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List of Non Schengen Countries in Europe 2017

List of Non Schengen Countries in Europe and  Their Capitals

List of Non Schengen Countries in Europe : Non Schengen Countries / states are the countries that are not part of the schengen agreement established in 1995, the agreement now has a total of 26 member states / countries.

list of non schengen countries in europe and capital

The few European countries that are not part of the schengen countries are list below :

  • Albania – Tirana
  • Andora – Andora La Vella
  • Armenia – Yerevan
  • Azerbaijan – Baku
  • Belarus – Minsk
  • Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sarajevo
  • Croatia – Zagreb
  • Cyprus – Nicosia
  • Georgia – Tbilisi
  • Ireland – Dublin
  • Macedonia – Skopje
  • Moldova – Chisinau
  • Monaco – Monaco
  • Montenegro – Podgorica
  • Romania – Bucharest
  • San Marino – San Marino
  • Serbia – Belgrade
  • Turkey – Ankara
  • Ukraine – Kiev
  • United Kingdom – London
  • Vatican City – Vatican City

Please Note that some of the countries in the list above have an open boarder agreement with most Schengen countries

What are schengen countries ?

Established in 1995, members consisting of 26 states, they are the countries in the visa agreement which acknowledges the removal of internal boarders among all member states for the free movement of people, services and goods. It also includes the agreement of common rules for controlling external borders and fighting criminals by strengthening similar judicial system and cooperation of police.

As I stated above the participating member states consist 26 countries

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Updated: August 20, 2017 — 6:04 pm


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    Georgia is not Atlanta but Tbilisi

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    1. Thanks for the correction J.C. Novels, the error was from me

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