The Nigerian Army Recruitment portal is the online platform through which young people can apply to join the Nigerian Army. The Nigerian army is the largest military establishment in West Africa. There are so many career prospects within this prestigious military organization; it offers a good chance to do something good with ones’ life, to earn a good living, and to see the world.

The Nigerian Army is a solid organization which was established in 1956, and which has over 160,000 personnel, all working for the greatness of this glorious establishment.

In order to improve troop quality, and to reposition the army to take its rightful place in Africa and beyond, the Nigeria Army is constantly looking for motivated, qualified, and driven individuals to join its ranks.

Latest News On Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal 2023 – How To Apply And All You Need To Know

Recruitment into the Nigerian Army is now done online; the portal is  and it is a simple and straightforward webpage where you can easily fill the online form.

This webpage can help you apply to the 84 Regular Recruit Intake (Soldiers), Short Service Commission (SSC), or the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC).

How To Apply To The Nigeria Army

If you have what it takes to join the Nigeria army then this is how to apply:

From your computer or tablet, visit the recruitment portal;  and tap enter. When the page loads, you should see a simple page. You will then need to select the particular service you are applying for:  84 Regular Recruit Intake (Soldiers), Short Service Commission (SSC), or the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC). From there you will see a form appropriate to the particular service you wish to apply for.

You need to carefully fill out that form; starting with your name, age, place of birth, address, and academic history. After that, please ensure that you preview the information supplied to make sure that it is true and accurate.  Then make sure you submit the application successfully.

Please keep in mind that only candidates who have been shortlisted will be contacted by the Nigerian army to proceed for screening. These shortlisted candidates will be contacted via the contact information they have provided; as well as on the Nigerian Army Website. The army has also published names of successful applicants on the pages of newspapers.

There will also be a test conducted for shortlisted applicants; before the next stage of the recruitment exercise, which will include months of training, and physical activities.

Nigerian Army Recruitment Requirements

Age Requirement (Tradesmen):               18 Years Minimum

Maximum Age (Tradesmen):      22 Years

Age Requirement (Non-Tradesmen): 22 Years Minimum

Maximum Age (Non-Tradesmen): 26 Years on application

Minimum Height for Male Candidates:   1.68 Meters

Minimum Height For Female Candidates: 1.62 Meters

Academic Qualifications: Candidates should have at least WASSCE or NECO with at least 5 credits including English and Mathematics. Credits can be obtained in two sittings.

Applicants who wish to register for Tradesmen & Women, you must have an OND/Trade Test/City and Guild certificate.

Applicants must print out their completed online forms after submitting the application. After printing it, attest it and take it along with you to the recruitment center. The forms will be submitted during your screening exercise period.

Aside From The Above, What Other Personal Qualities Do You Need?


The Nigerian Army prides itself on being a very disciplined organization. Therefore discipline as a character trait is highly prized in the Nigeria army. A person who is very disciplined will likely find himself in position of responsibility because he will earn the admiration of his mates, and the trust of his superiors who know that they can depend on him to carry out assignments and tasks competently.

This will help him climb the ladder more quickly because competency and character are two important factors that are checked when a person is considered for promotion.


The core duty of the Army is to defend the people and territory of the country; and this is done by fighting. The army recognizes the fact that fighting takes courage; it is the only element that can save some desperate situations. This is why courage is a highly valued asset; a character trait which the Nigeria Army loves to see in its personnel.

Personnel who display courage and valour are highly recognized in the army; and they rise to positions of responsibility and authority.

What Should You Know About The Nigeria Army

The Nigerian Army was formally established in 1956, but traces its roots to the Constabulary Force formed by Lieutenant John Glover in 1863. This force was later incorporated into the Southern Nigeria Regiment, which later became the Royal West Africa Frontier Force in 1900.

Fourteen years later, they saw action in World War One; as part of the 1st (West Africa) Infantry Brigade.

In 1956 the Nigeria Army was restructured and reorganized; and gradually grew in size and equipment reaching its present height.

The Nigeria Army was called to action in 1967-1970 during the Nigeria-Biafra War, and also took part in the Congo Crisis of 1960-1965 before that. The Nigeria Army was also called to action during the First Liberian Civil War from 1989 to 1997. The Sierra Leone Civil War from 1991 to 2002 also saw the Nigeria Army in action, and so did the Nigeria-Cameroon Border Conflict of 2004.

The Nigeria Army has also been involved in several other engagements such as the Conflict in the Niger Delta, Boko Haram insurgency, Northern Mali War, and the Invasion of the Gambia. The army has also been actively involved in the Insurgency in Southeastern Nigeria, Nigerian bandit conflict, and the EndSars Saga.

Nigeria Army Organizational Structure

The Nigerian Army is commanded by the President of the country; meaning that President Muhammadu Buhari gives the orders which are followed by the Army. However, the day to day administration of the army is done by the Nigerian Army Council. The army’s highest ranking officer is the Chief Of Army Staff; he gets orders directly from the President.

After successfully being recruited into the Army, a soldier can find himself posted to any of the following Divisions and Regiments, which are smaller units of the Army, for easier administration.

1 Mechanized Division

The 1 Mechanized Division which is located in Kaduna, is the original unit of the army when it was established. Some of the units under this division include:

1 Mechanised Brigade

3 Motorised Brigade

31 Field Artillery Brigade

214 Recce Battalion

2 Mechanized Division

2 Mechanized Division is HeadQuartered in Ibadan, but also controls the 32 Artillery Brigade at Abeokuta. Some of the units under this division include:

4 Mechanised Brigade

32 Field Artillery Brigade

42 Engineering Brigade

9 Motorised Brigade

244 Recce Battalion

3 Armoured Division

3 Armoured Division is Headquartered in Jos, and it also controls the 21 Armoured Brigade Maiduguri, as well as the 23 Brigade Yola, and the 33 Artillery Brigades. Some of the units under this division include:

21 Armoured Brigade

33 Field Artillery Brigade

Engineer Brigade

23 Armoured Brigade

243 Recce Battalion

6 Amphibious Division

This is located in Port Harcourt. It is a division of the army trained in land and water warfare. Units include:

2 Brigade

63 Brigade

16 Brigade

42 Engineering Brigade

Recce Battalion

7 Infantry Division (OP-LD)

This is headquartered in Maiduguri. Some of its units include;

21 Brigade

23 Brigade

Engineer Brigade

22 Brigade

1 Recce Battalion

The army also has divisions in Sokoto, Lagos, Enugu, Abuja, where newly recruited personnel may be posted for service.



Nigerian Army recruitment 2022 is done online via the portal; as long as the applicant meets the requirements and knows how to apply, the process should be simple and smooth. The Nigerian Army can post successful applicants to any of the stations in any location, depending on the needs of the army at the time.

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