All over the world today the use of agriculture cannot be de-emphasized. So, what are the types of agriculture in Nigeria? Agriculture has been a way of sustaining the entire populace. There are many professions, ranging from a sophisticated engineering to the less technical professions all these directly or indirectly make use of the agricultural product in one way or the other in course of their production. We will be writing shortly in this piece on the types of agriculture in Nigeria and also, we shall look briefly at some related things we need to know about agriculture and the country called Nigeria.


  • 1. Subsistence Farming 

This type of agriculture in Nigeria farming entails the production of food and animal for immediate or family consumption. This type of agriculture does not require much capital either does it require much or a large area of land for cultivation. It is mostly practicing in most of the houses you can see in Nigeria, it involves the planting of vegetables at the back of the owners’ compound, making use of the little space or available plots for land for production of yam, cassava, pepper, and tomatoes. This is just to serve the needs of the immediate family.

This is common due to the fact that nearly everyone in the country cares about buying farm produces which can be easily grown and use at the back of the house. It can also be seen in the most home having poultry for chicken for family consumption and the eggs got from the poultry are either sold or used for family use.

  • 2. Commercial/Industrialized Farming 

This is the second type of agriculture in Nigeria, farming that involves production and cultivation of crops and animal on a large scale of land for the commercial purpose, in other words for the benefit or consumption for the public in exchange of money. This type of agriculture is usually capital intensive, it involves the use of pieces of machinery like a tractor, plow, tiller and many other agricultural machines as to embark on massive production of food for the society.

Something spectacular about this type of farming is because most times it is government assisted farming by some are self-sponsored and established. It also involves rearing of livestock, birds, cows and other animals for meat which is for public consumption. In this type of farming also, that is where most tides and skins are gotten to produces the product that makes use of this item as their raw materials like shoe bag etc.

Types Of Agriculture In Nigeria


To many, what they see agriculture as is not the real meaning or what an agriculture is while many people practice one form or the other of agriculture but never knew they are actually carrying out agricultural practices.

Agriculture in a broader term can be seen as the production of both plants and animals so as to serves as food and raw materials for man. Agriculture strictly branched into two major categories, the aspect that deals with plants farming and production which invariably means planting and culturing crops for food consumption. And also, the branch that dealt with animal production, this majorly focus on the rearing of animals to make their meat available for food and their skin available for leaders. We have various forms of agricultural practices that dealt with plant production. In agriculture, we have different branches which later and further escalate to different field and professions in agricultural business today.



This is the type of agriculture that dealt with the cultivations of ornamental crops, fruits, and vegetables.


This is a branch of agriculture that dealt with the study of the soil and management of the soils for growing crops.


This entails the business of agriculture and how to produce in the farming business.

Agricultural Engineering: this is all in all about the technical know-how of all the farm equipment and sophisticated machines use in the farm.


In the shore of Africa, the major business both old and young involves in is the agricultural business. Africa is a continent with good and fertile soils for farming and good weather condition for the rearing of animals. Africa has been the food basket of many nations today in terms of a cash crop, perennial crops, beverages, tree and timber for various man uses.

Nigeria is a country in Africa, it is one of the countries with booming economy in West Africa. It has been known overages as one of the largest exporters of agricultural products to a different part of the world even to neighboring countries. This was not just an accident occasion but it was as a result of heavy rainfall, good sunlight as at when due and fertile soil that is good for production of agricultural produces.

Among the nations in Africa, Nigeria has the forest with the thickest bush, giants’ trees like Iroko, Obeche, Mahogany, and thick. All these are the careful effort of the citizen who took agriculture as a profession ad way of life. Majority of elderly and people of good age are into agriculture in Nigeria not just to feed the people and nation alone but also to export to bring about bilateral trade among neighboring and allied countries.

Some of the agricultural produce which are usually produced and exported out of Nigeria is the cocoa, Kolanut, cashew, yam and many other farms produce. Also, Nigeria supplies timber for house construction to neighboring nations and for citizens use.

In Nigeria, they practice the two types of the agricultural system which is the commercial and subsistence farming, we will be writing on these forms in the next paragraph.



We have generally look at the field of agriculture in which we give a definition of agriculture is to us all as the growing of plants, and the rearing of animal for man consumption. Also, we have done a bit justice Nigeria and agriculture in Nigeria as we know the people of this country are predominantly farmers and most people where take farming as a very serious business. The major crops that are mostly export to the different nationalities are as a result of the commercial farming done by people of this country.

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