Check out the top 10 fund managers, best mutual funds in Nigeria. For an investment to be profitable it requires two things-huge capital and strong financial knowledge. The huge capital is needed for the investment while financial knowledge is important for one to make decisions on what to invest in as not all investments are profitable. Not many people can pull total the needed amount of money necessary for investment privately and very few persons can boast of strong financial knowledge. And so investments though profitable becomes a no-no business to many people.

Looking at the above problems, some companies have decided to make investments easier and open to all. They collect and pool funds from many individuals and then invest these funds in various securities, bonds, and stocks. In turn, they give yields back to the original owners of the funds at regular intervals. This pooling of money together by individuals and the use of the pool by corporate companies for investment is known as mutual funds. The companies are mostly institutions like banks and are responsible for carrying out market research and investment. They are the managers of the mutual funds in Nigeria.

So We asked – What Are The Best Mutual Funds In Nigeria?

Below we have collected the top 10 best performing Mutual funds managers in Nigeria for you.

Investment Managers

Top 10 Best Mutual Funds in Nigeria 2020

1. Stanbic IBTC Asset Management Limited

Stanbic IBTC Asset Mgt is a wholly-owned asset management associate of the Stanbic IBTC Holdings, a member of Standard Bank Group, which is the largest banking group in Africa. They operate several different equity bonds. They were awarded in 2015 as the best Mutual Fund Provider in Nigeria.

They offer a wide variety of clients’ products and services, ranging from traditional assets such as fixed-income securities, mutual funds, and equities, to alternative investment options like private equity and unquoted equities opportunities.

Stanbic IBTC Asset management has different mutual fund’s plans like

  • Stanbic IBTC Money Market Fund
  • Stanbic IBTC Ethical Fund
  • Stanbic IBTC Bond Fund
  • Stanbic IBTC Guaranteed Investment Fund.

2. FBN Capital Limited

The First Bank Capital Limited provides customers with strategic advice, arrange finance, manage funds, administer assets, sell investment products, and invest alongside their clients. They provide financial solutions to both individuals and corporate organizations, which includes the governments, institutional investors, corporations, and individuals with high net worth through five key different investments plans:

  • Investment Banking
  • Markets
  • Asset Management
  • Trust and Agency Services
  • Alternative Investments.
    They offer:

    • FBN Fixed Income Fund
    • FBN Money Market Fund
    • FBN Heritage Fund

3. United Bank Of Africa (UBA) Asset Management Limited

Third, on our list of Top 10 Managers of the Best mutual funds in Nigeria 2019 is The UBA mutual fund is an open-ended fund. It is authorized and registered in Nigeria as a unit of trust under section 125 of the investment securities act. There is free entry and free exit on the mutual fund upon Subscription.

UBA mutual fund offers the following plans :

  • UBA Money Market Fund
  • UBA Balanced Fund
  • UBA Equity Fund
  • UBA Bond Fund

4. Zenith Capital Limited

Zenith Capital Limited is owned by Zenith Bank of Nigeria. It recently added the Zenith Equity, Income and Ethical funds plans to its mutual fund and now available to the public. These Mutual funds enable individuals as well as institutions to gain access to financial markets while at the same time minimizing transaction costs and initial investment limits.

The Zenith Bank Capital Limited offers:

  • Zenith Equity Fund
  • Zenith Ethical Fund and
  • Zenith Income Fund

5. Sterling Capital Market Limited

The Sterling Capital Market offers a Mutual fund called Frontier Fund. The Sterling Capital Market Frontier Fund is an open-ended, balanced unit trust scheme which was incorporated on the 18th March 2004. Its primary objective is to achieve a long-term capital appreciation as well as high returns of competitive income to its various Unitholders. It aims to do this by investing in carefully chosen money and capital market instruments, with the aid of highly efficient financial managers.

6. Asset & Resources Management (ARM)

Asset And Resources Management has an AA- rating by Agusto & Co and was awarded the Best Fund Manager in Nigeria in 2013 by Capital Finance International.

ARM Company is Nigeria’s largest independent non-bank financial institution with more than 20 years of experience in asset management.

They offer:

  • ARM Aggressive Growth Fund
  • ARM Ethical Fund
  • ARM Money Market Fund
  • ARM Discovery Fund.

The Asset And Resource Management Group provides a wide range of products to its clients. These includes:

  • Life insurance
  • Mutual funds
  • Stockbroking services
  • Real estate and
  • Pension administration.

7. Investment One

Investment One provide Trust Services, Investment Management, Financial Advisory Services and through there subsidiaries provide Securities Brokerage, Fund Management, and Pensions Services to individuals, state governments and government agencies and parastatals and corporate institutions

Investment One has the following mutual fund plans:

  • Nigerian International Growth Fund (NIGFUND)
  • Guaranteed Investment Saving (GIS)
  • myPASS (my Project Aimed Savings)
  • Kakawa
  • Guaranteed Income Fund (KGIF)
  • Child Trust

8. Chapel Hill Denham Group

Chapel Hill Denham Group is the leading independent investment banking firm in Nigeria. The firm commenced business in July 2005.

Chapel Hill was ranked as the “Best Investment Bank in Nigeria” and “Best Debt House in Nigeria” for last year. Chapel Hills transaction experience spans several sectors including banking, manufacturing, insurance telecommunications, oil & gas, aviation, real estate, and the public sector.

Mutual Funds being offered by Chapel Hill are:

  • Paramount Equity Funds
  • CHD Millennium Fund
  • Nigeria Global Investment Fund and
  • Women’s Investments Fund.

9. Alternative Cap. Partners Ltd

The Alternative Capital operates an equity fund called ACAP Canary Growth Fund. The ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund is only open to strategic investors- Pension Fund Administrators, Insurance Companies, High Net worth Individuals, Mortgage and Microfinance Banks, Endowment Funds, Educational centres, Charity Organisations, Family & Trust Funds, Religious Houses, State & Local Governments, Company Co-operatives & Staff Schemes and Federal, including their Investment companies. The minimum Subscription for the ACAP CanaryGrowth Fund is 50,000 units and 10,000 units thereafter.

10. FSDH Asset Management Ltd

The FSDH operates an equity fund called Coral Growth Fund (CGF). It is an actively managed, open-ended unit trust scheme that invests in equities and debt securities of large companies quoted on any Nigerian Stock Exchange, investment-grade fixed income securities and in the money market. It was established on February 1, 2001. The CGF invests 65% in quoted equities and the balance of 35% in fixed income securities and the money market. In particular, the CGF will enable investors to satisfy a broad variety of financial needs and can serve as a:

  • Pension / Retirement Plan
  • Saving Plan
  • Investment Plan
  • Educational Plan ( for your children)
  • Contingency Plan (e.g. medical bills)

Initial investors must invest an initial minimum sum of N50,000 Additional minimum investment of N10,000 can be made thereafter. Redemption can be made after five business days’ notice has been given in writing to the Fund Manager.

That’s all on Top 10 Managers of The Best Mutual Funds in Nigeria Today 2020.


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