Top 10 Richest Men In Zambia 2021

Who are the top 10 Richest Men In Zambia? On the basis of facts collated about African economies, Zambia is considered one of the nations benefitting from a constant growth rate amongst other global countries. To really show that its business sector is packed with men and women who are business-minded, this country is reported to have recorded nearly a 7% average rate of GDP growth on an annual basis. With its business sector actively occupied by industrious minds, the Zambian economy has been predicted to stay clear of adversity in growth.

Here are the names of the influential personages whose wealth boasts of their significance within the country:


  • 1. Hakainde Hichilema

Without the addition of this great personage, who immensely thrives in the business sector, this list might not be considered official and news-worthy. Hakainde Hichilema is on a greater part, regarded as an active business partner whose business dealings have yielded massive returns. In addition to his basic source of wealth, Hichilema is also considered an active personality within the political arena. And to emphasize his political presence, he is the face of the opposition party in the political arena.

Also, reputable Hichilema is learned and is believed to have graduated from a UK university with an MBA in Finance.

  • 2. Noble Findlay

Mr. Noble Findlay maintains his ground as the founding member of one of the largest Zambian automobile companies. In this regard, he serves as the founder and owner of Auto World –the earlier-identified auto company which has been buttressed with a total of 11 branches found throughout the country.

To identify the noteworthy presence of his family in Auto World, Mr. Noble received collaborations from his family members in the course of establishing his auto company –Auto World. As his company continues thriving in the sale and distribution of motor products, boats, and automobiles, Mr. Noble is believed to have amassed a net worth of $310 million.

  • 3. Satwant Singh

To emphasize how significant Zambia’s richest personalities seem in the business sector, Satwant Singh, an award-winning rally driver, has successfully added his business principle to sports and acquired much money for himself. With his net worth hovering around 198 million, Singh has been honoured by the sports association for his proficiency as a sportsman.

  • 4. Robin Miller

With regard to the desired outcome of her entrepreneurial efforts, Mrs. Robin Miller has come into the limelight and regarded as one of Zambia’s leading business moguls. Particularly for her active entrepreneurial roles in real estate services, Mrs. Robin Miller is undoubtedly notable as a successful woman.

Besides her major business engagement as a real estate partner, Mrs. Robin Miller has developed an intense passion for wildlife. By reason of this, she has appeared in the management sectors of numerous wildlife trusts.

  • 5. Dr. Rajan Mahtani

In addition to his managerial role as the chairman of Finance Bank Limited, Dr. Rajan Mahtani has reinforced his business involvement with a massive business empire. Likewise, he is believed to have doubled up his business strategies with his learned capabilities. With respect to this, he is known as a P.H.D holder in commercial law and as a certified accountant.

  • 6. Mark O’ Donnell

Mark O’Donnell is the fifth richest man in Zambia, a business tycoon with great expertise in real estate management. Mark O’Donnell is greatly committed to the hotel industry and to demonstrate his great commitment, he has established himself as the owner of more than seven hotels. Other than that, Mark O’ Donnel is the renowned owner and manager of several malls.

As a shrewd business partner, Mark O’Donnel is believed to have grown into greatness through his proficient manner of making decisive plans and achieving his end. In his determined efforts to establish another luxurious hotel, Mr. Mark O’ Donnel is reported to have succeeded in collaborating with the company regarded as the biggest hotel group in Africa.

  • 7. Carl Irwin

Together with his family, Carl Irwin is regarded as the inspiring factor behind the establishment of a Zambian meat-producing company –Zambeef products. Believed to have grown into prominence from a very simple business starting point, which involved their ownership and management of a single slaughterhouse, Carl Irwin and his family have now taken their business to its very significant apex. With Zambeef products now regarded as a multi-national company, it is very significant to identify that it has appeared in the categories of companies for both the Zambian Stock Exchange and London Stock Exchange.

  • 8. Geoffrey Mwamba

Apart from his reputable political stance as a parliamentarian (precisely belonging to Zambia’s Kasawa district), it is noteworthy that Mr. Geoffrey Mwamba is a successful personality in the business arena. As a significant citizen who has rendered great service to his nation, Geoffrey is also identified as the former Minister for Defence.

  • 9. Charles Milupi

To substantiate the fact that many of Zambia’s business tycoons have stood their ground in the political arena, Charles Milupi marks another business expert who has doubled up his profession with political engagement. Through his judicious investment plans, he is believed to have gathered wealth for himself.

  • 10. Andrew Sardanis

With the influence of Chaminuka, his great asset, Andrew Sardanis has obviously succeeded in his blend of luxurious living with wildlife. Chaminuka –a tourist centre owned by Andrew Sardanis –is a village found in the heart of wildlife and it maintains its reputation across Africa with its possession of 50-year art heritage.

I believe we have answered the question of who is the Richest Man in Zambia ?, with our list of Top Ten Richest People in Zambia

Apart from the industrious nature of its labour sector, Zambia is associated with a privatized copper-mining industry that has consistently churned out copper for the country on a voluminous scale. Certainly, Zambians have been massively favoured in this regard.

Likewise, the wealth base of this nation largely hinges on the business sector owing to the certainty that most of its citizens are greatly committed to their business dealings. Meanwhile, the industrious nature of the business-minded individuals has yielded a favourable outcome for the country. Besides that, the best part of the richest Zambian men and women are either partly or completely engaged in business.

As the richest Zambians hope to expand their wealth bases, most of them have erected established standard business firms for themselves. Likewise, the remarkable feats they have attained have clearly given them an edge in competing for reputable seats and positions in the country’s political sector.

So We ask

Who is The Richest Man In Zambia? With lots of rich and successful individuals have taken advantage of their wealth to attain political dominance, we’re pleased to provide you with the names of Zambia’s richest personalities. Noteworthy it is that these rich personalities generate the largest portions of their wealth majorly from their business engagements


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