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So long as music is part of the beauties of nature, Africa has remained the hub of many gifted music stars. Over the years, many African countries have shown the world that Africa is prestigious in its production of talented musicians whose interesting songs continuously swirl across and beyond Africa. which is one of the reason whyy we decided to showcase the Top 10 richest musicians in Zambia and their net worth 2017.

In an attempt not to lag behind, this growing nation has continued to produce music stars at a fast-rising pace and since music is no doubt an inspiring quality, the Zambian audience will forever embrace these music stars with much enthusiasm.

As lots of prominent musicians continue to reap benefits from their musical shows, the influx of new artistes into the music industry has become so huge that even the unborn are passionate about becoming musicians.

So far Africa is concerned, Zambia is not excluded from the class of African countries with musicians who have not only earned great recognition, but also amassed whopping sums of money through their active presence in the world of music.

  • Who Is The Richest Musician In Zambia

Music, as a whole, is a field that encompasses lots of genres. In this regard, many contemporary Zambian musicians have gathered efforts together in blending traditional country folk songs with modern styles. As a matter of fact, the modern musicians have used this medium to fashion out what is now known as Hip-Hop. And as the world would have it, Hip-Hop is arguably the most cherished music style throughout the world.

The world of music is fast-growing and the need to make massive sums of money through creativity is very certain. Zambians, like many other Africans, are gifted and creative minds. Some of them understand the art of bringing aesthetic ideas into existence. And so, we aren’t surprised that the names of some notable artists from this country have appeared among Africa’s richest musicians.

Since this post is aimed at shedding more light on richest Zambian musicians in the industry, some names of remarkable artists who have turned their impressive talents into wealth will be brought to your fingertips.

But before we proceed, we have to note that most artists tend to make money through business dealings coupled with their active musical engagements encompassing constant shows, endorsement deals and sales generated from albums and records. With respect to this, we hope everyone understands how these talented artistes have made great names for themselves.

Also noteworthy is that some of the personalities on the list coming your way are not really musicians but reputable stars found in the entertainment industry altogether. Since music is part of entertainment, the presence of these personages on the list is quite significant and acceptable

Stay tuned to this post as the names are finally released one after the other:


  • 1. Kayombo



Apart from his various investments, Kayombo has earned great recognition as a Zambian dancehall artiste. Likewise, this marks him as one of the countr’s best entertainers. As regards his involvement in various investments, Kayombo is known as an active investor in boutiques, real estate management, among other services. As it stands, Kayombo is declared the country’s richest personality in the entertainment segment. At the same time, he is worth $97,000.

  • 2. Jordan Katembula

Who Is The Richest Musician In Zambia

Jordan Katembula

Jordan Katembula’s prominence is buttressed by his constant presence in various investments with only few of them specified here. With his current net worth estimated at $79,000, Katembula is associated with profit-yielding investments ranging from dealing in automobiles to several other unspecified business dealings. Apart from his investments, he is very reputable for his dignified presence in the music industry.

  • 3. Cactus Agony

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Zambia

Cactus Agony

Cactus Agony is known to have built a great business reputation for himself actually through his own business enterprise alongside that of his family. As he continues to bear active presence in the line of business, Cactus Agony also maintains his position in the entertainment industry. Meanwhile, the entertainer’s net worth is estimated at $77,000.

  • 4. Salma and Tivo Shikapwasha

Tivo Shikapwasha and Salma are apparently a great couple who have buttressed their position in the industry with active participation in various business dealings. They make lots of money from their business dealings which include transport services, car hiring, etc. Currently, they are declared to have acquired the net worth of $73,000.

  • 5. King Dandy

Top ten richest musicians in Zambia

King Dandy

King Dandy is very eminent for his music style which encompasses political messages. From his politics-centred style of singing, King Dandy has earned much support and enthusiasm from the Zambian populace. With his net worth hovering around $72,000, King Dandy has been greatly favoured and rated above many other artistes.

  • 6. Organized Family

organised family net worth

Organised Family

The Organized Family is a blend of two personalities who have risen to fame due to their remarkable performance so far. Though the pair of artistes (forming the Organized Family) are not as famous as they were in the past, they are still remembered for their hit songs. Meanwhile, the Organized Family is reported to be presently worth $70,000.

  • 7. Slap Dee

Richest Zambian Musicians

Slap Dee

Slap Dee is a star musician who has not only attained fame and fortune in the music industry, but also magnified his wealth base through constant business dealings which encompass transport services, printing, clothing, etc. In addition to his status as the CEO of XYZ, Slapdee is believed to have gathered huge money for himself from his notable shows. Meanwhile, he is declared to be worth $68,000.

  • 8. Kanji

Though the mainstay of Kanji’s wealth is largely attributed to her business investments, she is widely known as a reputable lawyer. Likewise, Kanji has made a name for herself through her several investment plans which are found within and beyond Zambia. At the moment, Kanji has the net worth of $61,000.

  • 9. Mc Wabwino

MC Wabwino net worth

MC Wabwino net worth

Mc Wabwino’s name is a great mention herein. As regards his stance as a legend in the entertainment industry, Mc Wavbwino has been greatly favoured with some money which he receives on a monthly basis. This privilege has made him appear amongst richest musicians in Zambia as a leading entertainer and for that, he is declared with $59,000 as net worth.

  • 10. Ephraim

ephraim artist net worth

Ephraim Artist

Ephraim’s emergence into this list is quite interesting owing to the certainty that the artiste specializes in gospel songs. In addition to the artiste’s legendary status in producing gospel songs, Ephraim is known to have several business activities just to double up the earnings generated from music.

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Updated: September 4, 2017 — 12:13 pm

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