Mineral exploitation is the use of natural resources for economic growth. Nigeria is a country endowed with abundant mineral resources. These mineral resources have helped in the growth and development of the country.

But as beneficial as this exploitation of mineral resources has brought to Nigeria, it has likewise caused some environmental degradation in the country, especially in those quarrying areas.

In this article, we shall be taking a look at the problems that have been caused by mineral exploitation in the country.

Problems Of Mineral Exploitation In Nigeria And Solutions

  • 1. Landscape Defacement:

If you take a look at quarry sites you will notice the obvious reduction in the aesthetician value of the environment around it. The huge patches of waste being dumped around these sites are not pleasant to the eyes.

  • 2. Increase In Soil Erosion

Due to the excavation of the soil and various mining activities are done on the ground. These acts have exposed the landscape around the sites to severe erosion. Thereby washing away the soil necessary for plant growth, leaving behind material that cannot be used for vegetation.

  • 3. Air Pollution

In the process of drilling, blasting and crushing hard rocks, large amounts of dust is made to be distributed over wide areas. This, therefore, shows the people, especially workers living around such areas are receivers of this dust. They are therefore exposed to dust-related diseases, like silicosis.

Also, the carbon dioxide from the factory engine, generator, and heavy-duty vehicles are not exempted from the factors of air pollution caused by this mineral exploitation.

  • 4. Noise Pollution

This is one of the obnoxious environmental hazards arising front the quarrying of rocks is the noise such activity creates.  Noise from drilling, moving of heavy-duty vehicles, generator sets, blasting of crystalline rocks. All these sources of noise have become causes of ear impairment, hearing loss, even as far as having permanent deafness.

  • 5. Negative Impact On Buildings

Shock waves generated by the regular explosion of dynamite has a negative impact on building around it. This explosion can also affect buildings inconsiderable distance. This has thus caused a devastating effect thereby causing dilapidated buildings.

  • 6. Negative Impact On Vegetation And Wildlife

A classical effect of mineral exploitation is deforestation. This thereby has caused N imbalance in the ecosystem as it has affected the livelihood of wildlife. Which has evidently affected hunting among the rural dwellers that are into hunting?

  • 7. Water Pollution

Oil exploration in Nigeria has caused a great deal of damage to the water in the environment where the exploration is done. Oil spillage is a notorious defect that has killed the lives in the water and also affected the soil of the environment, thereby causing the inability to successfully plant in those areas. The end result of this is famine in the community.

  • 8. Health Hazards

The health situation in this exploitation are is significantly low both for the workers and the residents. Ranging from the air pollution causing various lung diseases to the water pollution that will hinder proper vegetation of crops. Even the water to drink in those areas is very unhealthy. And since these areas are located in the rules places, they tend to lack access to quality health care services.

Also, as for the workers, most of the exploration sites are managed by private owners who tend to only seek programs at the expense of the health and safety of the workers.

Solutions To The Problems Of Mineral Exploitation In Nigeria

One thing we should note is that we cannot say because of the problems that we have around the exploitation of mineral resources in Nigeria, that we should stop it. This cannot be possible because of the huge economic benefits Nigeria is receiving from this sector. In fact, this sector is what gives Nigeria it biggest profits internally. As such, there must be some way and some steps to be taken in order to make the exploitation safe; at least safer than before. Therefore, we are going to look at some solutions can be taken up to solve the problems buzzing around the exploitation of Nigeria mineral resources.

  • 1. Use Of Modern Technology For Exploration

Most, if not all the quarrying and exploration sites in Nigeria make use of old machines in their exploitation. These machines and facilitate have contributed to pollution ls of air, water, and the environment. Latest technology now has a reduced negative effect on the environment.

  • 2. Proper Management Of Exploitation Sites

Proper management of this exploitation site will greatly help in the reduction of land pollutions. These sites should have a proper drainage system that will hinder waste products from loitering around thereby causing one form of pollution or the other.

  • 3. Government Involvement With Sanctions

Most of this exploitation site is privately owned. Thus, they tend to only operate to attain profits. They most times if not all the time does this at the expense of the health of the workers, and Inhabitants in that community where the site is.

Some workers are made to work with proper safety tools and health care services. Also, in the management of their waste, they are not well managed and thus this eventually causes damage to the environment, affecting the people living there in that community.

This is why an active involvement of the government is needed, in order to checkmate that lethargic attitude of these private owners in taking proper care of their workers and the environment.

The use of sanctions is also recommended. The lack of active government participation in the inspection of mining and mineral exploration sites is on the effect the cause of the Niger Delta crisis we have today.


Conclusion On The Problems Of Mineral Exploitation In Nigeria And Solutions

In conclusion, we have gone through the exploitation of Nigeria mineral resources and we have analyzed the various problem that is being experienced in this activity.

In view to and analyzing the problems, we have ended it with a proffered solution to help solve the problems faced in the exploitation of Nigeria mineral resources.

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