List of the richest tribes in Africa. Africa is not only a continent but an enormous world that houses a multitude of people who have originated in diverse tongues, cultures, and languages. It is pretty fascinating to explore the prestige of various African cultures and how they greatly influence those who preserve them. Interestingly, have you ever wondered which tribe is the richest tribe in Africa? tag along as we explore the top 10.

Prior to the era during which the Whites encroached on Africa and came with their own culture, Africa existed with multifarious tribes. However, little is what quite a few researchers have gathered about the actual number of tribes in Africa.

As attributable to the influence of the Western culture on African traditions, lots of African tribes have become extinct and nowadays, we hardly find those who claim they belong to those tribes or who actually speak the languages which distinguish them from the influential tribes.

For instance, some Nigerians believe Nigeria is blessed with over 500 tribes. However, some other Nigerians still hold the conception that just a few Nigerian tribes are in existence with the Hausa, the Yoruba, and the Igbo featuring the three most influential tribes within the limited category.

But again, the fast-rising world population has been used as a theoretical point to suggest that there might be a tendency that new tribes are still emerging from existing tribes. Likewise, a number of other theories have implied that tribes already specified as extinct might remain in existence but with a very few numbers of those who preserve them.

Nevertheless, the only point that remains factual identifies Africa as a massive atmosphere which houses numerous tribes. Meanwhile, several tribes could be identified as belonging to a single country. In point of fact, this alone exemplifies that Africa has long remained the home of many tribes amongst which have spread to other continents such as America, Europe, Asia, etc.

Here, we show you the names of some prominent African tribes endowed with the very richest cultures.


1. Yoruba

The Yoruba tribe is unarguably one of Nigeria’s three influential groups (the two others being Igbo and Hausa). The Yoruba tribe is found majorly in Nigeria and part of Benin republic – two of the countries categorized under West Africa. Based on population statistics, the Yorubas dominates about 20% of Nigeria’s total population.

In Nigeria, it has been constantly observed that the Yoruba tribe produces the highest number of persons occupied with white-collar jobs. This underlines the fact that the Yoruba’s form the class of educated elitists and among our list of top richest tribes in Africa.

2. Zulu

Among the richest tribes in Africa, the Zulu, this tribe is one of South Africa’s prominent ethnicities but its members can also be found in Zimbabwe, Zambia, and several other African countries. The Zulu tribe is known as a Christian majority group which accounts for a huge portion of South Africa’s population (with a total number of members estimated at 11 million).

As regards the Zulu culture, Zulus are greatly admired for their elegant traditional attire which is usually specified for festivities intended to promote the Zulu culture.

23 Pedi

Pedi marks one of the tribes originating in South Africa, precisely in Northern Sotho. The Pedi territory covers about 10 million people from the total South-African population. Pedi indigenes are predominantly idol worshippers and are believed to occupy South Africa’s second-largest ethnicity.

3. Hausa

Hausa among The Richest African Tribes

This is Nigeria’s ethnic group with the highest population. The Hausa tribe is very prominent not only for its immense population but also for its widely-spoken language across some West African countries. For many years, the Hausa language has featured as a lingua franca in some West African countries, and in the event of trade activities between people from different ethnic backgrounds, the Hausa language has come into place and fostered relationships.

About 80% of the Hausa territory is dominated by Muslims, meaning Islam is the predominant religion amongst Hausa’s. Also, the Hausa’s mostly exist in the Northern region of Nigeria and are majorly engaged in crafty occupations and several other activities such as cattle rearing, farming, etc.

4. Suri

The Suri tribe is believed to have emanated from the pair of Ethiopia and Sudan. With its territory situated on highlands, the Suri tribe consists of thousands of people who preserve their bizarre and exclusive culture of intra-tribal marital relationships. In a nutshell, Suri members are usually prevented from getting married to members belonging to external tribes.

5. El Molo

Believed to be Kenya’s smallest ethnic group, the El Molo tribe occupies a very minute population comprising about 4,000 members. With its minute population believed to have stemmed from the extinction of lots of its members, the El Molo tribe houses men and women who are prevalently skilled in primary production including fishing, hunting, farming, etc.

7. Igbo

8. Fulani

9. Xhosa

10. Oroma

Note the list is arranged in no special order