Best Fashion Schools In The World – Going with the saying “Fashion rules the world”, regardless of the sector you get yourself entangled with or you find yourself in, you always have to be mindful of your dressing termed as fashion, for instance, you wouldn’t probably want to wear blue knickers below a yellow shirt and pink footwear, does that sound really great? It doesn’t even sound well not to talk of sounding great. Therefore, practically everyone in the world today needs education in fashion, but only a few want to go in line with this profession.

So how does the whole world get the basic knowledge of fashion when only a few accepted the challenge? Well, that’s not a problem in the world today as they say a little water can make a mighty ocean, therefore, the few that have decided to take up this course can actually educate and aid the whole world in fashion, how best they can dress, what particular dress code would match a specific event and lots more. If you are lucky enough to make that decision of being a fashion professional, then you have a great challenge ahead of you. For those who really have a passion for this profession, we would urge you to get enrolled in the best schools in the world to grant you the required knowledge you ought to have.

Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In The World 2020

 Rank No.  Name  Location
 1.  Central Saint Martins  London, UK
 2.  Parsons the New School for design  New York, USA
 3.  Instituto Marangoni  Milan, Italy
 4. Fashion Institute of Technology New York, USA
 5. Kingston University London, UK
 6. Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine arts  Antwerp, Belgium
 7.  Shenkar College of Engineering and Design Tel Aviv, Israel
 8. Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne Paris, France
 9. Royal College of Arts London, UK
 10.  London School Of Fashion London, UK

Before we forge ahead in discussing these schools termed the best in details which comprise short stuff you should know about these schools, let’s have them lined straight out here for your conveniences.

List Of The Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In The World

1. Central Saint Martins

    • London, UK
    • Programs Offered in Central Saint Martins – Fashion Design Communication, Fashion Designing, Fashion Journalism, Fashion Design In Womenswear, Fashion Design Marketing, Fashion Design Menswear, Fashion Design Print.
      Levels Offered – Undergraduate, Short Term, Integrated And Masters

This institution happens to be a part of the University of Arts situated in London known widely for its wide range of arts courses specializing in designs and fashions. This school emerged as the number on this list at this moment earning its place as one of the best fashion schools in the world. This institution was established in the year 1986 following the merging of the Saint Martin’s School of Arts and the Central School of Arts and Designs. Mindful of the fact that this university is one of the best in this field, it attained the highest score for student placement after graduation.

2. Parsons The New School For Design

    • New York, USA
    • Programs –Fashion Marketing, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Communications Design, Fashion Design And Society, Industrial Design
    • Levels Offered – Undergraduate, Summer Programs, Graduate, Preschool Programs

The Parson School of design proves to be the pioneer of arts and design which has made it one of the best fashion schools in the world. This unique fashion school is noted widely for its quality educational system as well as innovative teaching techniques which thereby brought forth the creativity in students since it’s its birth. The school at after almost a hundred years merged with the New school which was established in the year 1919.

3. Istituto Marangoni, Milan

    • Location – Milan, Florence Italy. Other Campuses in London are located in, UK; and also in France, Paris; in Shenzhen, China
    • Programs –Fashion-FIlm-Photography, Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, Fashion Product Marketing, Communication And Media, Fashion Promotion, Fashion, And Luxury Brand Management.
    • Levels Offered – Executive Masters, Undergraduate, Short Term Courses, Graduate.

This institution is yet another top-rated University in the fashion industry across the world; this institution was founded in the year 1935, quite an old school right? Anyways, despite being old, they have been noted for greatness for long following their establishment and have been observed to breed up professionals in this aspect. Following the school’s total number of student breaching 40, 000, more than three campuses were initiated. This school following its old age is more experienced in this line than others on this list. Students are allowed to get enrolled from every corner of the world to gain more knowledge and probably take it back to their various home countries.

4. Fashion Institute Of Technology, New York

    • Location – New York, USA
    • Programs – Graduate, Undergraduate,
    • Levels Offered –Fashion Business Management, Fabric Styling, Jewelry And Interior Design, Global Fashion Management Fashion & Textile; Cosmetic, Fragrance, And Marketing Management.

The Fashion Institute of Technology located in New York is popularly known or often referred to as the MIT of the fashion industry, some of the most talented and notable designers, industry professionals, and actors were known to graduate from this particular institution. This fashion school is noted for establishing curriculums that are not just challenging but also inculcates tactics which are deemed necessary for the real world. The academic board of this institution is a well important group of experts who are noted as significant members in the fashion field.

5. Kingston University, London

    • Location – Kingston Upon Thames, London
    • Programs – MA In Fashion, Bachelor Of Honors Fashion.
    • Levels Offered – Postgraduate, Undergraduate

This great University happens to be one of the oldest Universities in the UK has one of the most acknowledged institutes in the world and also known to attract students from every corner of the world. However, the fashion college of this great University is relatively new, but steps towards attaining the highest level of success deemed necessary, if care not taken by the forefront Universities and fashion schools, this fashion college might snatch some positions on this list following its determination and development. Although, this fashion college might not have great reputable names among its alumni definitely will make a hit someday as its graduates have been noticed to be in high positions or rather say held upper ranks in some of the most prominent fashion brands across the world.

6. Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts, Antwerp

    • Location – Antwerp, Belgium
    • Programs – Bachelors And Masters In Jewelry Making, Costume Design, and Visual Arts Fashion,
    • Levels Offered – Graduate, Undergraduate

Speaking of elite schools, this school proves to be one of them as it emerges as one of the best fashion schools in the world. The courses offered by this institution are quite expensive but elaborate and based on bringing forth the innovative and artistic capabilities of its students of which most of them find challenging. Aiming to become a professional? This school is ready to give you the push you deserve to attain that level.

7. Shenkar College of Engineering and Design

    • Location – Ramat Gan, Israel
    • Programs – Bachelors & Masters In Textile Design, Fashion Design, Visual Communication, Jewelry Design
    • Levels Offered – Graduate, Undergraduate

This College of Engineering came into existence in the year 1970 as it was founded by Aryeh Shankar which is probably why the institution is named after him, the founder stated that the school was established for serving to promote and to contribute to the industry situated in Israel, meanwhile, it has now climbed the ladder of success with such aim for founding the school.

8. Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne

    • Location – Rue Réaumur, Paris
    • Levels Offered – Graduate, Undergraduate, and Certificate Courses
    • Programs –Masters In Fashion Design And Model, Bachelors In Fashion Design & Technique, Draping And Patternmaking, Advance Courses In Design.

9. Royal College Of Arts

    • Location – Kensington, London
    • Programs –Fashion Menswear, Fashion Innovation And Design, Fashion Womenswear, Textiles, Global Innovation Design
    • Levels Offered – Graduate

10. London College Of Fashion

    • BA Honors in Bespoke Tailoring, Fashion Buying, and Merchandising
    • MA in Fashion Journalism, Fashion Photography and so many degrees in these prestigious Universities.

Here in the last list is London Fashion schools, this school stood and achieve these feet due to the recourse she gave to Fashion, they are into various types of fashion which integrated the use of recent technological innovations with fashion to present men and women looks gorgeous and make men looks modest.
This school offered admission into various levels from undergraduate and postgraduate schools. They award degrees in

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Conclusion On Top 10 Best Fashion Schools In The World 2020

Getting more knowledge on fashion is quite a wise decision, you stand to gain more than others who think they can sit at home and start up a fashion industry, well, no doubt, it may work out, but there is always a difference between the educated and the non-educated.

Come to think of it, a majority of the world’s population today tends to believe that this profession is meaningless, like why should we go for such business when I can actually dress up myself without being taught, and more also, it doesn’t yield money well I put it to you today that fashion makes a whole lot of sense, what one man actually loves may be the worst enemy of another man, speaking of the financial aspect of this profession, this profession actually yields great income regarding the fact that people studying this course in the Universities across the world aren’t quite numerous unlike other top professions, therefore, there wouldn’t be much people available for the said profession hereby yielding them great income, aside from that factor also, fashion tends to be a trending factor in the world today, everyone wants to get the latest fashion wears, latest dress codes, latest shoes, and other stuff, but requires the support from the professionals of this field. Following the fact that fashion happens to be trending currently, young lads are attracted to the profession of which some are opting in because of money, and a majority are opting in as a result of the passion they have for the profession.

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