For those interested in knowing how to apply for the Nigeria Immigration recruitment 2018 portal and requirements, you have surely come to the right place for an updated information. Do you or you have someone that is interested in applying for a job opportunity in the Nigeria Immigration Service and you have been thinking of the possible procedures and requirements one needs to qualify for the job; your questions like:

  1. Application procedures for Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Service.
  2. The actual date for the commencement of the exercise and Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment exam date.
  3. Whether this year’s NIS exercise form is out.
  4. Where and when one can easily fill the form if the exercise kicks up and other questions that might be running in your mind which are not listed here.

These questions and other things that one need to know about Nigeria Immigration recruitment 2018 portal and requirements will be well explained in this write up.


The General Requirements For NIS Recruitments:

Below are the overall requirements applicants or a candidate needs to meet before considering applying for The Nigeria Immigration Recruitment Exercise.

  1.    In terms of finance, the applicant must be free or independent from any form of embarrassment.  
  2.    Before considering applying for a job opportunity in the Nigeria Immigration Service, it is very paramount that you are a citizen of Nigeria neither by a descent or through birth.
  3.    You must be good both in the character-wise and any other virtues.
  4.    When it comes to heights measurements, the applicant or the candidate must not be less than 1.7 meters height which is meant for the male counterparts and the female side is 1.64 meters in height.
  5.    The candidate or the applicant in terms of age must be up to eighteen years but must not exceed the age of thirty-five years.
  6.    Physical disability or a mental disability must not be associated with anyone that is interested in applying for a job vacancy in the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  7.     In the measurement of the chest, the prospective applicant’s chest exact measurement must be expanded fully of nothing beyond 0.87 meters.
  8.    Another requirement that the intending applicant must possess is that he or she must be certified fully by a medical practitioner that is working in government-owned hospitals or government-owned health services to be mentally and physically fit for recruitment into the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  9.    The prospective candidates with any of the under listed challenges do not have to apply for an opportunity into Nigeria Immigration Service;
  10.    Difficulties in hearing.
  11.    Challenges in sight.
  12.    Women who are pregnant or nursing mothers.
  13.    If the candidates have had a primary orthopedic operation in the past.
  14.    Difficult in speech, that is, stammering., fracture or any other disability caused by nature.
  15.    A challenge in a flat foot.

The NIS Recruitment Academic Qualifications:     

Apart from meeting up with the general requirements for Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment that have listed above, the prospective applicants must also meet up with its qualifications base on academics.

Therefore, the academic qualifications for any candidate seeking for a job opportunity in the NIS (because they sometimes consider any candidates that have not pass through the four walls of tertiary institutions provided that they have their Senior Secondary Certificates or the West African School Certificate) are as follows;

  1. A minimum mark of credits in at least three subjects which must behave the English Language as among the three subjects that must be passed in credit and a pass at least in any other subjects which must be obtained in SSSC, that is, Senior Secondary Certificate or West African School Certificate (WASC).  
  2.    General Certificate of Education or NECO, that is, National Examination Council Ordinary Level with at least four subjects must be obtained in a just one sitting, but in two sittings, at least five subjects which the English Language must be among will be obtained.
  3.    The candidates have to present a National Diploma degree which must be gotten from any tertiary institution, mostly polytechnics that are well known.
  4.    Advanced level of General Certificate of Education in just two subjects gotten at almost one sitting but only three subjects are required in two sittings.


There has been a lot of numerous anticipations about the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment exercise in this year 2018 and even on the previous years before.

In order to qualify to sit for an exam in the Nigeria Immigration Recruitment exercise after possessing all those requirements mentioned above, the candidate have to log in to and then follow the necessary steps to complete each section of the application processes and lastly press the submit bottom that is located at the bottom line of the application form to be able to qualify.  


  1.    Administrative, Finance and Technical Services (FATS): The Finance, Administration and Technical Services are charged statutorily with the function of articulation, policy initiation, formulation, and implementation.   
  2.    The Recruitment, Posting, Financial Management, Promotion of Officers, Deployment, and Men of the service. That is the CERPAC, Visa, and Passport.
  3.    Inspectorate Investigation and Enforcement type of Directorate of the Federal Immigration Service that has the responsibility of aliens and investigation control which is all forms of abuses of immigration, detention, Laws, and Regulations And lastly Screening and Investigation.

Brief Introduction To The NIS

The Nigeria Immigration is one of the Federal Government parastatals that is in-charge of coordinating individuals who are coming in and leaving out of Nigeria. Its main functions are:

  1.    Its patrons and surveys the nation’s borders.
  2.    Issuance of travel papers to the qualified Nigerian within and outside the country.
  3.    Laws, as well as regulations, are enforced by the Nigeria Immigration Service.
  4.    They are also in-charge of issuance of residence permits to outsiders in Nigeria.
  5.    The Federal Immigration Service helps in fostering cordial relationships with every other agency that are lawfully enforced.
  6.    The traveling documents inspections are the responsibility of the Federal Immigration Service.
  7.    The Federal immigration services also aid in the creation of more employment opportunities to citizens of Nigeria.
  8.    The safekeeping of records especially a biometric record is one of the duties of the Federal Immigration Services.
  9.    Investigation of vehicles, air crafts, and boats is carried out by the Federal Immigration Service.
  10.    The Federal Immigration service has the role of deportations and the arrest of an unlawful or immigrants that are prohibited.
  11.    Immigration Regulations and laws execution are controlled by the Federal Immigration Service with the jurisdiction that is within it.
  12.    When there is an emergency in issuing of travel certificate, it is the duty of the Federal Immigration to provide it.  

Nigeria Immigration Service was previously addressed as the Immigration Department because it was mapped out in the year 1958 on the month of August from the Nigeria Police and supervised by the CF10- Chief Federal Immigration Officer.  

The Operational Structure Of The Federal NIS:

The Federal Immigration Service has three operational structures which are made up of eight zonal offices, the directorates and then the Federal Capital Territory Abuja & The thirty-six states commands and all the immigration offices in the overall seven hundred and seventy-four local Governments Areas.


Conclusion On The Nigeria Immigration Recruitment 2018 Portal Requirements And How To Apply

These write up on the Nigeria Immigration Service Recruitment Exercise has done justice regarding all the questions that are frequently asked by the candidate or applicant which are listed some of them in the permeable section of the work, aside from answering the questions, this write up has also outlined the basic functions of the Nigeria Immigration Service, when it was founded, requirements for its recruitment exercise and then how to apply for it. 

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