Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria 2020

There are so many beautiful cities in Nigeria and places, this is a country that owns about 36 states that includes the Federal capital territory known as Abuja, and there are so many beautiful places in Nigeria. This is why many people come over to spend holidays with their loved ones, to have a sweet time during the holidays. Naija is home to many people with diverse cultures and different ethnic groups, this means that there are a lot of languages, that are being spoken in the country in Nigeria.

There are three main ethnic groups in Nigeria, and they are known as the Igbo which is of the Eastern part of Nigeria, the Yoruba which is of the Western part of Nigeria, and lastly, the Hausas which are of the Northern part of Nigeria.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria 2020

  • 1. Abuja 

This city of Abuja is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria. Its, however, has to be very beautiful as it houses the home of decision making which is the House of Representatives and the Aso Rock. This city is said to be very organized and very clean in that sense. There are a lot of malls located in Abuja, and it is also a very expensive place to live in.

  • 2. Lagos 

Lagos city is known to be the largest city in Nigeria and even in Africa as a whole. It is embedded in Lagos state, whose capital is known as Ikeja. Lagos city is usually called ‘small London’ by various people who have visited it from time to time. Being a city, which has the most populous state in Nigeria, as everyone wants to be in Lagos or stay in Lagos. Lagos was also the capital city of Nigeria before it was changed to Abuja.

There are diverse cultural groups in Lagos, and no one can say that it is for the Yoruba’s, the Igbos or the Hausas in general, as it comprises of all these ethnic groups in large quantities. Lagos also has a very marked division between the Urban areas and the Rural areas and this is why it is very unique and very different from other cities. In Lagos state, you will hear residents say things like; they like on the mainland, while some people announce that they live on the Island. The Island and Mainland are different places in Lagos to signify where the average class lives and where the higher class lives.

  • 3. Kaduna 

This is the capital of Kaduna state which is a northern state. This is the first northern city on the list of the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria, and there is no going back now. It is no news that the northern part of Nigeria has a lot of security issues and bad things happening to the citizens of this state, we cannot, however, dwell on the bad things for so long, when there are a lot of good things to be recognized about this state and its city known as Kaduna. It is quite confusing using the same name for the state and for the city, but that is how it has always been from the time it was made into a state and capital.

Kaduna city is closely related to Abuja, which is no surprise as to how it made the list of the top 10 most beautiful cities in Nigeria. There are a lot of things and infrastructures in Kaduna city, which range from, a house known as the Amalgamation house, which housed Lord Lugard and his personnel during colonialism. There is also a very famous wall known as the Zaria City walls which were built during the time of Queen Amina in Kaduna. These places are known tourist centers for people to go to and appreciate history no matter what.

  • 4. Owerri 

This city is the capital of Imo state, and it is one of the most beautiful states in Nigeria, which houses the most beautiful city in Nigeria. The Igbos dominate in large quantity, this state, and there are a lot of tourist attractions, some of which are the cultural center known as Ogunta Lake Resort, they also have a lovely lake known as the Edemili Lake. There are also a lot of natural springs all over the city of Owerri, and this makes it the most beautiful city in Nigeria. Owerri, has about 4000 hectares of land, with beautiful views and lovely structures all around it. The peace and quiet of this state are one of the most encouraging and it is a very conducive environment for people to live in.

  • 5. Akure 

This is a city in Ondo state and also the capital of Ondo state. Akure is known to be the richest western city in terms of oil and waterfalls. It also has one of the largest amounts of Universities in it, including Federal Universities. This city has a lot of rocks and landscapes so beautiful for the eyes to see. Ondo state as a whole is also filled with enormous farmlands which are very rich in content. This city Akure is the first Western city on the list of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria and it ranks in number 3 on this list. There are also various attractions in terms of tourism represented in Akure, and some of them are; The Idanre Hills, the Owo Museum, the Olumirin Waterfalls, the Ebomi lake and the Oke Marie Hills were people go to, to commune with the Virgin Mary.

  • 6. Enugu 

This is the capital of a state known as Enugu state, and it is the second most beautiful city in Nigeria as a whole. This city also comprises the largest capacity of the Easterners, which means that about 80 percent of the inhabitants of this city and state are known to be the Igbos. This city is also represented in Nigeria as ‘The Coal City’ and it was formed from another state known as Anambra on August 27, 1991. This city is filled with a lot of tourism adventures, some of them are known as the Awhum Water Fall which also has a very deep cave that can be very scary and at the same tile adventurous for people who visit the cave. There is also the Ngwo cave, the Ogelube lake, the AniOzalla lake, and the Iheneke lake. This city is declared as one of the most peaceful cities located in Nigeria.

  • 7. Warri 

Everyone in Nigeria has a notion that this city is known to be the most notorious and criminality filled city in Nigeria, but anyone who has really been to this city knows that it is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria by experience. So many people even view people from Warri as very callous and not well behaved, but while this might apply to some people in Warri, it does not in any way apply to everyone living in Warri.

People tend to feel like, there is a particular kind of way that members of a state (Warri) behave, but this is just a wrong generalization that does not achieve any good. You might as well be taken aback, that Warri is a part of this list, but believe it only when you visit this city and see how beautiful and mind-blowing it can be.  This city is the topmost attention of the government in Warri, as the government takes very good care of it and its citizens no doubt. They are blessed with a lot of infrastructural advantages that are a major attraction to people all over the world, who want to come down to Warri and experience how beautiful. Warri also has a high number of investment companies from outside sources who come to the city to establish one or two organizations. The economy market in Warri generally is well managed by the people and by the government.

  • 8. Port Harcourt 

This is a very large city located in Rivers state, and it has a rich oil business as it shares a border with the home of the oil state in Nigeria known as the Niger Delta. This city of Port Harcourt is not only one of the richest cities in Nigeria, but it is also the most expensive city to live in, in Nigeria. It has beautiful rivers and it dwells basically n the need for agriculture as part of its economic growth and dependence. This city owns a lot of tourist attractions such as a forest known as the Upper Orashi Reserve, a beach known as Finima and a Nature Park for children to go and play in, and for couples to have a nice candlelight dinner in. This city also houses a very large Zoological Garden which is largely visited by various people, especially during the festive period.

  • 9. Calabar 

This is a very large city and is the capital of Cross River. It is also known as ‘Small London’. It is also a very peaceful city and visiting Calabar will no doubt convince you of how beautiful it is. There are a lot of carnivals hosted in this city, and the most popular one is known as Calabar Carnival. There are a lot of places in Calabar, some of which are; Calabar Museum, Duke Town, a ranch known as Drill Monkey Ranch and Tinapa.

  • 10. Uyo 

This is a city in Akwa Ibom and is known as ‘Land of Promise’. Uyo is one of the most beautiful cities in Nigeria, and it has a lot of first-class hotels in it. There are also various entertainment centers located in Uyo where people go to, to have fun, especially during the holidays and festive periods.


Conclusion On The Most Beautiful Cities In Nigeria 

A developing country with a lot of states that have so many cities in Nigeria that have been known to be the most beautiful cities located in Nigeria. These cities, however, represent their states, and as we all know that Nigeria is blessed with a lot of resources, which ranges from human resources, good weather conditions, fertile soil, agriculture, and tourist attractions. With all these, Nigeria also has a very different kind of political and economic challenge which is inter-ethnic wars, which sprang up of recent. However, Nigeria still, is home to many attractive and beautiful cities in the world and many visitors from far and wide, come looking for the cities to stay in or live in. These cities although, can be found in Urban places in Nigeria.

These cities, aside from being the most beautiful in Nigeria, they also contribute largely to the growth of the economy of Nigeria as a country.

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