Are you interested in NGO jobs? Don’t worry, as we’ll be discussing in-depth about NGO and NGO jobs in Nigeria. NGO Job is lucrative and it is one of the most sorted after jobs in Nigeria. NGOs are situated all across the country depending on the place where they want to implement and carry out their project. Daily, thousands of persons surf the internet seeking for the most recent job vacancies posted by the available NGO organization in Nigeria. In this article, we’ll be discussing NGO jobs in Nigeria and all you need to know.

Latest NGO Jobs In Nigeria 2020

Due to the insurgency in Nigeria, many International Non-Governmental Organizations are in the country and has propelled the creation of local NGOs to be active as well. The presence of NGOs in Nigeria has also boosted the employment rate in the country and reduce unemployment. Presently some Non Governmental Organizations in Nigeria are recruiting to fill in the existing vacancies in their organizations, you can do well to apply for any of these positions and stand a chance to be employed.

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Below is the list of some NGO jobs in Nigeria Available On The App:

  • Research Associate at Elnuk Nigeria
  • Program Officer at The Accountability Lab Nigeria
  • Fresh Vacancies at Abt Associates
  • HR Coordinator at INTERSOS Nigeria
  • Latest Jobs at Cooperazione Internazionale (COOPI)
  • Job Vacancies at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • Job Opportunities at Africa’s Young Entrepreneurs (A.Y.E)
  • Job Openings at Palladium Group
  • Finance Roles at ActionAid
  • Graduate Internship Program at Dataville Research LLC
  • Program Analyst at SHIFT Nigeria
  • Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Director at RTI International
  • Intern – Drug Control and Crime Prevention, at the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • Admin/Receptionist Intern at Mercy Corps Nigeria
  • Security Coordinator (Training) at The Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC)
  • IT Support Consultant at Girl Effect Nigeria
  • Food Fortification Program Coordinator at Helen Keller International
  • Latest Jobs at Loving Gaze
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: Consultant – Assessment of Mobile Network Strength
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: Programme Manager (EU Resilience)
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: Food Security & Livelihood Assistant
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: FSL Market Officer
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: Food Security & Livelihood Coordinator
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy: Child Protection Psychologist Assistant
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy:Vacancy: Food Security & Livelihood Officer
  • Save the Children Nigeria Job Vacancy:Vacancy: Child Protection Psychologist Assistant
  • INTERSOS Nigeria Job Vacancy:Vacancy: HR Coordinator
  • Helen Keller International Job Vacancy: Food Fortification Program Coordinator
  • Management Sciences for Health Job Vacancy: State Finance and Administration Associate
  • Management Sciences for Health Job Vacancy: Senior Operations and Procurement Specialist
  • Management Sciences for Health Job Vacancy: Technical Officer
  • FHI 360 Job Vacancy: Compliance Officer

And Many More…

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NGO Jobs in Nigeria: Job Overview

NGO is an acronym for Non-Governmental Organizations. These organizations are usually non-profit (do not render services because they want to make money)but are out to render services to humanity with the aim of fostering better livelihood among the community where they are hosted. Also, international organizations that are independent of governments and international governmental organizations (though they are funded by governments) that are active in rendering service which are educational, humanitarian, social, health care, public policy, human rights, environmental, and other areas to bring about changes according to their aim and objectives. NGO job is highly task-oriented and is carried out by people with a common interest, same goal and agenda, NGO perform a variety of service and humanitarian functions, they bring the concern of citizen to Governments, they serve as advocates and monitor policies and encourage political participation through provision of information.

NGO activities vary and have different goals, aim(s), and objectives which include, but not limited to, human rights work, environmental, social, and advocacy. NGOs work to promote social or political change on a broad scale or very locally. The role NGOs play is critical in developing society, improving communities, and promoting citizen participation.

Applying for NGO jobs in Nigeria is not tedious and not as difficult as most persons paint it to be. NGO Jobs in Nigeria is about you having a reliable source of information (internet, pasted adverts, or persons), it also depends on the quality of your curriculum vitae (CV) and the strength of the connections you’ve created over time. NGO Jobs in Nigeria is tasking and demanding, employees are expected to be on their toes at all times or when called upon to perform a multi or series task and also involves been in the office or moving around and that means working on the field be it within or outside the country. So if you’re the energetic type and ready to enroll in NGO jobs, you might want to check out NGO jobs in Nigeria as you’ll find quite a number of jobs available on this site.

  • NGO Jobs in Nigeria: General Requirements

NGO Jobs’ requirement is similar to every other job application in Nigeria. Though there may be some peculiarities due to their job description. When applying for an NGO job in Nigeria, there are some additional inclusions in your CV that could give you an edge and increase your chances of being selected for any available vacant position. They include:

  • BSc or HND or its equivalent qualification related to the nature of the NGO Job you are applying for.
  • Post Graduate Certificate in the field or related field also.
  • Excellent language skills: The ability to speak the English language fluently and understand the native language is an additional advantage.
  • Other relevant qualifications (certification) or training especially managerial courses, disaster management, etc. will be a nice addition to your CV.
  • Good writing and communication skill is important.
  • Computer literacy is advantageous and gives an upper edge.
  • Other jobs that you can do which is related to the organization’s job description.
  • A minimum of 2 –5 years’ experience is required highly required. Fresh graduates undergo training so as to learn more about the job description. The Embassy will also look at the person’s personal suitability for the position before hiring.
  • NGO Jobs in Nigeria: Basic Responsibilities

Some functions you must be willing to carry out by signing up for a Writing Job include but are not limited to:

  • Ensures the revision and implementation of the NGO policies to the missions
  • Ensure to meet up with daily job targets so as to meet up with the projected output.
  • The usage of acquired linguistic skills to communicate with the English language or with the local language of the community.
  • To liaise with the community ahead representatives so as to generate equal benefits for the community.
  • To make sure that all materials, tools, and resources are used appropriately and in case of excess they are returned, this is called accountability.
  • Ability to take inventory, write reports, and every other document that is required to work within the organization.
  • Ability to work with computers especially the use of Microsoft packages is.
  • Ability to evaluate, analyze, and utilize information drawn from an appropriate variety of sources and send feedback to the headquarters when required.


Conclusion on NGO Jobs In Nigeria

Even though the job is lucrative and attracts fat payment, yet, it is a job for those that are hard working. Presently, there are many vacancies for NGO Jobs in Nigeria, take the advantage now and apply for any that suit you or your qualification. Also, don’t just base on your qualifications alone but make sure you have the necessary and required skill/ technique that will land toy the Job bearing in mind that there are many applicants too. The wage or salary and remuneration are good, reason been to encourage and motivate staff to give their best so as to achieve the desired output and outcome of the project carried out by the NGO.

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