Founded in 1900, the Nigerian Army has been said to be one of the best in Africa with lots of sophisticated weapons and equipment, they have made a solid name for themselves. They are trying their best to protect the citizens of their country and have done well to make sure that they carry out other functions which will also help the civilians and make the society grow at large.

You should know that there is a difference between the Nigerian army and the Nigerian Armed forces, the Nigerian army comprises of the Navy, Air Force, and the Army. There have been several questions going on about what the duties of the Nigerian Army really supposed to be. We believe the question deserved a detailed piece and that’s what we composed in this article in giving you answers to your questions.

Duties Of Nigerian Army

  • The Nigerian army is meant to protect the country’s border from any threat that is coming in, either from persons or countries. Now you must be wondering what are the reasons soldiers are being placed in borders, they are placed there to check individuals that are going in and out of the country, they are meant to protect the nation from any threat coming in through from there.
  • The Nigerian army is meant to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria. They have to be disciplined to make sure they can achieve all this, the army has been trained for such tasks which have made it possible for them to carry it well.
  • They are to follow the constitution. Following the constitution in treating civilians is also part of their job, they have also been taught the constitution and to follow the rules and strictly adhere to the rules, defaulting of the rules can lead to several punishments which will be given to them for a certain period of time.
  • They are to protect the country from external aggression, they have been several threats which have been thrown to the country, we believe the Nigerian army has been trained to face external threats and make sure that they take care of it at all costs.
  • They are to restore order if needed and in cases of insurrection.
  • They also perform other duties mentioned in the National Assembly and they can be given a direct order by the president. This means any order given by the president, they are to maintain order and follow instructions that have been given.
  • The Nigerian army is to guard areas of high importance in Nigeria. There might be several areas of high importance which you might not know about, several soldiers are being placed at different locations and given rules which they have to adhere to, they are to guard that place well to avoid external or internal threats.
  • The Nigerian army is to perform basic defensive operations, they have been trained to carry out several basic defensive operations which will be of help to them during the defense of their country.
  • We all know that apart from the military being armed, there are also military doctors, not just ordinary doctors but they are highly trained to perform emergency services if there is a serious issue that needs their help.
  • They are to coordinate the enforcement of immigration laws and customs, this is one of the major reasons they are put in place to checkmate and make sure that things are carried out properly.
  • They are to gain professional skills that are being required for moral duties. One thing is being in the Nigerian army, the other is to gain professional skills that can help you as a soldier perform your duties and functions effectively.
  • The Nigerian army is to make sure that all the equipment are up to date and that they are in good working conditions. Having a list of the weapons and know which is available, this can also be called track keeping records of the weapons and equipment they have.

Above we have given you the duties of the Nigerian army; you should know that there have been massive improvements in the Nigerian army to date, from the weapons to the equipment to the personnel and others. The Nigerian army has been put into rigorous training and they have been trained to undergo lots of pressure and to respond during emergency situations, many duties have been placed on them and they have been doing their best to make sure they guide the citizens of their country.

Brief Details About The Duties Of The Nigerian Army

The Nigerian Army is the biggest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, so we would be talking strictly about them. You should know that they take many responsibilities than others, they have been doing this for quite some time now, they take care of operations in land conflicts and protection of the citizens of the whole nation. The Nigerian army has more than 150,000 soldiers and thousands of officers, they have about six divisions and they have made the army big enough to protect the nation from any outer forces which are coming in to attack.

The Nigerian army was established in the year 1900 and they took part in the Civil war with some major head of states heading them which made everything a success, though there were some setbacks during those periods they were able to scale through, they have been lots of speculations going on that the Nigerian Army has not been doing their job protecting their nation, but from our little findings we can see that they have been doing well and some changes have been made. The Nigerian has over 40 barracks in Nigeria and they have improved tremendously in their weapons, well for those who do not know the duties of the Nigerian army, here it is below.


In Conclusion, we have given you details about the Nigerian army, we believe this article has been helpful and we have made sure it has answers to all your pending questions. Having the protection of the army is one thing many citizens crave for and Nigeria is not left out, as their soldiers have been put in place to make sure that all these are carried out successfully.

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