Top 10 Best Fans In Premier League 2023

Without fans, there can be no football. The best fans in the Premier League are therefore some of the people who have built the English game with their raw passion. They have consistently attended club games, and they have also supported their clubs by purchasing club merchandise.

Aside from the financial support which these fans have consistently provided over time; they have served as morale boosters for their clubs. Passionate fans can be the difference between winning trophies and just playing in important competitions. In order to please their supporters, clubs have been known to put in extra effort; fighting for every ball, until the final whistle.

After winning the trophies, it is also to the fans that the players must show appreciation when they go on their victory parades.

Top 10 Best Fans In The Premier League

1. Arsenal Fans

Arsenal supporters are some of the most patient, supportive, and passionate football fans in England. Some of them have been loyal lifelong supporters of the club even when the club has not been at its best for several years.

They believe their club is a great and illustrious club, and they have the records to show for it. They remind you about “The Invincibles” which no other club has been able to replicate, and they also remind you of their club legends like Henry, Wiltord, and Freddie Ljungberg.

Arsenal Fans are proud of their kit; which is the most beautiful in the country. They still wear their old shirts with the names of their old stars, and they are very cheerful, even in defeat.

Arsenal Fans are not only found in North London, but throughout the country, and the world at large.

2.  Manchester United Fans

Manchester United Fans are some of the most populous football supporters in England. Being a United Fan is not easy; as the “biggest football club in England,” you are under a lot of pressure to perform and to win laurels.

When the laurels fail to come, two things tend to happen; the fans tend to turn sour, or they tend to remind others of the glory they have attained in the past. Manchester United fans do all the above; they remind other club fans of the time when they had absolute dominance of the English football scene.

Manchester United is one of the most respected clubs in the world. The iconic Red shirts can be seen in every corner of the world. The club has the biggest club-owned stadium in England; Old Trafford has a capacity to hold 74,100 people.

The club has many supporters in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

3.  Liverpool Fans

Liverpool is the most successful English club on the European stage, and the club is also one of the most passionately supported clubs in the world. Liverpool fans are called the Kop, and they love to pack themselves full their 53,394 capacity Anfield Stadium.

The effect of Liverpool supporters is clear for all to see; it has been said that the Anfield Stadium is a remarkably difficult place to get an away win because it is full of supporters shouting at the top of their lungs in order to unnerve the opponents.

Their famous slogan “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is a symbol of solidarity, in victory, and in defeat. This is one of the most boisterous supporters anywhere in the world.

4.  Chelsea Fans

Chelsea Football Club Fans are notoriously noisy, and for good reason; they have watched their club go from nothing to one of the most dominant football clubs in the world.

Chelsea is always in contention for laurels; whether playing the English Premier League, the Champions League, or any other competition at all. The club has in the past 20 years won everything attainable in football.

Chelsea fans take to the streets to celebrate victories in Kampala just as much as they celebrate in London. The club is one of the most supported all over the world; the club’s fans are always all over the internet, and in the atmosphere is always lit whenever Chelsea wins a game.

Chelsea’ transformation is linked to Russian Billionaire Roman Abramovich whose investments in the club turned a mid-table club into one of the greatest success stories of the 21st Century.

5.  Newcastle United

When it comes to passionate fans Newcastle United has them in abundance. The club is famous for the loyalty and absolute support of its fans who despite the club’s decline over the years have continued to show their love for the club.

Newcastle United plays at the St James Park; which is a 52,405 capacity ground. The Magpies as the fans are called continued to pack that stadium after the club was relegated in the 2008-09 season. They led the attendance figures in the Championship.

Newcastle United Fans were elated when they heard that Saudi Billionaire had bought the club in 2022, and they eagerly anticipate their club becoming one of England’s dominant football clubs once again.

6.  Manchester City Fans

Manchester City fans were called the noisy neighbors just a few years ago. However, they are some of the best fans in the Premier League at the moment because their club gives them reasons to be constantly in a celebratory mood.

Manchester City sometimes demolishes its opponents by margins of up to 5 goals; which means every weekend is a potential party for Manchester City Fans.

The club has also been almost completely dominant in the Premier League in the last 6 years; which means there is a victory parade every season because there are usually multiple trophies to celebrate.

Manchester City fans are thoroughly enjoying life in the English Premier League at the moment, and they are growing in number due to their constant victories.

7.  Tottenham

Tottenham Hotspurs Fans have rallied behind their team as they have gradually established themselves as a UEFA Champions League team. Tottenham Hotspurs has already become a great club, although not yet a legendary club.

The club’s supporters pack the Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium which is a 62,850 capacity stadium, and you can find the clubs’ shirts in every city in the world.

Tottenham Fans may not be as abundant in the distant parts of the world as other clubs, but in the London Area, they are certainly plentiful. Tottenham fans celebrate every win, but a win against Arsenal is particularly great.

8.  Sunderland

Sunderland Football Club is a mid-table team, and most people pay them no mind. But for some people, Sunderland Football Club is the best club in the world.

The club plays its home games at the Stadium of Light, which is a 49,000-capacity ground. Sunderland games are well attended; the clubs’ followers are sometimes lifelong supporters who inherited support for this club from their parents.

Sunderland supporters are all over the world, and they love to celebrate every win they can get over their rivals.

9.  Everton Fans

Everton has traditionally been mid-table performers; a few years ago they were even fighting for European places. Things have fallen apart for the club recently as they have fallen from their traditional mid-table place to get engulfed in the relegation battle.

Everton fans have continued to support their darling club; they have continued to show up at club games, and they love to see their team perform well against top opposition in the league; especially their local rivals Liverpool FC.

10.  Aston Villa

Aston Villa has a solid fan base. This is a famous club that dates back to March 1874 and has been a constant feature in the Premier League.

Aston Villa plays its home games at the Villa Park Stadium which is a 42,785-capacity ground. The club’s fans love to attend games and did so even when the team was in the lower tier of English Football.

Aston Villa is one of the more popular teams in England, and although there is still some way to go before reaching its former glory, the supporter’s passion is visible to all observers.

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The best fans in the Premier League are not necessarily followers of the biggest clubs; they are the most loyal, vocal, and supporting fans who help push their teams towards success.

They show up at games; shout their support, thereby encouraging the team to win. Even when things are not working according to plan, it is the protest of the fans that motivate the clubs’ executives to make necessary changes.