heart of Bern was named a UNESCO World Heritage site in the year 1983 following its great history of beauty.

Getting to know some of the centers of attractions of this City, we make mention of its Cathedral which was founded in the year 1421 and now stands to be the tallest cathedral in the whole of Switzerland, we also have the towers of Kafigturm and Zytglogge, which spot two expansion of the old town which are successive, and the Holy Ghost Church, which stands to be the largest reformed Swiss Churches in Switzerland. Furthermore, within the old city is discovered 11 16th century fountains which are not attributed to Hans Gieng.

  • 9. Barcelona

Barcelona is a city in the Spanish country, although, it also rings the name of a famous La Liga Club a city, Barcelona happens to be the capital city of Catalonia and even the largest city of Catalonia. Speaking of population, this city has a total population of 1, 600, 000 within city limits. This city with great beauty tends to be one of the world’s leading tourist, trade, economic, and cultural centers. Looking for where to have great fun with beautiful views, then Barcelona is the place to be as it was named the 20th most visited city in the world.

  • 10. London

London city is also one of the most beautiful cities in Europe as it has four World Heritage sites which are the Tower of London, Kew Gardens, and St Margaret’s Church, and the historic settlement in Greenwich.


Conclusion On The 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Europe

From Naijaquest the euphoria of having fun is aided by the beautiful views of the place you intend on catching fun. Now you have the ten most beautiful cities in Europe.

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