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There are a lot of factors that come into consideration when deciding the best insurance company to patronize. In Nigeria, there are quite a number of insurance companies which makes it even harder to determine the best. Factors like integrity, trust-worthiness, quick response, and reliability have to be considered before signing a deal to patronize such insurers, which brought up this post on the top 20 best insurance companies in Nigeria.


While they are many indices used to reach a conclusion as to which insurance companies are the best in the country, there a few criteria that such companies must meet. These include;

  • They must have a positive history and track record; all great insurance companies have information to support their claim on the nature of policies they offer and why it is best for businesses and individuals.
  • They must be known to the public; even in other industries, reputation means a lot. The reputation of insurance companies provides patrons with information as to why they should take up policies with such companies.
  • Integrity; arguably the most important factor in this line of industry, prospective customers want to know that the company insuring their lives and properties are individuals of high integrity and reliability.
top 20 best insurance companies in Nigeria


Below is a List of The Top 20 Insurance Companies in Nigeria


  • ACEN insurance company; this company insures both life and non-life properties making them a composite insurer.
  • ADIC insurance; this company issues policy for personal, home, and even life insurance.
  • African alliance insurance company limited; the African alliance insurance company is a reputable company known for delivering great policies.
  • AIICO insurance; AIICO is rated currently as one of the major life insurers in the country and a big player in general insurance.
  • A&G insurance companies; with 20 years in the industry, these companies combine innovation and efficiency to provide insurance for all and sundry.
  • Consolidated hallmark insurance; a driven and high-tech company with amazing policies.
  • Continental insurance; commencing in 1987, this company issues both life and non life insurance policies.
  • Cornerstone insurance plc.
  • Crusader insurance plc.
  • Custodian insurance plc.
  • Equity life insurance Co. Ltd
  • Goldlink insurance Co. Ltd
  • Guarantee trust assurance plc.
  • Industrial and general insurance plc (IGI).
  • International energy insurance plc.
  • LASACO assurance plc.
  • Law Union and rock insurance plc.
  • Leadway Assurance Company limited.
  • Linkage Assurance plc.
  • Mutual benefit assurance plc.

Check for a full list of insurance companies in Nigeria

While the companies listed above are some of the best in the country, it is important to note that they are a lot of insurance companies in Nigeria that deliver great services, it is therefore left to patrons to pick those which satisfy their needs.

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