Types Of Broilers In Nigeria

What are the types of broilers in Nigeria? For the benefit of the person who just stumbled on this post and thinks: ” broiler? What is a Broiler?” Well, a broiler is a chicken. But not just any chicken, it is the kind of chicken that is bred specifically for its meat. They are usually male specimens of special breeds that grow very fast so that after a few weeks of feeding them they are ready to be harvested for consumption.

Every day thousands of broiler chickens end up on dinner tables worldwide. But they do not fall down from the sky, no they are bred in Poultry farms, and that means that poultry farms make vast thousands if not millions of dollars in profits worldwide, every day. Poultry farming is a very profitable business throughout Nigeria; but as we stated in the preceding article, this particular business is just not for the lazy or inept ones. There is no holiday in business, and the businessman must be diligent and proactive in this venture. We will come to that later.

Let us go back to the purpose of writing this article. What are the types of Broilers in Nigeria, and how can you know the best chicken breeds? A further step in that question is what makes these the best kinds of broiler breeds in Nigeria? Those are what we will be looking at in this article.

Remember that poultry is a business. Think of it as a living factory. That means that everything goes into account: money spent on feeds and medicine are taken into account and can mean the difference between being profitable or otherwise. A healthy broiler usually grows between 45-60 days. That means about 60 days of feeding and preventive medication. Any more will make an impact on the money at hand.—-

Types Of Broilers In Nigeria

  • Cornish Cross Broilers
  • Grinphield Marshall
  • Moyer’s K-22 (Red Broilers)
  • Rosambro Broilers

Details on the types of broilers in Nigeria

  1. Cornish Cross Broilers: This is a fast-growing breed of chicken. It may be more easily recognized by the name “Cornish Rock.” To grow this breed of chicken broiler will usually take you from around six to eight weeks. That means they are quite a profitable breed of chicken to raise for the table. Furthermore, they have proven to be well adapted to the Nigerian climate, and are quite hardy; not prone to getting wiped out by the slightest hint of disease.
  2. Grinphield Marshall: This is another fast-growing broiler breed that usually takes approximately 6-8 weeks of consistent feeding to grow up to what people in the business call “table size.” A noteworthy advantage of these birds is that they are big and tall.
  3. Moyer’s K-22 (more popularly called Red Broilers): This particular breed is most noted for the features of their meat. The mean is lean and less fatty, aromatic, and quite tender in texture. However, this particular breed of poultry birds will take the farmer a bit longer – to reach the consumers’ table; approximately eight to 10 weeks.
  4. Rosambro Broilers: These broiler chickens are classified into the medium-growth category.  They grow a bit faster than the red broilers, but typically slower than the Cornish giants. The unique taste also characterizes the meat obtained from this particular breed of Chicken.

Pictures Of Broilers In Nigeria

Cornish Cross Broilers Grinphield Marshall Speckled Broilers From Moyer’s Check and Moyers

So there you have the information you wanted on the types of broilers in Nigeria. Those are the best breeds of broilers available in Nigeria. So do you just go out and buy them in order to start your own poultry? Jumping into a business without first making sure you know what you are doing will more often than not result in sorrow and tears.

Why not take the next few minutes of your time to learn more about how to effectively run a poultry farm? In the next few paragraphs, we highlight a few tips on running a successful poultry farm. Read to the end. Remember that any business that is done without having a plan has no chance of survival.

Let us look at what investments your poultry farm will need: such as land, purchasing chicks, food, money paid as a salary to workers who will assist you on your farm, and medical care for your farm animals.

Target location. Before choosing a place to locate your poultry farm, you should pay attention, primarily to the proximity to the market where you will sell your product. This is not necessarily in the heart of the city where you live, please keep in mind that  Broiler production has its peculiarities, one of which is the smell. Furthermore, it is quite important that you ensure that your “broiler pen” or “chicken house” or just poultry is not located near swamps, or rivers or streams. A major reason for this is that bacteria and viruses tend to fester and spread when broiler waste does not dry immediately, and this can spread diseases that will spread to humans, possibly causing emergency situations.

You will need to buy chicks, preferably day-old chicks if you intend to raise broilers for the market. Ensure that you take great care, not just feeding the birds constantly, but also that you keep them warm and comfortable, especially when they are very young. Keep in mind that in this article we have already described the poultry as a kind of living factory, which is a warm-blooded one. It should ensure that you put in place a special temperature control system, good ventilation, and adopt a regular and thorough cleaning regimen. Avoid overcrowding; make sure that there is enough space to accommodate the necessary number of the poultry birds.

Get food and water in place, within reach of the poultry birds, and constantly refilled. Planning a farm for poultry, one must not fail to research thoroughly the newly developed and efficient features such as equipment for feeding and watering the poultry birds. Yes, for poultry birds, water is just as important as feed. Within a huge production, it is not necessary to use systems that provide water and grains automatically. This can be done by hand, manually, but must be timed so as to ensure that the poultry birds do not go without the necessities that will make you get the best out of them.

Recent research now recommends that you do not place the feeders on the ground to avoid moisture propagation and bacteria from festering, especially since their waste could mix with their feed. Newly developed feeders and water-es can be suspended above the ground but still remain within the reach of the poultry birds. It is recommended that you keep your chicks dry at all times.

Learn from professionals. We advise that you continue to ask and study all the information related to production. It could be of many advantages if you visit large poultry farms; consult your business colleagues, as well as experienced veterinarians.

That’s all on the types of broilers in Nigeria


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