A detailed list of Army Barracks In Nigeria and their locations and states. The Nigerian Army is the component of the Nigerian Armed Forces responsible for land combats. Army barracks are being built to house military personnel or they can be also referred to as temporary shelter for them. Many people are scared of going to Army barracks for so many different purposes, I believe they have their reasons, this article is about the list of army barracks in Nigeria and their locations. The Nigerian Army has been in existence for a long time, and this armed force has proven to be exceptional. They are well-known to be one of the best in the whole of Africa. The Nigerian Army has carried out a lot of successful operations.

The following are some engagements of the Nigerian Army: Congo Crisis, Nigerian Civil War, First Liberian Civil War, Sierra Leone Civil War, Conflict in the Niger Delta, Boko Haram insurgency, Northern Mali War, and Invasion of the Gambia. Before we talk more about the Nigerian Army, let’s take a look at the main subject of this article which is about the List of Army barracks in Nigeria and their locations. However, after providing the list, we will discuss some other things worthwhile of being discussed in this article.

List Of Army Barracks in Nigeria

Katsina Barracks (Katsina State)
2. Keffi Barracks
3. Okitipupa Barracks
4. Calabar Barracks (Cross River)
5. Onitsha Barracks
6. Lafenwa Barracks (Abeokuta)
7. Ekenwan Barracks (Benin)
8. Makurdi Barracks (Benue State)
9. Abakpa Barracks (Enugu)
10. Awkunanu Barracks(Enugu)
11. Ikeja Barracks (Lagos)
12. Ojo Barracks (Lagos)
13. Rukuba Barracks (Jos)
14. Odogbo Barracks (Ibadan)
15. Bori Camp (Bori, Rivers State)
16. Abalti Barracks
17. Dodan Barracks
18. Arakan Barracks
19. Tego Barracks
20. Beho Beho Barracks
21. Marda Barracks
22. Ashanti Barracks (Lagos State)
23. Letmauk Barracks (Ibadan)
24. Bukavu Barracks (Kano)
25. Kotoko Barracks
26. Dalet Barracks
27. Mogadishu Barracks
28. Colito Barracks
29. Kalapanzin Barracks (Kaduna)
30. Chindit Barracks (Zaria)
31. Ribadu Cantonment (Kaduna State)
32. Adaka Boro Barracks (Elele, Rivers State)
33. Giwa and Maimalari Barracks (Borno)
34. Fort Nagwamatse (Kontagora, Niger State)
35. Obienu Barracks (Bauchi, Bauchi State)
36. Ejoor Barracks (Effurun/Warri, Delta State)
37. Camp Wu Bassey Barracks
38. Fort IBB
39. Sani Abacha Barracks
40. Yakubu Gowon Barracks
41. Aguiyi-Ironsi Barracks
42. Gado Nasko Barracks (Abuja)
43. Artillery Brigade Barracks (Minna)
44. 33 Artillery Brigade Barracks (Bauchi State)
45. An Barrack
46. Alamala Barracks (Abeokuta)

47. Zuru Barrack in (Kebbi state)
48. Duku Barrack in (Birnin kebbi)
49. Ede Barracks (Osun State)
50. Nkwagu barracks (Abakaliki)
51. Janguza barracks (Kano)

The Nigerian Military is well staffed with over 200,000 soldiers. These soldiers are distributed all over the country, and they mostly live in barracks. There are a lot of barracks in the country; there are Nigerian Army barracks in every state of the country, as well as Abuja, the federal capital of Nigeria. The following is a list of some army barracks in Nigeria:

List Of Army Barracks In Nigeria And Their Address


This barracks is located in Abeokuta, Ogun State


The AN barracks is located in Yaba, Lagos state


This barrack is known to be the Headquarters of the 33 artillery brigade barracks that is located in Bauchi state.


The Artillery brigade barracks is also known as the 31 artillery brigade Minna Cantonment


The Gado Nasko barracks is located in Abuja and it is now known as the Lungi Barracks


This barracks is located in Abuja at Asokoro and it is known as the Aguyi- Ironsi Cantonment


This barracks is made up of 35 battalions and it was founded in the year 2016, 14th of April and it is located along Jiba road in the City of Katsina


This barracks is currently called the Shittu Alao barracks in Keffi and it is made up of 177 guard battalions and it is located along Jos- Abuja road.


The Okitipupa barracks is located in Ondo state with a 19 battalion squad and it’s now called the Naquora Army Barracks.


This barracks is made up of 13 Army brigade and it is located in Calabar, Cross River states and it’s currently known as the Akim Army barracks.


This barracks is known as a military cantonment in Onitsha, Anambra state


This barracks is located in Ogun state, it is also known as the Nyangoa barracks.


This barracks is located in Edo state, it is army headquarters in that state and it is made up of 4 Brigade.


This barracks is also known as the Naites Nasme Barracks and it is located in Makurdi in Benue state and it houses 72 special force battalion in Makurdi.


This barrack is a major barrack in Nigeria and it is home to the 82 division of the Nigerian army, it is located in Enugu state, the state capital.


This barracks is located in Enugu state


This barracks is located in Abuja and it houses the Guard Medical Brigade Centre in the FCT


This barracks is located in the federal capital territory Abuja


It is located along Murtala Mohammed Way, next to Sheraton Hotel, FCT Abuja


This barrack is located to Effurun Warri, Delta state and it is home to 3 battalions of the Nigerian Army.


The Obienu barracks is located in Bauchi, Bauchi state


This barracks is located in Kantagora, Niger state


This barrack is located in Borno state in the city of Maiduguri, it is the headquarters of 7 division of the Nigeria army.


The Adaka Boro barracks is located in Elele Rivers state


The Ribadu cantonment barracks is located in the city of Kaduna and it is the old Nigeria Defence Academy


This barracks is located in Zaria, which is also referred to as the ancient city.


This barracks is also referred to as the Ikeja Cantonment and it is located in Ikeja, Lagos state


The Ojo barracks is referred to as the Ojo Cantonment in Lagos state and it is located in Tedi Village.


The Rukuba barracks is known as the 3rd armoured division and it is also known as the Maxwell Khobe Cantonment and this was in 2003, it is located in Plateau state.


This barracks houses the headquarters of the 82nd division of the Nigerian army and it is located in Ibadan, it is known as Idoko- Odogbo barracks of Ibadan.


This Nigeria army camp is located in Port Harcourt, Rivers state.


The Albati barracks is the headquarters of the Nigerian army ordnance corp, and it is located in Surulere Lagos state.


This barrack was the supreme headquarter of the army in 1966 and it was the home of many top Nigerian army officials, it is located at Awolowo Road, Ikoyi Lagos state.


The Arakan barracks is the home to the Nigeria Army School of Finance and Administration and it is the seat of the Nigerian Army Finance Corp, it is located in Apapa, Lagos state.


This barrack is located at Bonny street, Badia Lagos. When you talk about the home of Nigerian Army intelligence, then this is the place to be.


This barrack is located in Lagos state.


This barrack is known as the 312 artillery regiment in Kaduna state


This barrack is also called the Abacha barracks and it is located in Abuja.


This barrack is located in Kaduna state in the town of Kawo and it is the headquarters of 1 division.


This barrack is located in Kaduna state


The Bukavu barracks is located in Kano and it houses the 3 Brigade of the Nigerian Army


Located in Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State, the Letmauk barracks is home to the 4th battalion of the Nigerian Army.


This barrack is located in Lagos state, along Mobil road, Ajegunle.


This barracks is located in Yaba, Lagos state.

About The Nigerian Army Barracks

From the beginning of this article, we gave you the meaning of Army barracks which is a place where military personnel is being kept, the main purpose of building barracks especially for soldiers is to separate them from Civilians and to reinforce discipline and training to them. Barracks have been called a disciple centre for soldiers or they are called discipline factories, many barracks which are being built are not that fine and many don’t always have a good architectural design, some are known to be shoddy and the buildings are considered to be dull. From the 19th century, many barracks are known to have taken a new level of re-formed shape. Those that have gotten to higher levels in the Army are expected to enjoy their barracks more, as they have their own space, their own room but those junior army officials are known to have limited room or even space. If it’s a permanent military residence, many juniors are known to share spaces with their mates. Many countries have improved their barracks over time like Canada, Portugal or even the United States which is known to have one of the best barracks so far. In terms of gender, they are known to have separate rooms as they are being taken care of properly to make sure army officials are comfortable where they are. There are many army barracks in Nigeria and we are glad to list them here with their various locations on how you can access that is if you need more information about them. You should know that Civilians are not allowed to enter barracks without permission and from the history of the Nigerian army, you should know that they are very ruthless in the system and being a civilian they have the right to ask you questions and your purpose of coming over to that place before they can allow you to scale through.

The Nigerian Army is governed by the Nigerian council and they are properly trained and organized into combat arms. The combat arms are infantry and armored while the combat support arms are artillery, engineers, and signals while the combat support services are known to comprise of medical services, supply, transport, and ordinance others include the military police, physical training, chaplains, public relations and band. There are 17 corps training schools and the Nigerian army college of logistics, the Training and Doctrine Command which is located in Minna is responsible for doctrinal training, combat development and it supervises other training centres around.

The Nigerian army maintains at least 82 different weapon systems, 194 types of ammunition from 62 different categories, and from fourteen manufacturers. The Nigerian army are known to have lots of weapons which have been manufactured from other countries and not even up to 10 manufactured in Nigeria, they have utility vehicles, Infantry vehicles, personnel vehicles and so many more. We believe that as time goes on, the Nigeria army will improve in the maintenance structure of their facilities, weapon structure and so many others which we believe has been a hindrance to them ever since, the government can do well to help them so that things will be put in place well, we should know that a country armed forces are expected to be taken care of properly as they are the ones who can keep the civilians safe in times of war. We believe this article has opened your eyes to some important points you need to know about the military and even about their barracks, do well to grab a quick snack as we are about to open your eyes to some key points.

States With Important Barrack(s) in Nigeria

Although the Nigerian Army has barracks in every state of the country, there are some barracks that are more important than the others. In this segment of the article, some states of the country that contain important army barracks will be discussed.


Abuja (Federal Capital Territory)

The federal capital territory of Nigeria, Abuja, is of course not a state, but we prefer to see it as one in this article. Abuja houses very important Nigerian Army barracks. Abuja is a planned city that was built mainly in the 1980s. The city became the capital of Nigeria on December 12, 1991, after the federal government felt the need to relocate the country’s capital to the centre of the country. Prior to the time, Abuja became the federal capital, Lagos State was the federal capital.

Abuja is popularly known to Nigerians because it is the country’s capital. However, there is more to Abuja than the majority of people know. This city is a planned city and one of the most beautiful in the country. Furthermore, the city is one of the wealthiest as well as one of the cities in the country with the highest GDP.

The federal capital is one of the cities in Nigeria with the highest population. Abuja has also been named the fastest growing city in the world. At present, it does not hold that title, but it still ranks among the fastest-growing cities in the world.

The city houses a lot of important places and organizations in Nigeria. Some of these places and organizations include Aso Rock, The Presidential Complex, National Assembly, Supreme Court, Zuma Rock, Nigerian National Mosque, Nigerian National Christian Centre, Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, African Institute of Science and Technology, Baze University, Nigerian Turkish Nile University, University of Abuja, Veritas University, National Open University of Nigeria, Nile University, Whiteplains British School, American International School of Abuja, and Nigerian-Turkish School.

That is not all, the city is managed by a dedicated federal ministry. The following are people who have been ministers of Abuja from 1976 till date: Mobolaji Ajose-Adeogun (1976–1979), John Jatau Kadiya (1979–1982), Iro Abubakar Dan Musa (1982–1983), Haliru Dantoro (1983–1984), Mamman Jiya Vatsa (1984–December 1985), Hamza Abdullahi (1986–1989), Gado Nasko (1989–1993), Jeremiah Timbut Useni (1993–1998), Mamman Kontagora (1998–1999), Ibrahim Bunu (1999–2001), Mohammed Abba Gana (2001–2003), Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai (2003–May 2007), Aliyu Modibo (2007–2008), Adamu Aliero (2008–2010), Bala Abdulkadir Mohammed (2010–2015), and Mohammed Bello (2015–Present).

Lagos State

Lagos State is another state housing very important barracks of the Nigerian Army. It should not be too surprising that Lagos was mentioned. As stated, this state used to be the capital of the country until December 12, 1991. Lagos is also no doubt a great state in the country. It may not be the official capital of Nigeria, but it is the commercial capital of the country. It would not be too much to call Lagos State the commercial capital of Africa, considering the fact that a lot of foreign investors who come to Africa, often look at the state.

Lagos State has one of the best governments among all states in Nigeria. The state has been mainly ruled by leaders who had a great vision for the state. Lagos has the capacity to exist as a country. It does not only have the potential to exist as a country, it also has the potential to be one of the African countries with the largest economy. Lagos State has the highest population among all states in Nigeria.

In conclusion, we have given you the list of the Nigerian army barracks and their various locations, we hope that you found this information useful, as all the details here have been researched well and they have proven to be correct.

That’s all about List of Army Barracks in Nigeria


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