An update on the list of the best law schools in the world – There is quite a saying which goes thus “where there is no law, there is no sin” why use this proverb or better still saying, it’s actually true what the saying means, in some various places across the globe, there tends to be an increased crime rate in those areas such as corruption and fraud, which is one of the reasons why we need competent personnel for the job across the globe to counter crime rates and to pass in a fair judgment accordingly.

Speaking of getting qualified staff for the job, it required personnel highly educated and taught the law to get the job done? Now, how can these people be trained firmly? They practically need to get enrolled in one of the best law schools in the world.  Education on the law just got a whole lot easier, as the list of best law Universities in the world would be pasted out shortly in this article. Right before we bump into discussing this list; let’s quickly get through some factors of ranking that should technically be considered by you before your decision on where to study law.

Top 10 Best Law Schools In The World 2020

 Rank No.  Law  School  Location
 1.  Havard  USA
 2.  Oxford University  UK
 3.  Cambridge University  UK
 4.  Yale University  USA
 5.  Stanford University  USA
 6.  New York University  USA
 7.  University Of California  USA
 8.  Columbia University  USA
 9.  University Of Chicago  USA
 10.  Melbourne University  Australia

Now let’s get going to our main topic as it would be discussed on a general basis.

List Of Top 10 Best Law Schools In The World 2020

1. Harvard University

    • Entry Requirements: To get enrolled in this school, you are expected to possess the following;
      • LSAT or GRE,
      • Two letters of recommendation,
      • All university transcripts,
      • CV, and
      • A personal statement.
      • Average LSAT Score: 172
      • Average GPA: 3.86

This University happens to be quite a fantastic University that has been found on the list of best Universities for other courses or career profession and now it’s popping up on this list as the number one best law school in the world. This unique University is located in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States of America, this great University opens you up to great opportunities across the world as you stand a chance to be highly recognized across the globe.

Come to think of it, who would neglect the services of a professional and go for the services of a quack? Practically no one, or let’s take it from this angle. However, studying in the great Harvard University requires you are really prepared to pay the price, as we know that no great University will offer their services in breeding up a professional for free, Harvard University offers this course for the price rate of USD 277,350 for 3 years, hereby covering the total expenses such as the tuition fee, the board, and personnel costs. However, you may tend to wonder why is specified three years fee; actually, the duration of studying law in this school is three years.

Harvard University is notably one of the most prominent law schools in the world, so it’s going to be a great opportunity to study in one of the most prominent law schools as well as one of the best law schools in the world. The sections you get in this unique school would be extensive as there are lots of courses offered in this University than any other law Universities you can get.

2. University of Oxford

    • This University offers you twp main postgraduate programs termed as the master’s degrees program which are;
      • Bachelor of Civil law (BCL) which happens to be structured for students who are a law background, and Magistrate Juris (Mjur) which is structured otherwise.
      • Entry Requirements: the entry requirements for this University are as follows;
      • Academic transcripts,
      • Three letters of recommendation,
      • Written work,
      • CV, and
      • A personal statement.
      • Average GPA: 3.7

University of Oxford or Oxford University, technically any you choose to call it, this outstanding school would never be left out on this list. I firmly believe everyone should be familiar with this great University because this University is popularly known and noted for greatness as it has brought forth great professionals termed as professionals or somewhat competent in the law field. Not to talk much, the school’s program happens to be the only graduate law program across the world which is taught widely via seminar combinations, lectures, which thereby enable a closer link to your classmates and professors.

3. University of Cambridge

    • Entry Requirements: The entry requirement of this unique school includes the following;
    • First-class degree in law,
    • Two academic letters of recommendation,
    • English requirement (IELTS or TOEFL),
    • and a CV.

The masters of laws program offered by the University of Cambridge (LLM) tends to be a one year course that is structured to expand your knowledge of law either you are going to become a lawyer or just interested in the direction. The course year is quite a short right? It may seem short to you, but this short year program is capable of turning you around and giving you a whole lot of new knowledge about the law. However, this short course is made up of four classes equivalent to four papers of which you can tailor to your choice.

Meanwhile, I would like you to note that getting an LLM certification from the University of Cambridge would bar you from practicing law in the United States else you would want to go for the Harvard/Cambridge joint LLM/JD program which spans for a period of three years and a half and would earn you a degree from both schools.

4. Yale University

    • Entry Requirements: The entry requirements for this course in the Yale University are as follows;
      • LSAT,
      • Two letters of recommendation,
      • All university transcripts,
      • CV,
      • And a personal statement.
      • Average LSAT Score: 173
      • Average GPA: 3.89
      • Program Duration: 3 years

Popping up right next we have the Yale University which happens to be another widely known University in the world specially meant for those who thrive for top-quality education in a small community. Quite an extraordinary number of the graduates from this school incline towards academia as contrasting to the practicing at a huge law firm.

Obtaining a law degree from Yale University opens you up to great job opportunities not regarding how you are going to use your degree likely.

5. Stanford University

    • Entry Requirements:
      • LSAT,
      • Two letters of recommendation,
      • All university transcripts,
      • CV,
      • And a personal statement.
      • Average LSAT Score: 170
      • Average GPA: 3.86
      • Program Duration: 3 years

Stanford University is another University determined on offering the best and following their determination and focus is their ranking on the list of the best law universities in the world.

The above listed are the top 5 best law schools in the world, now let’s figure out the schools that come up as the last five best law schools in the world.

6. New York University

    • Average LSAT Score: 169
    • Average GPA: 3.81
    • Program Duration: 3 years

This University offers the best practices and approaches in pursuit of International Law and also Public Interest law. If you have ever thought or consider studying any of the aforementioned courses, this University is the best option and alternative for you.
Also, you can study in this university via their extended satellite campus in over 15 Universities of the World.

7. University of California, Berkeley

    • Average LSAT Score: 166
    • Average GPA: 3.78
    • Program Duration: 3 years

In this university, you have the best hands and available resources all over the world to entrench Students in Environmental Law, International law, and also intellectual property Law. Also, this University offers you to divert your admission to Harvard University after your 3rd year if you do not have the courses you want to study at the University.

It will interest you to know the grading system used in this university is quite different from the grading system used in other universities.

8. Columbia University

    • Average LSAT Score: 171
    • Average GPA: 3.7
    • Program Duration: 3 years
    • Total Cost: $274,620 USD for 3 years

Over the years, what has consistently put this school in the list of top Ranking Law University in the world includes the rigorous activities that are in place for any students that wished to study in this university but will always bring out the best in them.

Your first 3 weeks after resumption in Colombia university will open you to know about the University and professors of this university, this is usually known as the pass or fail week which always makes the University interesting and getting you acquitted with all you need to know.

9. University of Chicago

    • Average LSAT Score: 170
    • Average GPA: 3.9
    • Program Duration: 3 years
    • Total Cost: $276,021 USD for 3 years
    • The University of Melbourne
    • Average LSAT Score: 158
    • Average GPA: 70%+

For those that are interested in getting vast knowledge and experience in Economics law especially in the area of making use of law in the economic world, you have got to attend this university. This school is proud to have the first professor to win a Nobel Prize to take students of this university.

10. The University of Melbourne

    • Following are the Entry Requirements for you to study in this university:
    • LSAT and all university transcripts.
    • Average GPA: 70%+Average
    • LSAT Score: 158
    • Number of Students: 1200

The type and approach to teaching law at this University is a very practical approach. Only fee students of about 60 or lesser are adsorbed into this University. The most interesting part is, thus university offered double certifications from the University and that of Oxford University, which also boosts the chances of students, and also gives room for students to be trained in a world-class format.


Conclusion On The Top 10 Best Law Schools In The World

Studying law just got a whole lot easier following the fact that all you require to know about choosing Universities deemed best for this course has been revealed.

  • Is specific law you after?

This is the first factor that should be taken into consideration? What kind of law does a specific University offer you? Most of the law Universities tend to have a series of law programs for students to make choices from. But if actually, you want to study a specific law, ensure you get to know about the school or university that offers the kind of code you would wish to consider, don’t just bump into any University for the sake of the fact that you heard the school offers law, try to get extra information about the kind of law they provide if you are actually a type that wants to be specific with a particular type of law program.

  • Where do you want to practice law eventually?

Now here is another factor also that should be taken into consideration as you would be provided better access to the top local law firms and a vast network of alumni in the city you actually got enrolled in, therefore, you definitely stand a more significant chance of getting a job right in the city where you studied the law, now what do I mean? Actually what I am trying to say is this, you have to consider where you are going to finally settle down for this course as you would be mainly taught the local laws of the city you get to school in as you stand a chance of getting a job in the city.

Now I believe you should all note that the local laws of different cities in the world vary from one another as you wouldn’t expect one city to have the same or make use of the same code as another city. You only stand a greater chance of securing a job anywhere if you studied international law which we all know to be one.

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