Top 5 Richest Men In East Africa 2021

Current ranking of the richest men in Africa. East Africa is an African region that houses several countries. Among these countries, the trio of Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are considered the leading giants. In terms of business, wealth, and economic growth, the three countries dominate the entirety of East Africa.

Right now, the question is: Who Is The Richest Man In East Africa?

Nevertheless, this article presents the names of the Wealthiest Men in East Africa and according to reports, Tanzania’s Mohammed Dewji is currently the wealthiest East African.

Top 5 Richest Men in East Africa And Their Net Worth

1. Mohammed Dewji

Net Worth: $1.6 Billion

Country: Tanzania

At the moment, Tanzanian Mohammed Dewji is the wealthiest man in East Africa. As a vibrant business tycoon, Mohammed Dewji happens to be the reputable owner of METL (Mohammed Enterprises Tanzania Limited). Significantly, METL has business operations that span across transportation, agriculture, textile making, and real estate.

Besides his enormous business contributions which signify Tanzania as one of the largest economies in East Africa, Mohammed Dewji has boosted his reputation through several philanthropic efforts. In Mohammed Dewji’s mission, the young billionaire –also regarded as Tanzania’s only billionaire –aims to alleviate the incidence of poverty ravaging some Tanzanian Regions.

Among his philanthropic contributions, we can easily identify the Mo Dewji Foundation which he established in order to offer scholarship privileges to the needy children in Tanzania. Over and above that, the Tanzanian billionaire approved of a charity programme in 2016. Through the charity programme –known as Giving Pledge –Mohammed Dewji aims to contribute a huge portion equalling half the value of his wealth. While the young billionaire revealed his intention to do this, he maintained that half his wealth would be contributed to Tanzania’s philanthropic causes. Meanwhile, his great philanthropic contributions have distinguished him as one of Tanzania’s most influential personalities.

Though the largest portion of his wealth came as an inheritance from his dead father, Mohammed Dewji adopted his own business strategy in expanding the enterprise. With a net worth of $1.5 billion, Mohammed Dewji remains East Africa’s richest person and one of the largest employers of workers in Tanzania.

2. Sudhir Ruparelia

Net Worth: $1.2 Billion

Country: Ugandan

Sudhir Ruparelia is a Tanzanian born in 1956. He is one of the country’s biggest businessmen. And as an influential investor, he happens to be the member with the highest shareholding in the companies under the Ruparelia Group. Likewise, the Ugandan business mogul boosts his authority as the chairman of the Ruparelia Group.

As a vibrant investor, Sudhir Ruparelia majorly invests in sectors such as real estate, resorts, hotels, floriculture, broadcasting, education, insurance, and banking. With a net worth of $1.2 billion, Sudhir Ruparelia maintains his reputation as the second richest East African. 

3. Bhimji Depar Shah

Net Worth: $700 Million

Country: Kenya

Depar Shah is Kenya’s richest man and as a wealthy personality within and beyond his country, he takes the third spot among the richest men in East Africa. As a fortunate business mogul, the largest portion of Shah’s wealth came as an inheritance from his father.

Shah has been able to build a significant business empire and that makes him the incumbent chairman and founder of BIDCO Group of Companies –a manufacturing conglomerate collectively owned by a Kenyan family.

As an operative conglomerate, BIDCO Group of Companies spans its business operations across 13 countries in Africa. Meanwhile, Depar Shah’s vibrant business progressively takes him higher on Kenya’s wealth ladder and impressively, he is the country’s richest person with his net worth valued at $700 million.

4. Alykhan Karmali

Net Worth: $700 Million

Country: Uganda

Alykhan Karmali is one of the richest Ugandan and the reputable M.D of Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited –a subsidiary of the Mukwano Group. Through his business involvement, Alykhan Karmali has maintained his wealthy status and this makes him the fourth richest East African.

Besides his control of Mukwano Industries Uganda Limited, Karmali bears a presence in Exim Bank where he is regarded as a non-executive director. As one of the richest East Africans, Karmali’s net worth places him around $700 million.

5. Uhuru Kenyatta

Net Worth: $500 Million

Country: Kenya

This is Kenya’s current President and the only presidential character on the list of the Richest Men in East Africa. Significantly, Uhuru Kenyatta is a child of Kenya’s first President and the impressive aspect of his reputation is that he is Kenya’s incumbent President. Kenyatta is not only a wealthy man but also one of the big names in East Africa.

Outside of his political role, Uhuru Kenyatta doubles up his wealth as an entrepreneur and currently, he has massive investments in real estate, milk processing, agriculture, oil and gas, insurance, banking, hotel, brick making, and education. At the moment, Kenyatta’s net worth is valued at $500 million.

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