Top 10 Richest Female Musicians In Zambia 2020

List of the richest female musicians in Zambia. Nowadays, the Zambian music industry comprises a number of tremendous female characters and on any grounds, this is an obvious indication that Zambian women are not restricted to maternal responsibilities – Top 10 wealthiest female musicians In Zambia}.

Women deserve an active presence in profitable engagements in different artistic occupations. Owing to this concept, several Zambian women have taken advantage of their music potentials to amass sufficient wealth. So long as African music is concerned, we can identify a number of Zambian women who have earned great fame through music. So,

Who Is The Richest Female Musician In Zambia? This article draws our attention to the Top 10 Wealthiest Female Musicians in Zambia as it is believed that these women boast of substantial wealth in the country’s music sphere.

Top 10 Richest Female Musicians In Zambia

  • 1. Tasila Mwale

Tasila Mwale bagged the Mnet Idols Zambia –the Zambian category of the Pop Idol contest. Following the achievement of this prestigious award, Mwale rose to popularity and became one of the best female artists to watch out for in Zambia. Due to her impressive performance, Tasila Mwale was honoured with the privilege to sign a record deal with Mondo Music Corporation –one of the renowned record labels in Zambia. Meanwhile, this record deal yielded Mwale her first album titled “Uchi’’. In the making of “Uchi’’, Twale collaborated with a number of reputable Zambian stars such as Black Muntu, Joe Chibangu, and Ballard Zulu.

With her reputation still soaring fast, Mwale has managed to set a marvelous pace as one of the richest female musicians in Zambia 2018.

Tasila Mwale Among The Richest Female Musicians In Zambia
  • 2. Kanji

Diehard lovers of Zambian music wouldn’t doubt the fact that Kanji merits the appearance on this list of the richest female musician in Zambia. During her prime days, Kanji was a sparkling character and even till now, she is devoted to maintaining her stance in the music arena. Zambians all saw what she achieved during her peak as an impressive singer. In that case, she has some of the hit tracks that will forever ring in the minds of Zambian music lovers. Among her notable hits, Mr. Big-star is surely a memorable mention.
Kanji is an industrious woman who has made music the mainstay of wealth. And so, this gives her a significant position on the wealth ladder of female artists in Zambia.

  • 3. Shatel

Shatel is a group of two female singers in the names of Saboi and Barbra. While the music group was formed in 1996, it comprised three singers being Barbra, Thandi, and Saboi. However, at a later time, Thandi left the group for the pair of Saboi and Barbra. The two existing artistes –forming Shatel –are gifted superstars who have garnered wealth for themselves through music.

Saboi and Barbra produced brilliant performances at musical entertainments and emerged winners in many musical contests. Among the notable contests, they won was the Women in Music award given annually. Through this award, many prospective promoters discovered their potentials as talented singers.

Niswalele, which became a hit song, is the debut single from the duet. Due to the fame they earned from this debut single, Saboi and Barbra were signed to popular Zambian music label –Mondo Music –to mark their first record label. Following this record deal, the two Shatel ladies came up with “Chicondi’’ their debut album released in 2001. This marked the era of transformation for the two ladies and took them to the international scene with concerts in Japan and around Zambia.

  • 4. Kay Figo

Kay Figo –who goes by the birth name Cynthia Kayula Bwalya –was born in the Zambian town of Luanshya. Her vibrant presence in the music industry has classified her as one of Zambia’s richest female musicians. Kay Figo’s style of singing portrays some uniqueness particularly through “Dunka Dunka’’ –the Zambian genre she is best known for.

  • 5. Nalu

Nalu –who goes by the birth name Nalwamba Sinah Namukoko –is another reputable female artiste in Zambia. For her primary education, Nalu attended primary schools in areas such as Nkwazi, Nsansa, and Namununga. Meanwhile, the Zambian singer finished her secondary education from a school in the Zambian area of Mpelembe. Nalu has been in the music arena for years and still earns pretty sums of money from her songs. Amongst her notable performances was that of a talent show that took place in 1991. At the show, the Zambian singer played the role of a guest artist for KTV.

  • 6. Mampi

Mampi –who goes by the birth name Mirriam Mukape –is a popular female singer whose music style blends reggae with R&B. Mirriam Mukape –attributed to the stage name Mirriam –was born in 1986 in the capital city of Zambia. She grew up in Lusaka where she attended Springfields Coaching Centre, Libala High School, and Muyooma Basic School.

In 2005, Mampi stormed the music industry with her debut album titled Maloza. This release boosted her music reputation and in 2012, she took her music to the international scene with a show at Windhoek, Namibia.

  • 7. Franciar

Franciar is one of Zambia’s female singers who has gathered substantial wealth through music. She is greatly admired for her soothing vocals and her versatility as an actress, rapper, and singer. Franciar was born and bred in a Christian-oriented environment and this gives her the reason to remain a chorister till now. She discovered her music potential at a very tender age of 6 and this signifies that singing is definitely her natural endowment.

Franciar widened her music ambit beyond Church songs in 2010 and since then, she has remained a constant character within Zambia’s music industry.

  • 8. Salma Dodia

Salma Dodia is a talented Zambian songwriter and singer. She discovered her flair and a strong passion for music at the time she was very young. Despite this realization, she forewent her music career and ventured into modeling. Although she fashioned out robust opportunities through modeling, Salma’s initial passion rested on music and for this, she would do anything to keep herself soaring high in the music arena.

On her return to the music arena, JK featured Salma in his single titled “Kapiripiri’’. Salma’s performance herein was an obvious indication that she had come to maintain an active presence in the music industry. Impressively, she is one of the reputable stars who has staged performances in Big Brother Africa –one of the biggest TV shows in Africa.

  • 9. Cleo Ice Queen

Cleo Ice Queen is a Zambian artiste best known for her significant roles as a TV presenter, hip-hop star, and model. She has appeared on several nomination lists including Big Brother Africa (2013) and South African Hip Hop Awards (2012).

As a gifted character, Cleo Ice Queen discovered her rap potential at an early age. During this period, she listened to rap lyrics and soon she began composing her own raps while she was just 11 years old. Today, she isn’t only one of the best female singers but also one of the richest artistes in Zambia.

  • 10. Angela Nyirenda

Angela is a beautiful female singer and one of the most prestigious traditional singers Zambia can boast of. For the fact that she is a cultured African woman, her music conforms to the tradition of Zambia and this makes one of the most decent women in the music industry. Angela Nyirenda makes substantial money from her culture-oriented songs which she produces with sonorous vocals.

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