Top 10 Best Fans In Premier League 2020

As we all know, the English Premier League is the most popular league in the world, but we do sometimes wonder at one point, which of the premier league clubs has the best fan base?

With the global influence of most of the clubs through either foreign owners or popularity arising from domestic success in the league, each club has fan bases far beyond English soil.

With that being said, based on the popularity abroad and domestic level plus attendance figures, here are the rankings for the best fans in the English Premier League.

Top 10 Best Fans In Premier League 2020

  • 1. Arsenal FC Fans

While Manchester United FC may be the most famous club in the world, the Gunners boasts of some of the most passionate fans in the premier league. The rambunctious nature of the Arsenal Fans is prominent this season especially with the Gunners having their opinion on every little thing that the club does. Also, the Gunners have their fair share of the famous fans who love to make their opinion known on social media; Piers Morgan is a perfect example.

The exuberance and genuine care about the club’s progress especially in the domestic league from their fans is one that is rare to match, and it’s why they are considered the best fans in the Premier League.

  • 2. Manchester United Fans

Manchester United is unarguably the most famous club in the world, with its global fan base increasing by 15% every month according to

Manchester United is a Global Brand in world football. Their infamous jerseys can be seen on street corners everywhere around the world.

However, Manchester United previously had fans that were upset with the club and decided to form their club, FC United of Manchester. Now not many clubs can claim that in the world today.

  • 3. Liverpool Fans

“You’ll Never Walk Alone,” “Never Give Up” these are fair catch and inspirational phrases you’ll hear around the Anfield Stadium, and around the world.

Especially with their recent historic win over European giants, FC Barcelona, it was reported that their Fan base increased by 50% according to Liverpool is now set to face fellow Premier Top six side, Tottenham Hotspur in the finals of the Champions League, in what would be an all English final.

Already with a steady and truly committed fan base in England, the Red Devils are now expanding to the continent of North America after the purchase of the club by England Sports Venture.

Now with Liverpool back on the form of their life, after a very long spell in troubled times, their fan base will continue to expand with the successes the club is recording at the moment.

  • 4. Chelsea Fans

Chelsea has been too impressive this season, with Frank Lampard in charge building a very young team and managing to get wins and a total turn around from the club’s previous woes.

The good news for Chelsea Supporters is that their woes have finally come to an end, at least not at the moment, especially now that Frank Lampard has brought in some new ray of hope to the team.

Chelsea FC Fans have been through quite a lot during the regime of current owner Roman Abramovich, but in spite of all, their fans are still as loyal as ever.  The Russian Billionaire owner has brought continued club success under a plethora of managers over the years.

The club average sellout regularly at Stamford Bridge and support for the London Club has grown worldwide during Roman Abramovich tenure in charge.

Newcastle United Fans

  • 5. Newcastle United Fans

Newcastle supporters have endured a long spell of troubled first flight football for some time now. After a shocking relegation after the 2008/09 premier league season, the Magpies responded brilliantly and won the championship the following season, also in that season was lead in the league attendance.

After their promotion to top-flight football, The Magpies attendance continued to be high as they had the best average attendance in all premier league games during the 2010/11 campaign, and have conveniently sat in that position every season up to date even though St.James Park is no longer the name of the Sports Direct Arena, a Controversial move made by Mike Ashley.

  • 6. Manchester City Fans

Manchester City fans are quite one of the most loyal groups of supporters in the premier league. And with City as title favorites this season, it comes as no surprise why they have been able to pull through with massive support from their fans.

Man City has been through some severe turmoil during their dark years, at one time even, City dropped to the third division of English Football, but in spite of it, all their fans have remained loyal to their team.

Now with a reasonably new Home ground that has been renovated over the years, the Etihad stadium was opened way back in 2002, and the new wealth from their billionaire owners. Manchester City Fans have been rewarded for their long wait to gain domestic and European success.

  • 7. Tottenham Hotspur Fans

With the recent victory over Dutch Giants Ajax to progress to the finals of the UEFA Champions League, after 1 – 0 deficit in the first leg. Tottenham have been considered to be ranked into one of Europe’s elite club.

Tottenham Hotspur has come back to domestic prominence in the past few seasons under the leadership of current manager Mauricio Pochettino, and their supporters have been solidly behind him the whole time.

Even though they have slipped to down to the fourth position on the table, allowing Chelsea to overtake them to the 3rd place finish.

Tottenham have earned themselves a well-deserved spot as one of the premier league top six teams, but they do not average the same volume of supporters as their rivals.

If Spurs, were awarded a bigger sized Olympic stadium, now imagine what sight that would be for their fans, but too bad Westham got the new stadium instead.

  • 8. Everton Fans

In the past twenty years, Everton has been one of the most consistent clubs in the premier league, and they also have a very loyal group of dedicated fans.

The Toffees as they are fondly called have supporters that travel well on the road domestically, and hopefully one day they will get to go across Europe once again.

For now, Everton’s fans get to enjoy the management of their current manager, who is regarded as one of the best managers in the world today.

  • 9. Wolverhampton Fans

Wolverhampton has been one of the most impressive teams in the premier league this season so far, with notable victories of Top Six giants like Arsenal and Chelsea; Wolverhampton is considered to be top 10 contenders.

After recording scores of successes in the 1970s, Wolverhampton fans have not seen quite the amount of achievement since, except in recent times.

The club is one those championship favorites, whom after making it to the premier league, have become very impressive this season.

Sometimes they do get teased of consistency of maintaining top-flight football, but they can boast with the glories of winning titles in the lower division, maintaining a top 10 position in the premier league, and they might be eyeing the Europa League next season.  

  • 10. Fulham Fans

Fulham has been an established club in the premier leagues for more than a decade now, even when they suffered relegation, they found their way back to the premier league. But they do not have a massive fanbase like their counterpart at the other well-established clubs possess. The Cottagers are stuck in an unfavorable position with a rather small stadium in Craven Cottage and being in London where London Giants take the top billing.

In the past, when they had American players such as Clint Dempsey, Brian McBride, and Kasey Keller, they had quite a support coming from the United States. But as this is all History now, the club cannot even grasp on fans from other countries because of the other Big Clubs.

In spite of that, their supporters remain very loyal. That’s all about the best fans in premier league 2020

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