Top 10 Richest Musicians In Zambia 2021 {Their Net Worth}

A list of wealthiest musicians in Zambia presently. So long as the music is part of the beauties of nature, Africa has remained the hub of many gifted music stars. Over the years, many African countries have shown the world that Africa is prestigious in its production of talented musicians whose interesting songs continuously swirl across and beyond Africa. which is one of the reasons why we decided to showcase the Top 10 richest musicians in Zambia and their net worth.

While doing research for this article we were surprised to see the public outcry about unverified wealth in Zambia. Apparently, Zambians are experiencing a renaissance, and want to have a cultural shift, favoring accountability, and equality. They have confronted celebrities who claim to be rich and demanded explanations as to the sources of said riches. Furthermore, they have publicly criticized websites and bloggers who make exaggerated statements about the individual’s net worth.  Join us now as we discuss the Top 10 Wealthiest Musicians in Zambia.

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Zambia And Their Net Worth 

1. Kayombo

    • Net Worth: $97,000

Kayombo is one of the most popular names and perhaps the face of the Zambian music industry. He is a Dancehall Artiste and the trailblazer in what has been described as a strange genre in Zambian music. He has earned his money; Kayombo is immensely talented. He has been described as the best talent in Zambia, and other words that have been used to describe him are ‘world-rated and African rising star.’ 

As all intelligent people do, he has translated his huge success in the music industry to wealth generation in a physical sense through diversification of his money. He has wisely divested his money into retail clothing (boutique), a real estate business that includes development and management, and Kayombo has also invested in other services. These investments, as well as a music career that continues to thrive, have positioned his head and shoulders above his contemporaries. With a net worth estimated to be worth $97,000, he’s presently the richest Musician in Zambia.

2. Jordan Katembula

    • Net Worth: $79,000

47-year-old Jordan Katembula, also known as JK is a popular Zambian RnB and Pop vocalist, composer, producer, and songwriter. He is a recipient of several local awards, as well as a 2002 KORA Award nomination. He has taken Zambian music all over the world with performances and appearances in the United Kingdom as well as South Africa. 

This is one of Zambia’s biggest music stars, and he has consistently been one of Zambia music industry’s highest earners, and he has put his money into automobiles and other unspecified profitable businesses. his net worth is currently estimated to worth $79,000.

3. Macky 2

    • Net Worth:

Macky 2, whom some people prefer to call Mackey II is one of the first music talents in Zambia. He has been on the stage as an artist, and behind it, as a producer and songwriter for quite some time. He first burst on to the scene through the Big Brother Africa show where he came third, and since then he has gone on establish himself as a proven talent, as well as a groomer of talent. Among those who he has helped to establish in the music business are his brother Kondwani, and his sister Towela. Macky 2 runs the charitable foundation called the Macky 2 Hope Foundation, through which he has undertaken to help Orphans and Vulnerable children. He is the recipient of many different awards.

4. Cactus Agony

    • Net Worth: $77,000

As we make the ranking of the richest music stars in Zambia, Cactus Agony comes in next. He is one of the most popular musicians of this generation, there is no doubt about his talent and creative abilities. He is very popular among the internet crowd, and his songs get many downloads on a daily basis. 

Cactus is known as an entrepreneur; he is involved in numerous business activities. Some of his businesses are solely controlled by him, while others are in conjunction with members of his family. Cactus has built something of an entertainment empire, and he is worth an estimated $77,000. 

5. Salma and Tivo Shikapwasha 

    • Net Worth: $73,000

These great couples are one of the prominent richest Musicians in Zambia. Tivo and Salma (Sky) Shikapwasha are the music power couple of Zambia, something like Jay Z and Beyonce. Their musical talents have brought them immense popularity, and quite a lot of money, not just from record sales, but also from shows and endorsements. 

Recently, they were the top artistes who performed at shows that were set up to launch Budweiser beer products in the country. They have also divested into different business-like car hiring, transport services, etc. They are currently estimated to be worth $73,000.

6. King Dandy 

    • Net Worth: $72,000

King Dandy is perhaps Zambia’s most socially critical musician. He is known for speaking out about social issues either in the form of music, or through interviews which he regularly grants. But he does not hide behind social issues; he is truly gifted on stage, and widely popular. He has been described as ‘a prophet in the music industry,’ and a revolutionary who uses music as his ‘own bomb and guns.’ He is currently estimated to be worth $72,000.

7. Organized Family 

    • Net Worth: $70,000

The Organized Family is truly organized, the Organized Family is a blend of two personalities who have risen to fame due to their remarkable performance so far. They are a Zambian music duo that has consistently produced good music over time. Some of their hit songs are evergreen. They are some of the most respected artists in the country because they have proven their talent over time. 

They are said to be the 7th richest musicians in Zambia with a net-worth estimated at  $70,000.

8. Slap Dee 

    • Net-worth:  $68,000

The handsome and energetic Slap Dee is one of the biggest of Zambia’s music stars. He is one of the pioneers of rap music in the country and is the Czar of that genre in Zambia. Since his debut in 2006, he has been consistent and has won for himself several awards, both locally and internationally. He is one of the highest earners in the entertainment industry in Zambia.

Outside music he has businesses in printing, clothing, transport services, etc. let us not forget that he is the CEO of XYZ music which is the music arm of his business and which deals in discovering and grooming new talents. He is estimated to be worth $68,000. 

9. Kanji 

    • Net-worth: $61,000

Kanji is perhaps the most gifted female in Zambia. She has proven herself as a talent of uncommon value, with several songs trending at top positions in Zambia’s music charts. After proving herself she has set out to prove herself in other aspects of life as well.

She is also popularly known as a Lawyer and has recently joined the army where she is now the director of Army Legal Services. 

She has business investments within and outside Zambia and has put money into a fleet of exotic cars. She is estimated to be worth about $61,000. 

10. Mc Wabwino

    • Net-worth: $59,000

Mc Wabwino is an energetic performer, singer, and songwriter. He is regarded as a legend in the entertainment industry of Zambia. Even though he has gained fame and popularity, he has managed to stay true to his music genre which is Gospel/Christian music.

According to sources he receives a monthly stipend for his contributions in music, he has several properties and cars and is estimated to have a net- worth of about $59,000 which has made him appear amongst richest musicians in Zambia as a leading entertainer.

11. Ephraim

    • Net-worth: $50,000

Ephraim is a popular Zambian Gospel musician. He is noted for his melodious voice, and in his performances, you can almost detect a desire to inspire his listeners. 

Apart from his record sales and earnings from shows, he has also diversified his money into various business ventures. He is currently estimated to be worth $50,000.

Who Is The Richest Musician In Zambia?

Music, as a whole, is a field that encompasses lots of genres. In this regard, many contemporary Zambian artists have gathered efforts together in blending traditional country folk songs with modern styles. As a matter of fact, modern musicians have used this medium to fashion out what is now known as Hip-Hop. And as the world would have it, Hip-Hop is arguably the most cherished music style throughout the world.

The world of music is fast-growing and the need to make massive sums of money through creativity is very certain. Zambians, like many other Africans, are gifted and creative minds. Some of them understand the art of bringing aesthetic ideas into existence. And so, we aren’t surprised that the names of some notable artists from this country have appeared among Africa’s richest musicians.

Since this post is aimed at shedding more light on richest Zambian musicians in the industry, some names of remarkable artists who have turned their impressive talents into wealth will be brought to your fingertips.

We have to note that most artists tend to make money through business dealings coupled with their active musical engagements encompassing constant shows, endorsement deals, and sales generated from albums and records. With respect to this, we hope everyone understands how these talented artists have made great names for themselves.

Also noteworthy is that some of the personalities on the list coming your way are not really musicians but reputable stars found in the entertainment industry altogether. Since music is part of the entertainment, the presence of these personages on the list is quite significant and acceptable

Closing On The Richest Artists In Zambia

Let us leave you with a little bit of elderly wisdom. It is easy to claim a net worth of millions of dollars and live like the king of money. But let us give you a small list of musicians and tell you what they all have in common. MC Hammer, Toni Braxton, Mace, Billy Joel, and Meat Loaf all lived above their means, and all ended up broke. 

Therefore, let us keep in mind that the extravagant lifestyles of celebrity artistes are not a reliable estimate of net-worth or a sustainable example to copy. Popular people tend to want to keep up appearances, especially after getting a reputation of being wealthy and in money. Many of them then go on shopping sprees and indulge in idiotic spending habits that do nothing but dig a big hole, from which many of them do not emerge. 

That’s all on Richest Musicians in Zambia and their net worth, share your suggestions with us through the comment box and like us on


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