Zambians love football. They get behind their national team in throngs and raise their voices in cheer to support the boys on the field. Football in Zambia is a thing of entertainment, and the crowd comes to get thrilled by star entertainers like Kalusha Bwalya and those who have taken his place since retirement.

As we all know by now, entertainment is money; and star entertainers are wealthy people. This brings us to the question: who are the richest footballers in Zambia? In this article, we find out exactly that. So join us now as we discover the 10 richest footballers in Zambia.

In reality, Zambian footballers are some of the country’s richest personalities. By reason of this, it is quite interesting to ask the question, Who is the richest footballer in Zambia? Verily, Christopher Katongo, who led the Zambia national team to AFCON glory in 2012, tops our list.

So far as Zambian footballers are respected, it is notable to recall that Kalusha Bwalya –who appeared in the nominations for FIFA World Footballer of the Year in 1996 –is one of the athletes who has brought prestige to Zambia.

Based on our findings, we have come up with the names of Top 10 Richest Zambian Footballers. Also noteworthy is that some of these footballers have played for foreign club sides and this is one of the reasons why they are well-known as African footballers.


  • 1. Christopher Katongo

Christopher Katongo is a star player who plays as a forward for Green Buffaloes –one of the football clubs in the Zambian premier league. Based on findings, Katongo is apparently the highest-paid footballer in Zambia and his annual earnings are estimated at $458,000. In 2012, he was honoured by BBC as the African Footballer of the Year. In previous times, Christopher Katongo served as a member of the Zambian Army and this is obviously one of the reasons why his presence commands great discipline and respect. Also, he led the squad that pushed Zambia to AFCON glory against Cote d’Ivoire in 2012.

Prior to his move to Green Buffaloes in 2001, Christopher Katongo played for some other Zambian teams such as Kalulushi Modern Stars and Butondo West Tigers. Christopher Katongo performed brilliantly at Buffaloes. One of his notable performances came during CAF Confederation Cup matches where he bagged 4 goals twice. Due to his performances, Jomo Cosmos –a South African team –developed an interest in him and introduced him to their squad. In 2007, Katongo eventually left the South African side for Brondby –a football club in the Danish league. Again, Christopher Katongo terminated his spell at Brondby and soon joined a German side known as Arminia Bielefeld. Meanwhile, this move came about in the middle of 2008. About two years later, Katongo left the German side for Skoda Xanthi –one of the club sides in the Greek league.

Having sealed a two-and-half-year contract with Henan Construction, Christopher Katongo moved to the Chinese side in 2011. A few months after ending his spell at the Chinese side (Henan Construction), Katongo agreed to a four-month deal with Golden Arrows and soon moved to the South African side in March 2014.

  • 2. Isaac Chansa

Isaac Chansa, the second richest footballer in Zambia, was born in 1984 in the Zambian region of Kitwe. At the moment, Isaac Chansa –who is prominent as a professional footballer –plays for a football club known as Zakho. He joined Zakho at the end of his two-year spell at Zanaco (from 2015-2017). Isaac Chansa spent two spells as a Zanaco player. His first spell lasted from 2013 to 2014 and for a second time, he returned to the football club in 2015 but eventually left it for Zakho in 2017.

Previously, Isaac Chansa played for an Indian side known as Shillong Lajong FC. But this was not the only team Isaac Chansa played for in the past. Prior to his move to the Indian team, Isaac Chansa (who is popularly dubbed “Zife’’) played for several other teams including Sweden’s Helsingborgs and South Africa’s Orlando Pirates. For almost three seasons, Isaac Chansa played for South Africa’s Orlando Pirates. At the end of his spell at Orlando Pirates, Isaac Chansa moved to Sweden’s Helsingborgs IF where he spent a single season before eventually joining Orlando Pirates for the second time in 2010.

Isaac Chansa’s reputation as a footballer commands devotion because the star player has performed excellently. Just behind reputable Katongo, Isaac Chansa takes the second position among Zambia’s richest footballers and his annual earnings are estimated at $360,000.

  • 3. Emmanuel Mayuka

Emmanuel Mayuka was born in 1990 in the Zambian region of Kabwe. He has played for several football clubs within and outside Zambia. He joined the Zambian team Kabwe Warriors in 2006. After his two-year spell at the Zambian team, he moved to Maccabi Tel Aviv in 2008. Here, he spent another two-year spell and finally joined Young Boys in 2010. For a third time, Emmanuel Mayuka spent a two-year spell before joining the EPL side of Southampton in 2012. He spent three years at Southampton but during the 2013-14 season, Southampton loaned him to Sochaux. After the end of his Southampton spell (from 2012-2015), Emmanuel Mayuka moved to Metz for the 2015-16 season. Having left Metz, he moved to Zamalek where he spent just one season (from 2016-2017) before joining his current club Hapoel Ra’anana.

Emmanuel Mayuka is a young talented Zambian footballer who is not only one of the country’s professional athletes but also the third richest Zambian footballer. At the moment, Emmanuel Mayuka plays for an Egyptian side known as Zamalek. His move to the Egyptian side was finalized after signing a 3-year deal and prior to this move, Mayuka played for Southampton (in the English Premier League) as well as FC Metz (in the French league). Emmanuel Mayuka is one of the spectacular Zambian footballers who play as strikers and his yearly earnings are estimated at $300,000.

  • 4. Stoppila Sunzu

Stoppila Sunzu –who is alternatively known as Stophira Sunzu –is a professional footballer who has represented Zambia at various levels. In 2007, he played for Zambia at the U-20 World Cup. Also, Sunzu has played in several Zambian teams. He is best known for his sparkling performance at the 2012 AFCON tournament during which he secured the winning penalty shot for Zambia against Cote d’Ivoire. With his annual earnings estimated at $270,000, Stoppila Sunzu is not only regarded as a professional athlete but also one of the richest footballers in Zambia.

  • 5. Rainford Kalaba

Rainford Kalaba among the richest Footballers in Zambia was born in the Zambian region of Kitwe in 1986. As a well-known Zambian footballer, Rainford Kalaba has played for a number of clubs. In 2008, the Zambian professional joined Braga after signing a contract expected to keep him at the club for five years.

Rainford Kalaba, alongside two other teammates (in the names of Stoppila Sunzu and Nathan Sinkala), was brought under an arrest warrant issued by the Zambian government in 2013. Meanwhile, this arrest warrant resulted from a dispute that occurred between the three players and TP Mazembe –their Zambian club. Later on, the immigration authorities of Zambia seized the passports of the three players but eventually, the government of Zambia pardoned them.

Rainford Kalaba is one of Zambia’s young talents who has represented the country at various levels including international and continental football games. Rainford Kalaba is greatly admired not only as a professional young footballer but also a remarkable athlete whose athletic influence has added much importance to the Zambian national squad. At the moment, Rainford Kalaba plays for TP Mazembe –one of the club sides in the Congolese football league. As regards his annual earnings, Rainford Kalaba takes home the beautiful sum of $240,000.

  • 6. Nathan Sinkala

Nathan SINKALA one of the Richest Zambian Footballers was born in 1990 in the Zambian region of Chingola. He started his professional career with Zambian team Green Buffaloes in 2008. In 2009, he served a loan term with Hapoel Kiryat Shmona –an Israeli side. During his loan spell at the Israeli team, Nathan Sinkala was part of the reserve squad. From his four-year spell at Green Buffaloes, Nathan Sinkala bagged two league goals in 2009. During the subsequent season (2010), he added three more goals to his initial league goals to take his tally to 5 league goals. Fortunately, in 2010, Nathan Sinkala was part of the squad that won the Zambian Charity Shield for Green Buffaloes.

In 2012, Nathan Sinkala moved to TP Mazembe after the completion of a contract expected to keep him at the Congolese club for three years. Meanwhile, this move came after his professional performance at the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations.
In 2014, Sinkala moved to Sochaux-Montbellard to serve a loan term. Meanwhile, Sinkala revealed the desire to remain in Sochaux-Montbellard’s squad after completing his loan spell. In July 2014, TP Mazembe sent Sinkala to Grasshopper Club Zurich to serve a new loan spell at the Swiss club. At Grasshopper Zurich, Sinkala’s loan term was terminated following the injury he sustained during a football match. Consequently, he re-joined his usual Congolese side TP Mazembe.

Regarded as the sixth richest Zambian footballer, Nathan Sinkala is a remarkable athlete as well as an international sportsman. In 2013, Nathan Sinkala was part of Zambia’s squad of 23 players who participated in the AFCON tournament. Before moving to his current club side TP Mazembe –a Congolese football club –Nathan Sinkala played for Grasshopper Club Zurich in Switzerland. Nathan Sinkala has played for various other football clubs and among them is Green Buffaloes –one of the teams in the Zambian football league. As regards his yearly earnings, Nathan Sinkala takes home a total of $180,000.

  • 7. Felix Katongo

Felix Katongo was born in 1984 in the Zambian region of Mufulira. He has played for a number of teams including Petro Atletico, Green Buffaloes, Mamelodi Sundowns, Jomo Cosmos, and Forest Rangers.

While Felix Katongo was playing in Libya in 2011, his career was terminated as a result of the then civil war. The event was disastrous and in order to save the Zambia international from disaster, the government of Zambia had to send an aircraft to Libya. In 2014, Felix Katongo joined Al-Ittihad Alexandria –his current Egyptian side –after the completion of a deal expected to keep him at the club for three years.

Just like Nathan Sinkala, Felix Katongo is associated with the yearly earnings of $180,000 making him one of the richest Zambian footballers. Felix Katongo is an experienced footballer who has played within and beyond Zambia. Among the foreign countries he has played in are Angola, South Africa, Libya, and France. Felix Katongo is acclaimed for his athletic prowess as a midfielder. Besides being one of Zambia’s richest footballers, Felix Katongo is one of the key midfielders in the Zambia national team. At the moment, he plays for Al Ittihad –one of the club sides in the Egyptian Premier League. At his current club –Al Ittihad –Felix Katongo is planning to sign a 3-year contract.

  • 8. Kennedy Mweene

Kennedy Mweene is a goalkeeper and one of the remarkable footballers Zambia boasts of. He played for the Zambia national team in many football matches. Meanwhile, his immense athletic prowess, as a brilliant goalkeeper, makes him one of the best African footballers. His brilliant performances, especially in terms of penalty shoot-outs, earned him a significant award titled the PSL Goalkeeper of the Season. At the moment, Kennedy Mweene serves as the goalkeeper of Mamelodi Sundowns –one of the football clubs in South Africa’s professional football league. As regards his yearly earnings, Kennedy Mweene takes home $120,000.

  • 9. Hichani Himoonde

Hichani Himoonde is a Zambian footballer and his birth came about in the Zambian region of Ndola. His role in football distinguishes him as one of Zambia’s professional defenders. Himoonde is a constant defender who portrays great discipline and this makes him one of Zambia’s reputable footballers. Currently, Hichani Himoonde plays for the club side known as Dynamos FC. Based on rough estimates, he earns a total of $84000 on a yearly basis.

  • 10. Joseph Musonda

Joseph Musonda is a professional footballer and according to FIFA, he is the Zambian player with the highest number of caps. Significantly, Joseph Musonda is one of the athletes who has steered the Zambia national team to progress. Through the influence of his leadership potential, Joseph Musonda is seen as a notable character in the Zambia national team. At the moment, Joseph Musonda plays for a Zambian club side known as Nkana FC. Joseph Musonda’s yearly earnings are estimated at $60,000.

Top 10 Richest Zambian Footballers presently. Football is one of the sports activities greatly admired by Zambians. In this regard, many Zambian footballers have earned great respect within and beyond the country. Apart from this respect, each of these players has carved out a remarkable path for himself in their sports profession with cool medals and wealth. That’s all on Top 10 Richest Footballers In Zambia. 


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