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Jah Prayzah is currently the richest musician in Zimbabwe. Through his dignified live shows, which are usually attended by thousands of audiences, Jah Prayzah has made his mark as the highest-paid Zimbabwean musician. Meanwhile, he is said to have elevated from grass to grace because he grew up as a herdsman in the Zimbabwean region of Uzumba. Rising to great fame is a glorious thing for Jah Prayzah who now boasts of a massive Zimbabwean audience.

Richest Musician in Zimbabwe

Jah Prayzah – Richest Musician in Zimbabwe

In Zimbabwe’s contemporary music industry, Zimdancehall happens to be the most admired music style and through the gate fee paid by Zimbabwean musicians who host regular shows, Jah Prayzah has been able to make huge sums of money.

There are several other reputable Zimbabwean musicians such as Alick Macheso but Jah Prayzah has managed to surpass them with impressive live shows. Apparently, Alick Macheso has lost his bearings probably for his failure to come up with a new album. However, the artist has the tendency of reclaiming his stance through the songs he is extracting from his next album.

Oliver Mtukudzi is another notable musician but the Zimbabwean musician is not really on a par due to the fact that he isn’t staging regular local shows. On the contrary, Jah Prayzah’s soaring popularity may be attributed to the substantial sums he receives for staging live shows.

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  • Birth and Family Background

Going by the birth name Mukudzeyi Mukombe, Jah Prayzah’s birth came about at Nyadire Hospital in July 1987. He was born into a Zimbabwean family comprising Shirley Savanhu (mother) and John Mukombe (father). Being the last child of his family, Jah Prayzah is the youngest of 5 children who are Lydia (the only female child), Simba, Chamu (who died in 2005) and Joe.

As a young child, Prayzah grew with the passion to work in the military. This meant he had the strong desire to become a soldier. Meanwhile, it is quite awesome to imagine how this desire (to become a soldier) eventually reflected on his usual costumes at musical performances. The stage name Jah Prayzah may be attributed to the artist’s first name “Mukudzeyi’’ which directly translates into “Praise God’’. Due to the fact that Mukudzeyi Mukombe has great passion for Reggae music, he chose to add “Jah’’ to his stage name. Meanwhile, “Jah’’ is the Jamaican term for God. In a unique style, Mukudzeyi Mukombe combined the word “Jah’’ with “Prayzah’’ to give himself the stage name “Jah Prayzah’’.

  • Academic Career

Jah Prayzah was schooled at Murehwa in the Zimbabwean region of Mashonaland. For his primary education, he went to Musamhi Primary School. At the end of his primary education, he was admitted to Musamhi High School. After studying at the High School, Jah Prayzah moved to Harare to live with Mr. Savanhu –his uncle. As a result of this, he was enrolled in another school –Kuwadzana High 1 School –where he attained his `O’ Level and `A’ Level academic standards.

  • Music Career

Jah Prayzah was a Form 2 student at the first time he had the experience of producing music. According to him, he said during his days in Form 2, he had a tutor who usually played Mbira –a musical instrument. Meanwhile, Jah Prayzah was fond of this musical instrument and in the company of his colleagues, he would listen to it. In view of his strong inclination towards the Mbira instrument, Jah Prayzah offered to buy one from Tichafa Matsika who was his intimate friend.

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In the company of his peers, Jah Prayzah began creating records of Reggae and dancehall tracks in Budiriro. During this period, he earned recognition from a number of audiences. However, this recognition was restricted to suburban areas and little was known about him on the national music scene. Despite this, Jah Prayzah continued doing what he was passionate about and could do better. At a later time, he felt it was wise that he should turn his hobby into a life-long career. He was occupied with this thought and soon, he stepped into modern music –precisely afro jazz. In this course, he partnered with DJ Thando in recording music tracks. Besides, he worked with some other Zimbabwean music producers and this fostered his release of remarkable songs including Seiko and Sorry Mama. Many music lovers welcomed these songs with great enthusiasm but unfortunately, Jah Prayzah was yet to be given great recognition on the national music scene.

The Richest Musician In Zimbabwe

Amidst tight circumstances, Jah Prayzah persisted in recording music tracks and later on, Simeon Mukombe (a keyboard expert and cousin to Jah Prayzah) urged him to partner with him in recording a demo. Consequently, the two of them came up with an album titled “I Love Reggae’’. Although, this album didn’t earn them the desired recognition, Jah Prayzah and his cousin were encouraged by their colleagues who listened to the album. With rising passion towards music, Jah Prayzah encouraged himself and came up with a new album in 2007. Entitled “Rudo Nerunyararo’’, the album failed to yield him robust success. Among the tracks contained in Rudo Nerunyararo is Zororo and as God would have it, Zororo is one of the popular tracks Jah Prayzah has recorded.

In 2012, Jah Prayzah came up with another album titled “Sungano’’. This marked the beginning of commercial success for the artiste as it contains popular songs such as Sungano Yerudo. With the release of Sungano, Jah Prayzah was able to earn the recognition he had been craving for. Above that, the album captured the fancy of Patson Chimbodza who is one of the most reputable music promoters in Zimbabwe.

Having gathered great recognition for himself, Jah Prayzah stormed the Zimbabwean music industry with another remarkable album in 2013. Entitled “Tsviriyo’’, the album had a lovely and famous title track. As God would have it, this very album yielded Jah Prayzah substantial profit especially when Philip Chiyangwa (a renowned businessman) purchased the first CD copy for a sum estimated to be worth $12, 000.

With the release of great albums, it is obvious that Jah Prayzah is one of the leading Zimbabwean musicians. His first notable album titled “Dura’’ was launched in 2006. Meanwhile, the star artiste has followed this with several other albums including Rudo Nerunyararo (2007), Sungano Yerudo (2010), Ngwarira Kuparara (2012), Tsviriyo (2013), Kumbumura Mhute (2014), Jerusarema (2015) and Mdhara Vachauya (2016).

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