Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria & Types

What are the best fish feeds in Nigeria and the types available? Fish Feed is the special food that we feed to fish to make them grow well and fast. But with over 2 billion people in the world living in hunger, why should we be bothered to feed fish, instead of feeding human beings? Let us give a small break down of the importance of fish to the world’s population, and why it is important that we feed them.

Fish are animals that live in the water. To the average person, fish is a type of food and with good reason. Fish are an important source of nutrition for the world’s population. Many special delicacies in many parts of the world are made with fish. aside from the special delicacies, many people would soon starve to death if not for fish which can be eaten boiled, fried, roasted, dried, and can be transported to the most distant parts of the world, even to deserts, where there are no rivers, and so naturally, no fish. Canned fish is regularly shipped as food aid to warzones and places experiencing food shortages to feed the refugees and displaced persons.

Without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen we now present the types of fish feeds that you can probably find in Nigeria. Be warned: the information in this article is not a recommendation to buy anything. It is advice-able to get advice from a professional before going ahead to purchase any kind of fish feed. (Arranged in no special order)

Best Fish Feeds in Nigeria

  • Livestock Feeds PLC
  • Durante Fish Industries Limited
  • Skretting Nigeria
  • Aller Aqua Nigeria Limited
  • Olam Nigeria
  • Zeigler Feeds
  • Dickem Feeds
  • Prime Feeds
  • Aqualis Fish Feed
  • Blue Crown Fish Feeds

Types Of Fish Feeds In Nigeria

  • Dry Fish Foods

These probably the most popular fish feeds that you will find in Nigeria. They are also called flake foods, and they are types of artificially manufactured feeds which are actually concentrates made up of fibre and nutrients for fish consumption.

These feeds are normally consumed by a broad variety of tropical fish (Nigeria is a tropical country) and saltwater fish as well. The feeds are well suited to top dwellers fish because once they are thrown into the pond they do not immediately sink to the bottom. This particular quality also makes them good for mid-water fish, even though many bottom-dwelling fishes will consume flake food after they have settled down at the bottom of the pond.

Dry fish feeds are made to last long on the shelf without deteriorating in quality. So they save the farmer considerable expense on going back and forth to the supplier every now and then.

  • Vacation Fish Feeds

Vacation fish foods are a bulky type of fish feed that has been given many names like: ‘food blocks’ or ‘weekend blocks.’  Vacation fish feed is prepared with the intention of being put into the aquarium for fish consumption while the owner of the fish farm is absent.

They are prepared in big block form and what these blocks feed do is to release small quantities of the feed as the blocks food dissolves. Although blocks fish feed can be the best for smaller tropical fish, it is good to know the number of fish in the pond before putting in the block because if they stay for long in the pond, they can pollute the fish pond, and actually harm the fish. But if the pond is crowded with hungry fish they will practically devour the block feed before the farmer returns from his journey.

  • Medicated Fish Feed

Medicating feed has been a long-standing agricultural practice in the world of Agriculture. In recent years this process has been introduced into aquaculture as well. When it is necessary to treat the fish with medication the most efficient way to do this is through their food, which they will undoubtedly consume hook line and sinker, and so the best way to do so is through medicated fish food. The major advantage of this feed is that it does not contaminate the pond, unlike bath treatments. As a matter of fact, medicated feed does not affect fish negatively, neither does it affect algae growth in the fish pond. It practically leaves no traces because all of it has been eaten up, and what may be left is flushed out by the normal flow of the water.

  • Frozen Fish Feed Types

Freeze-dried and frozen fish feed is a type of fish feed that is prepared simply for tropical fish using natural feed that they would normally eat in the natural environment, but which has been cultured, harvested and packaged for sale to fish farmers.  The feed is also beneficial for fish because it provides variety to the fish diet, as well as attends to the feeding needs of fish (especially young fish) for rapid fish growth. Let us break it down further.

These feeds are made by culturing tubifex worms, bloodworms and mosquito larvae, including water fleas and also brine shrimp. Some brands marsh up the ingredients and dry them up, while other brands may sell individual ingredients as feeds.

  • Frozen Fish Feed

These are usually the same ingredients that we have described in the paragraph above: -Mosquito larvae, water fleas, Bloodworms and Daphnia, or brine shrimp. However, instead of drying the ingredients, they are sealed in blister packs or in resealable packets and then frozen. The supplier must keep them frozen until they are sold because they are quite perishable, and spoilt ones may contaminate the ponds, and harm the fish.


As we have seen from the paragraph above, human begins have come to depend on fish for their survival, and so have hunted (fished) the oceans into the brink of emptiness, and many species of fish into the brink of extinction. For this reason, it has become imperative for humans to grow their own fish since they cannot just go to the seas with nets and harvest fish anymore. But how can humanity produce their own fish if they do not have what to feed them with? It sounds impossible, doesn’t it? Researchers have therefore swung into action to understand the natural diet of the various types of fish, and to know what can be used to feed them so that they can grow well, and on time. If the agriculturalist heeds their advice and feeds his fish with the recommended types of feeds then he should have a bountiful harvest and then we the people will have fish to eat, and so we will not die of hunger.

That’s all about the best fish feeds in Nigeria.


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